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Time slips, anyone?

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posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 10:23 PM

Originally posted by Vanitas
Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I was originally going to post about one subject relating to this field, but after reading that post I now have two things to post about.

Something similar to a "future voice" happened to me before (actually, multiple people who I can still go to now and confirm the experience), but the only difference is that the voice action never came to fruition. That is, nothing happened afterward. I was about 8 or 9 and I was upstairs. I had just got home from school and my mother and her friends were playing a card game at the table and having a good time. It was a little quiet as they were strategizing at the moment, and then out of no where we hear the voice of our neighbour say quite clearly "Hello, is anyone home? Hello?", to which my mother responded "sure, come on up!". Everyone heard it, yet there was no response. My mother and myself go downstairs, and no one was around, and none of us had seen this person leave their house and come over to ours because you can see their whole house very clearly from the living room through the patio window. To this day we still have no explanation.

I have had about a few odd experiences happen to me, most of them when I was young. The other one that relates somewhat in this vein has to do with remembering things that I supposedly never experienced. I think it was sylvie that mentioned something about "shifting", which I think I have personally experienced before.

Numerous times through my life I have recalled memories in detail in conversation with family members, and they will often say "how do you remember that, you weren't born yet." This happened more often as a child, but it still happens once and a while as an adult but much less frequently. They are never the same memories, and I've never heard anyone talk about them before, at least to my knowledge.

It is of course very possible that I just heard people talk about these events as an infant/toddler and just don't have any substantial memory (obviously, not many people can remember those stages in life) but somehow manage to recall what people said and instead my brain deems that their my own memories. The only problem is that with these memories come visuals as well, so I'm obviously seeing these from someones perspective.

Anyway, great thread. I love reading everyones experiences.

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posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 03:45 PM
One time me and 3 buddies went to do a certain 'hallucinogenic' up in a girl friend's grandpa's weekend house, some where in the valley and i live in LA county.. so we went through the freeway, and this was atleast 3 to 4 years ago so i don't remember where, and it was a one night fling. anyway, we go up, do it, its dark and weird, we're in the garage, then decide to leave when it wears off. now you can still feel some sensation but nothing out of the ordinary, we were capable of driving. so we left, while our other two friends were ab out to leave in their car. when we were on the freeway and my friend was driving heading home, we get a call from our other friends and he lost his keys so we needed to pick him up. so we turned around and we fianlly got off the freeway and right off the ramp to an intersection light, no one was there because it was around 1 am. but at that light, suddenly from the corner of my eyes i saw a huge flash and i felt something in my heart like you said. something you hear but its inside you and makes you freak out. my friend felt it too and we both freaked out and it felt like we missed time at that stop light

we both believe something happened but dont know what to do so we never did anything, later.

posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 03:03 AM
reply to post by OnionCloud

I too remember things roughly about 3 years worth of memories that no one else in my family remembers. I would receive a comment like "That person hasn't been seen in years how do you know them so well"

Thats when it hits that somehow Im remembering things other people don't and kind of freaks you out, you feel like having a reality check. At the same time Im so sure that what I remember all those years really happened.

I know the feeling it really does throw you around. I hope someday your mystery will be solved

posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 03:16 AM
Back in the 90's I was on my lunch hour, I drove (not speeding) to a location about 20 miles up a winding road to eat my lunch. I am sorry about starting every sentence with an I. I was rushing to eat my lunch and started driving back, thinking I was going to be late back to work. I got back, clocked in, and, well, I still had 45 min. left on my lunch hour.

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posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 09:43 AM
When I was 15, my mother and I heard a car accident. We went outside, but there was nothing to see. Then two weeks later, we again heard a car accident but this time it was for real. I read another poster's similar story and this is the first time that I have come across a same kind of experience.

I used to think that somehow we were "shown" what was going to happen. Now I wonder whether there might have been some sort of time warping going on. I really do not know. Maybe it was an echo from the future.

Time fascinates me deeply. The whole "what is time any way" issue. As far as I understand, time and space are interlinked in a 4-dimensional tissue dat can be ripped, stretched and pressed together. And since the Universe is expanding, this means that space and time are also expanding. I read somewhere that time has it's own speed, the speed of light. But I think it is strange that only the time component would be affected, yet not the space components (in case of space-time distortion).

Does anybody know of experiments involving changing (the flow) of time?

posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 05:04 PM

Before I start replying to some of the individual posts, (which may take some, ehm, time
I'd just like to give a big THANK YOU to all who have posted their experiences and thoughts so far - and to all those who may still do so.

You may be (or maybe not) interested in knowing that I have opened a (non-commercial) blog dedicated exclusively to "time slips".


Because it's a subject that fascinates me - and with good reason...

Also, I don't think there is enough (web) space dedicated exclusively to FIRST-HAND accounts of this specific type of experience:

i.e. to (more or less) sudden and/or brief 'distortions' in the perception of time / space - preferably without the intervention of any PERCEIVABLE external forces (unless they are 'forces' - e.g. geomagnetism - from the environment itself).

(Many of you have given 'perfect' examples of this type of experience - some of them almost shockingly reminiscent of my own, but more on that later -; another example - a very famous one - would be the 1901 Versailles incident that has been discussed on this website before.)

The blog is not visible to the wider public yet, because I am still collecting experiences (AND because I am involved in managing a small constellation of loosely related blogs set up by a small group of interesting individuals ; ), but I do hope it can go public soon.

So, if you feel inclined to do so, please send in your account - just copy and paste it - to the email address listed at the bottom of this post.

Your "testimony" can be either totally anonymous or "all-inclusive".
If you'd rather remain anonymous, I would just ask you to include a name or initials, the date (at least approximate) AND the place where the experience happened (this is rather important).

Just wanted to let you know... the blog that I talked about is now "open".

There is not much to see/read yet, but I hope I'll find the time (sorry for the unintended pun) to squeeze it in my schedule.

The invitation to write is, of course, still on - more than ever.
(And those of you who have contacted me will be hearing from me again shortly.)

I am not sure whether it's proper or not to post - again, it is a NON-COMMERCIAL blog - so please, feel free to remove the following URL if it's against rules or against propriety:

Time Slips Blog


posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 06:09 PM
OnionCloud, Roland, Hoppy, Drakiir, Queen of Weird (I hope I haven't forgotten anyone) - thank you SO MUCH for your reports.

I am appalled that I haven't even noticed them until now.
(It is true, however, that around the dates when your latest messages were posted I didn't spend much time here.)

Anyway, I'd like to discuss further some of your experiences (here, on this board, I mean) - just not tonight because it's already "tomorrow".

I hope that's OK.

Thanks again!

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posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 06:16 PM

Time fascinates me deeply. The whole "what is time any way" issue. As far as I understand, time and space are interlinked in a 4-dimensional tissue dat can be ripped, stretched and pressed together. And since the Universe is expanding, this means that space and time are also expanding. I read somewhere that time has it's own speed, the speed of light. But I think it is strange that only the time component would be affected, yet not the space components (in case of space-time distortion).

Does anybody know of experiments involving changing (the flow) of time?

Queen, if you haven't done so in the past, you absolutely must read Fred Alan Wolf's books ("Parallel Universes", "The Yoga of Time Travel" etc.) as well as the late M. Talbot's "Holographic Universe" (I have a lot of quibbles with him, but it's a book absolutely worth reading), even Brennan's "Time Travel" would be of great use to anyone interested in this topic. (I say "even" because the second part of his book is really not to my taste, to put it mildly but his overview of time as a concept and as an "entity" - my words, not his - is very, very good.

Or if you have read them, perhaps you'd like to share some of your thoughts on them?

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posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 06:22 PM
reply to post by OnionCloud

Thank you so much for this, OnionCloud.
For a long time I kept checking the thread every now and then in the hope that somebody would comment on my voice experience... but no luck.
And then, when I stopped looking, there you are...

I've had another "voice" experience, a different one.
But more on that some other time.

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posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 06:26 PM

I am sorry about starting every sentence with an I.

It still beats starting every sentence with "you" - believe me...

Do you remember any unusual or specific circumstances that day: the weather, the atmospheric pressure, your own (physical and/or psychological) feelings at the time? Was there a storm in the making, perhaps?
That kind of things.

posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by Drakiir

I know the feeling.
And for a long time I thought, well, my memory is simply better than theirs.
And (usually) it really is - but I am not so sure anymore that's the reason for our divergent memories.

On the other hand, I don't know what the reason could be.

Could it be the result of a vivid imagination?
(Which is a good thing, just so we understand each other.

What do you think is happening in your case?

[edit on 6-3-2008 by Vanitas]

posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 06:43 PM

I used to think that somehow we were "shown" what was going to happen. Now I wonder whether there might have been some sort of time warping going on. I really do not know. Maybe it was an echo from the future.

Beautifully said.

I think I already posted about my mother's experience with dreaming about an unknown man in the street and then seeing him the next day at exactly the spot where she had seen him in the dreams.

And I remember a case - I read about it - when a woman dreamt of an unknown woman limping out of a subway station. No special feelings were involved - nothing happened in the dream. It was totally trivial and unimportant.
But the next day she saw the woman, limping out of the subway station that she had seen in her dreams.

I find these dreams relevant to your experience only because they, too, seem to indicate, by their apparent randomness and triviality, that "time slips", if that's what they are, do not necessarily carry a special "meaning". They can be totally random - bleed-throughs from what we perceive as the future.

BTW, there's a website called Reality Shifters that you might find interesting.

posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 07:22 PM

Numerous times through my life I have recalled memories in detail in conversation with family members, and they will often say "how do you remember that, you weren't born yet." This happened more often as a child, but it still happens once and a while as an adult but much less frequently. They are never the same memories, and I've never heard anyone talk about them before, at least to my knowledge.

When I was four or five (and I actually remember this), I embarrassed an aunt of mine by "discussing" certain events from WW II - not even events from my own family's history - even though said war had taken place decades before I was born.

My remembering this is relevant, I think (although I do remember loads of other things, too), because the reason why I remembered it was my own feeling of indignation and genuine surprise when my aunt doubted my word (yes, little children can be insufferable, I think we can all agree on that...
). But here's the thing: my own aunt was bewildered by it, because the events I was talking about were clearly something that I could not have overheard on the TV or from somebody else. And I remember being puzzled myself when I realised that she was right: that I hadn't been born at the time. Because I wasn't lying or inventing - but WHAT it was, I couldn't say...

I do not believe in reincarnation - certainly not as an "obvious" and semi-automatic option for everyone (I mean to say that it COULD happen, for all I know, just not to everyone - and God knows I don't want it to happen to me...) - although I am sure many would explain my "memories" as being from a "past life".
(In fact, that's the main reason why that is the least talked-about experience of mine: because it usually leads in a direction that I don't find particularly interesting or intriguing. I much prefer the topic of time and its interaction with the human mind.)

In short, I don't know what it was.
I do know it was real - whatever that means...

[edit on 6-3-2008 by Vanitas]

posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 08:31 PM
I've had dreams similar to the ones you've mentioned.....ones that seem to focus on some 'meaningless' event, that then occurs just as it was 'foreseen'....

I've not considered them to be actually time slips, but more of a 'precognition'.....but maybe they represent a sort of 'time travel', as if we go forward in time to see an event unfold......

At any rate, here's a 'fun' one....

When I was about 7 or 8, I dreamed that I was running down my Grandmother's driveway to catch the school bus, as I normally did, but I dropped my pencil on the muddy ground near a large puddle. As I bent down to grab it, my papers and books began to slip and fell on the ground as well......then my feet slipped out from under me and I feel forward, directly into the puddle!

The next morning when I saw the bus coming, I recalled my dream just in time to tell Gram a short account of it, as I went out the door.......and down the steps....and by the puddle......and then my pencil fell on the muddy ground..... I hesitated, remembering the dream.....but I really liked that pencil!!

I made a quick grab for it anyway, and my books began to slip!! I tried vainly to straighten up, but it was too late ! I only succeeded in losing my traction, and I practically dove face down in the muddy hole!!

By the time I'd scrambled to my feet, my coat and dress were soaked down the front! It and my face and hands were dripping gobs of mud and water! There was even grit in my teeth!!

My Gram, who could not see the destruction on my front, yelled at me from the porch to 'go on, you're alright!'. The bus driver, who could see the mess I was in, just smiled and waved, closed the doors and drove away.

Gram was somewhat familiar with precognitive dreams and she accepted my account as the sincere truth that it was.....My Mom on the other hand was much more skeptical....The coat I'd been wearing that morning was new, and quite ugly.....I had worn it under protest, and when she found out that I 'knew that was going to happen', she was sure I had sabotaged the coat 'on purpose'!!

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by frayed1

That's fascinating, Frayed.

Have you considered writing them down - systematically, I mean?
(For your own sake, but also for the benefit of anyone who might be interested ins studying such phenomena.)

posted on Mar, 8 2008 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by Vanitas

Well, yes I have a 'loose collection' of sorts that I've written down, but after re-reading them I fear that I might be considered a freak, if not a mental case!!

posted on Mar, 9 2008 @ 06:06 PM
reply to post by frayed1

Why don't you let us be the judges? :-)

Besides... in this day and age, and judging by the daily news, being considered a freak by the "normal" people is, why, almost a compliment!

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posted on Mar, 10 2008 @ 12:45 PM
Ok, you asked for it.......This one might have some connection to one of those places the Indians would shun....I'll explain further down.....

This is an event that occurred when I was about the age of 6 or 7....( the 'old' playground equipment was still on the school yard, it was replaced with all new stuff when I was in the second it would have been '58-9. )

We ( about 6 or 8 of us) were the last group in the playground where we waited on nice afternoons for the school bus ride home. The kids in town went on the first bus, then those of us who lived farther out rode the second bus. We were a mixed age group, first graders up to high school age. The teacher who waited with us usually dozed in a chair in the nearby hallway, semi-out of sight.

One of the older girls had organized us in a game of 'house' or 'rock school' on the edge of the drive that was bordered by a wide deep ditch. One of the girls pulled us down into the ditch, shushing us and pointing toward the other side of the playground....One by one we followed her gaze.

It was about 40 yards away....a tall black figure, crossing into the
intersection at the far corner of the playground, heading down the street toward the woods on the edge of town! Without another sound we all ducked into the ditch, barely peeking over the top to look. I can't say for sure about the others, but I was so scared I couldn't breath....I was afraid the least sound would make the thing look my way!!

It moved without seeming to flowed. It was featureless, it's face hidden under a black hat or wore a long sleeved, floor length 'robe' that hid any sign of feet or hands, and pulled behind it a black wagon ( like a kid's red toy wagon but painted flat black, no reflective surfaces). And in that wagon, was a beautiful, almost luminous, sky blue balloon!!

This 'balloon' was bigger than a basketball, and it floated or bobbed along as you would expect a helium-filled balloon to, if it were tied down in the bed of the wagon. ( I would point out that in my small home town, in the mid 1950's a helium balloon was a wonderful rarity, and would have normally drawn us kids like flies.....not made us hide in a ditch!!)

We waited soundlessly, till the figure and the wagon had continued thru the intersection and down the hill, completely out of our sight....I do NOT recall any discussion about the figure among us, neither then nor in the days or years fact I had completely forgotten the incident till years later.
(This bugs me....I have great clarity of memory for much of my childhood, but this some what weird event, I forget?? )

Hearing a similar tale finally jogged my memory, and a hint of the breathless fear I'd felt that day seemed to 'rush back'.....

I've tried to look at this incident with 'adult eyes'.....was it someone in costume? I don't think it was late enough in the fall to be near Halloween. The weather was too warm to be wearing a full length black robe, we were playing outside in short sleeved dresses.....and for crying out loud, why were we all scared #-less?? At least one of the girls was about 16, would she have been so easily fooled??


A tale from the late 40's....

My Father-in-law was telling about dating his wife, and how he'd drive up to see her, then drive home by way of the town I grew up in.....and he began to explain why he'd quit using his usual short cut thru the back way.

One night, as he slowed to cross the old wooden bridge over the creek at the edge of the woods, a round light had risen from under the bridge to bob and float beside his car. A beautiful sky blue, glowing orb.....!! He said it scared him ( a WWII veteran of the Pacific) so bad that he NEVER used that road again!

When I finally remembered my own experience, I realized that Pop's short cut was the same street that 'my' dark figure had used!!....The bridge was only about 100 yards beyond the intersection !!

(Shortly after this I read the book, "IT" by Stephen King, and I got a good case of the willies when I read his description of the evil clown with the balloons..... I suddenly remembered my 'experience' with something similar!!)


When I was in high school, 'table-turning' or seances became a popular past time....partly because the TV series "DARK SHADOWS" , and partly because we had a local, 'semi-famous' medium living in our town. She once came to school and spoke to our class about her experiences with the paranormal. I even illustrated a book of poetry for her when I was in college, and had several interesting, tho short 'interviews' with her..... including one at her home.

It was the very SAME house the tall black figure was passing in front of when we spotted it!!

Sadly, she passed away before my memory of the black figure had returned, so I did not get the chance to mention it to her. You would have thought that listening to her stories and being inside her house, would have made me remember the playground episode, but it did not!?

Others told stories of things they'd heard in her house ( she rented rooms to some of the teachers ), and they half-jokingly claimed that it was haunted by Godfrey Barnsley, a local tragic figure from the Civil War era.

(The Barnsley story is the one that might interest's said that his troubles all started with the mansion he built on a hill that the local Indians considered 'bad luck' ......I have been there a few times, (went to school with the former owners' kids ) and I have never seen anything ghostly, but many claim they have.....just Google Barnsley Gardens for more of the 'tale'.)

Barnsley had not lived in Miss T's house, but she had collected many of his former possessions, including ledgers detailing his household accounts, records of slaves and business records from his cotton brokerage in Savannah....I don't believe he was her 'contact spirit', but he might have remained 'connected' to his things that were in her possession.....

It certainly didn't look like a gentleman of the mid 1800's....would it have been something, some spirit drawn to a medium? ( Did she live on that street in the late '40's when Pop had his encounter on the bridge?) Did it come with Mr. Barnsley's possessions?? Could this thing be what the Indians knew about??

posted on Mar, 10 2008 @ 09:38 PM
I have had multiple episodes throughout my life. I refer to these episodes as "missing time" not "time slips" but they sound to be the same thing.

Once when I was a Over the road truck driver I use to drive I-10 from Fl to CA often. One time when I was driving west I had just come into Tx from Lousiana, and I was making good time. It was about 3:30 AM and I was just crusing good. I was waiting for Orange, TX to appear and next thing I know I am approching Lordsburg NM. I look at my clock, it is only 4:30 AM. Now ANYONE WITH AN IQ KNOWS THIS IS IMPOSSABLE!!!! But never the less it happened. I pulled over and tried to get my bearings, I looked at my watch, the clock, and the clock on the radio, they all said the same thing. Now I stopped in Lafayette, LA for fuel and the time and odometer reading was recorded in my logbook and fuel recipt, so I looked at the odometer, it only recorded just over 120 miles on it and the fuel needle had only barely come off the full peg. When I got to my stop in Los Angles, my dispatcher wanted to know why I didn't need any extra fuel to get back out of CA like I usualy did. I let him know why I didn't need any extra fuel (namely I apearently skipped the whole of the state of Texas as well as the little bit of NM that I usualy went through.) The company promptly fired me for suspected drug use. (although I passed a DOT drug screen the next day at the home office) But even they couldn't tell me how I got there with the decreased milage, (the trailer even had a hub meter and it showed the same thing) lower fuel consumption, and way ahead of schedule. The only thing I saw out of the ordinary on that trip was about Orange, TX I saw what I thought was a sunrise ahead of me, but that would be impossable as I was heading west and it was 3AM.
I know that I didn't fall asleap at the wheel, because (as anyone who drove the I-10 back 10 years ago knows) just between the towns of Orange and Beaumont TX there are 2 ninety degree turns in the interstate. To navigate these in an 18 wheeler full of swinging beef you must slow down to 30 MPH or less, or else you are going off-roading

and as I was right side up with no damage= no sleep driving.

Anyone have any other possable explainations (sp)?????

posted on Mar, 10 2008 @ 09:40 PM
Take it with a "grain of salt".

I'll state that I watched an owl fly by, dissappear, reappear, and fly by again.

It's weird, but true. =)

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