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Help Identify my sighting in UK (Prob. fighter Jet.)

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posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 09:29 AM
Hi, first post. Recently (3 months ago) over Lincolnshire I have seen planes doing strange things. I presume from the loud Jet engine sound they are fighter jets. Likely Eurofighter Typhoon. The first one flew over my house emitting large pulses of white light refracting through the cloud cover. The pulses of light were maybe slightly less than a second apart and covered an area of about 3x the size of what you would expect the aircraft to be at that distance, the flashes were sort of horizontal sausage shape. There were four flashes with the last one being more powerful than the first 3. Can the normal lights refract like this?

The second sighting a few weeks later the plane was about 2 miles away and when it came into view over my house it appeared as a large golden orb of bright light slightly larger than the plane would be. It moved from left to right whilst moving away from me, (probably about 45 degrees from my point of view), it moved up and down at the same speed it was flying by about 400 metres whilst all the time glowing. then it moved away more and started flashing intermittently whilst doing the up and down move every half a mile or so. the light slowly grew dimmer as it moved to several miles away. At this point It appeared to turn back into a plane, I could see lights on the wing making it look like a normal plane and I didnt see it do anything else unusual as it dissapeared into the distance. At the Time I was convinced it was ET, A few days later I decided it was just a plane.

Can anyone point me to video footage of a plane appearing as a glowing golden orb, (maybe reflecting sun?). Also I would be interested to see footage of the typhoon and other planes doing their most extreme manouvres.

Thanks for help, redz.

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 09:57 AM

Hello, aircraft guy here! Finding a video of say a Typhoon doing its most extreme manaoeuvers will be hard to find, to say the least! People may say they have a video of it, but they probably do not. The ability of these aircraft far surpasses what you may imagine, and for that fact they are kept pretty tight lipped.
That said, the lights that you may have seen seem interesting. Yes, they certainly could be anomalies within the clouds, partly from throttle settings by the pilot/computers. Refraction/reflection of light can also be seen off the wings and control surfaces, but it's just very difficult to explain to you what you saw!?? Sound fair enough?
To get to your query, there could be a number of reasons that would explain what you saw....and I very much doubt that any ilitary fighter would be doing even a partial of its performance envelope near any populated area. Maybe you are not in this type of setting??
I suggest you keep your eyes/ears to the skies and see if you can islotae it more clear and expectant of the event when/if it happens again!? The aircraft that you are describing is one heck of a machine, perhaps you got the off chance of seeing the pilot really turn it on and show it off a bit??

Peace, Mondo

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posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 10:30 AM
He came from the direction of the waddington AWAK? airbase 4-5 miles away. Typhoons are based 20 miles away at conningsby I believe but they never come out this way (though not far away). It must have been close to the edge of the village but it was probably just outside over fenland. So I came to the conclusion you did that he was maybe showing off, still insight of the airtower 5 miles away maybe? I felt he was maybe on an important mission and was told he could unleash it when he was away from the villages and he got carried away a bit early lol.

Lots of planes train over the fens, nearby, we were scared to death the other week when we were fishing in a bleak spot and the red arrows flew right over our heads in full formation. My mate blacked it out it was so loud and hed just woke up lol I saw it coming over the bank because I look to the skys at all loud aircraft now but I still couldnt stop myself screaming.

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