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Time slips, anyone?

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posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 12:40 AM
I am sure they have been discussed here in the past, but I haven't seen any recent threads. And, more importantly, I would really like to gather as many REAL and RELIABLE first-hand (if possible) accounts of time slips.

Just so we understand each other: by "time slips" I mean incidents of apparent displacement in either time or space (or both) that could not be accounted for by any mundane (as rare as it might be) explanation.

There's no fame, no glory, no money in it, so I hope only people with genuine accounts will step forward. (And please, be as specific and precise as you possibly can.)

Anyone? ; )

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by Vanitas

Hello Vanitas,
I just posted this event on 11-28-07 and it falls into your scheme of things, at least to me. Sorry if I am posting incorrectly, I'm new here.


posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 12:50 AM
reply to post by gwhint

Oh - so sorry, didn't notice it before!
Thank you.

I am off to bed now - but I am looking forward to reading it thoroughly as soon as I can. ; )

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posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 12:52 AM
I think you read my mind! When I was outside having a smoke, I was thinking about starting a thread like this because I have had an experience like that. It's nothing too mind blowing or anything but it is strange. I was hanging out at my friend Zach's house, and we were about to start a movie. His tv area is in his basement, and his bathroom is upstairs adjacent to his kitchen which doesn't have any wall on the end closest to the bathroom. I go upstairs to use the bathroom, and once I finished, I walked past the kitchen and down the stairs thinking he'd be waiting, but instead, I see him walk down the stairs. He has this funny look on his face and asks me why I walked past him like he wasn't even there. I had no clue what he was talking about, and he told me he was standing almost right in front of me, and saying my name and "helloo?!" I didn't see or hear ANYTHING! In fact he startled me pretty bad when he came down the stairs. I don't have any other explanation besides some sort of time slip. That's what my dad thought it probably was. Pretty weird!

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 12:54 AM
reply to post by solidgroundcafe

Yeah, that happens!
(Although I am never sure who's reading whose mind... ; ))

As I was saying, I am off to bed now, but I hope to be back tomorrow.

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 03:25 AM
three times in my life, twice many years ago that were readily explainable. The third was just a few months ago, I had just gotten home from working on sat morning. And this is how I have a solid timeline, Since I was called out on an emergency job, I logged in my time from the time I left my house till, I pulled back into my driveway.
It was 1:07pm when I pulled in, I wrote my time in my billing book, got out of my truck. I picked up the morning paper, went inside, stood at the table and opened the front section.
I am a very fast reader and I will scan the paper through, pick out the articles I am the most interested in, and then read them in detail. I can usually read the front section of the paper in about 10 minutes, give or take a couple.
So, I came inside opened the paper quickly looked over a few articles, found a good one and read it. A short one just a few paragraphs, shouldnt have taken more than a couple of minutes. While reading the article, my lack of having a breakfast was starting to catch up with me, so I was thinking about getting a sandwich. I the sandwich shop closed at 2 on sat, so I finished the article and looked at th clock, figuring it was about 1:15 so I wolud have plenty of time to get over there before they closed.
Well, I looked at the clock an it was 1:58 pm.

I had a solid train of thought the whole time, 3 minutes for me, 50 for everyone else.
I still dont know bout that one.

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 04:25 AM
I don't know how you are going to differentiate between real, perceived real & made up for other purposes.

Nevertheless here you go.

One of the most pronounced time slips I have experienced occurred about 5 years ago. I was sitting by myself looking for something to watch on the television at about midnight. Using the menu I came upon an old episode of a show that I hadn't seen in twenty years & I wanted to record the show, so I grabbed a video tape the put it in the VCR then hit the record button. I was enjoying the show until about halfway through & suddenly the channel on the TV appeared to change while I was watching.

I thought oh crap, a rare stray IR signal from a neighbor changed the channel right when I was trying to get a clean copy of the show. I tried changing the channel back to find the show to no avail & then I looked at the TV cable menu & I couldn't find the show anywhere. Then I'm thinking the cable company is screwing with the channels or some such thing. Nope I didn't have TIVO either.

Okay I gave up & decided to see how much if any of the hour long show got recorded. Nothing worse than thinking you are recording something & then finding out later when you want to watch it that somehow you did something wrong & it didn't record or no sound or some such thing.

Much to my surprise when going through the tape I discovered not only did it record, but I got the whole hour long show recorded. I then looked at the clock & realized that indeed that second half hour passed with what from my perspective was the normal time it took to change the channel on the TV.

So, the TV channel never changed the programming did along with the time of day and the show had ended as it was supposed to. There's always the possibility that I fell asleep sitting in the chair and bam the TV went from commericial to program & I percieved it as a channel change & the whole halfhour had passed. But, I was wide awake & so excited to see that show that I even decided to record it for later viewing.

At first I was so angry looking to blame the cable company for stopping the show midstream & then I found out later it got recorded just as I had intended.

I was really spooked for a long time after that. I was convinced that I had jumped almost 30 minutes in the blink of an eye. The only thing that made it okay was everthing else had continued as expected. It was as if I was time jumped, but everything was still right on track in the end.

I still have that video tape intact, thinking somehow someday I will be able to get some information out of it. The tape is magnetically charged & I would think there may be some residuel evidence on that tape.

A significant note is that the show was one that was usually 30 minutes in length, but this particular episode was an hour long including commercials.

So, if there was some kind of intervention where I was pulled out for a moment and then returned 30 minutes later. Those who intervened may have made a mistake thinking the whole episode was over & I wouldn't miss the next unrelated episode, but the episode was not unrelated it was one. Therefore I noticed the missing time & related story, because I was very engaged with the show.

The mistakes are few, far between & hard for our minds to perceive, but mistakes there are & we must map them in order to understand our relationship to those who may be manipulating time.

Did I fall asleep & lose my mind or did I notice a glitch in time? Only time will tell.

I have a few other episodes that I might add later, but one at a time is enough I think.

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posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 05:19 AM
somewhere between fulton, ny and liverpool, ny......there was, maybe still is some type of time displacement going on. I often would hit it on my way to work, and get to work at unbelievable, I was speeding.
I told a friend about it several times, but she didn't actually act like she beleived it. till, well, one day, we went to syracuse together. they day started off really odd, we ended up going past our target and had to backtrack. well, we got to where we were going in time for her scheduled appointment and we headed back home. only in about the same amount of time it would have taken to get home, we had traveled Richland (way too far), had realized that we missed our exit, and well, were heading back home.....we crossed a bridge that neither of us had remembered crossing on the way there even...

now, she believes me about the little quirk in time...
also, on one of the little side where I worked there was once a vehicle that looked pretty much like a school bus turning up one of the dirt roads, but it had Montauk...something or other....on it's side...
doubt if the kids from the Montauk school bus would drive all the way up there for a field trip to a vacant lot that just had a dirt road running into it, so can't explain that one either.

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posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 05:35 AM
Many years ago I was up late watching TV and started to feel a little hungry. I glanced at the clock to be sure I had enough time to quickly get something and went into the kitchen. When I got in there the microwave clock said it was a couple hours later then the TV time. I assumed the clock got messed up so I went back to get the exact time off the TV so I could reset the microwave, but now the TV also said it was a couple hours later then it was, when I supposedly left the TV room, only 2 minutes before.

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 05:42 AM
OMG - dawnstar.

I've had the same exact thing happen. There's one stretch of highway that used to take what it seems like quite a bit of time between my current location & my Grandmothers house (only one route). Other routes exist, but without change.

I started going that way, because it seemed extremely fast compared to how it used to be. One day I took my Grandmother home & she said "How did we get here already" so I know it wasn't just me. After that she wont even let me drive her anymore.

Note that the perception is fast, but the clock time is normal. Another words what took twenty minutes feels like 5 minutes, but the clock still reads 20.

It's almost as if the computer is out of memory so time is compressed and those moments are skipped in order to save computer memory space for more significant moments. As if we were pulled out of the system for a moment & then placed back in when we were about to get to our destination. Reminded me of going between different levels in a computer game.

Strangely enough during the initial period of perceived time change the road mysteriously closed a few times while phone and cable companies were working on their lines. Where they having signal problems in the fiber optics & copper in that location? Why?

I've also noticed some magnetic anomalies at certain locations on certain highways the past couple years. It's as if you experience a change in velocity while your speedometer has no change & your under cruise control. Some places feel like you suddenly slow to a snails pace & others you feel like the sensation of speed is all around.

I was wondering if it could be something to do with the pole shift.

Or is 2012 the time when our universe has a computer crash because it's unable to keep up with all the entities that exist.. As the computer runs lower on memory our individual live moments are shorter and shorter, so from our perception time goes faster & faster because our cpu time is smaller & smaller.

I sometimes wonder with all these anomalies going on around me. Am I still on the planet, universe & place I started at during my existence here or have I been moved for some reason by someone or because of some actions I have or have not taken. Was I just in the wrong place at the wrong time or is our world really speeding up & coming to an endpoint.

[edit on 4-12-2007 by verylowfrequency]

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 06:45 AM
It sounds like there are two varieties:

Missing time and gaining time. I think when a person enters an altered state, the passage of time isnt felt. Its like an internal chronometer turns off. That may account for some lost time. I think Music and Driving can easily induce a state like that. I like to call it robot mode or autopilot. Its something I experienced in the military when in a state of extreme focus, almost like a trance.

On the other hand, gaining time is a whole other issue. If you think about it each one of us are in our own Relative Microcosm. A person can affect that microcosm by time dilation, but it can only be measured in infintesimal amounts. Hypothetically there may be a way to affect it on a larger scale.

Maybe these special locations have magnetic fields that operate like a psychotronic device and induce an altered state. Its possible that this might be the result of anomalous operation related to the concepts of Tay Al' Urd or "folding of the earth" of Islam

or related to Kefitzat Haderech " Jumping the path" a miraculous shortening of travel time from Judaism.

Basically its not a recent phenomena and has been reported since Biblical times. I could get off on a Tangent about Faerie Lore and passage of time but i'll save it for another time.

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posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 07:00 AM
I began recording things a couple of years ago after way too many things happened. I hope these are the kind of things you’re looking for.

I negelected to record the date but it was sometime in 1999 or 2000 - Gained time (10 Minutes) driving one afternoon when driving home from work. I reached the intersection of hwy’s 540 and 412 in Springdale Arkansas and checked the time. It was 5:20 PM. I set the cruise control and headed home. From where I was to the City limits of Siloam Springs should have taken me 20 minutes. As I reached the city limit, I looked at the clock again and saw that the time was 5:30. There was no indication that anything was out of the ordinary and I don’t recall a black out, but before and since, that route has always taken me 20 minutes. There doesn’t seen to be much on gained time but I’m sure that it happened. I attempted to recreate the event on my drive home the next two days, but it always took 20 minutes.

While stationed at RAF Lakenheath in the United Kingdom between 1982-83, I had left the PAVE Tack shop at approximately 10 minutes till one in the morning to catch the Shuttle Bus that was due at five after one. The bus stop was less than a block away from the shop and should have only taken me a couple of minutes to get there. However, upon arrival at the bus stop I checked my watch and it was 20 after One. I waited approximately ten minutes on the chance that my watch was wrong, but the bus never arrived. I walked back into the shop and confirmed that my watch was correct. Nothing else seemed out of the ordinary.

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by MikeboydUS

Actually, there are three varieties: Losing time, gaining time, and experiencing a "glitch" in time. I've had one of the latter variety a couple years ago.

If you have watched "The Matrix," you know what I'm talking about: the scene where Neo sees the SAME black cat cross from right to left (or was it left to right) twice, and Trinity tells him it means something changed in the Matrix code.

I was out on our small-town recreation path with my then 3-year-old. We went down a dirt path to the river, where he was happily throwing rocks in the water, while I was sitting on the "beach" looking around. From where I was sitting, in front of me was a steep incline on top of which I could see the rec path. It was basically "cut" in three sections from my point of view: clear view... small group of trees... clear view... small group of trees... clear view. I could clearly see the hikers up on the rec path -- from my viewpoint they were approx. 200-300 ft away from me.

I watched a blonde, middle-aged guy in jeans, a beige shirt and a beige baseball cap walk out from the group of trees on the right, moving to the left. Then he disappeared behind the group of trees on the left.

I looked down for a second and then back at the path -- and the SAME guy, in the SAME clothes, SAME looks, SAME gait, SAME speed, everything, coming out AGAIN from behind the tree group on the right, moving to the left. There was no way in hell that he could have gotten back to that place and done it all over again while I looked away.

At first I thought they might be twins or something, so I looked to the left to see whether "the other guy" would come out from behind the tree group on the left; if so, I would have HAD to see him. But there was only that one guy. I was completely stunned.

I do believe that people occasionally witness "ripples in spacetime" or whatever you want to call them. On another board, I've read similar accounts, even stories from people who drove by certain places, like "old-looking" stores, that were suddenly gone when they came by the next day.

Even more spooky: I read a first-hand account of a guy who believed that he had shifted into another dimension -- one that was very similar to the one he knew, except for his toothbrush. He said he had a red toothbrush, had had it for a while, and when he came into the bathroom one morning, it was blue. When he asked about it, his family was genuinely confused; they said his toothbrush had ALWAYS been blue. He was the only one remembering it being red.

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 12:35 AM
Not sure if this is what you are looking for but here goes.

I was sitting on my couch with a friend of mine, watching a bit of TV before I left for work. I remember looking a the clock on the VCR, which read 1:25. I believe we were watching Steve Harvey, or something on PeachTree TV(former TBS) and after some time had passed, felt like about half an hour, I looked at the clock and it read 1:15, 10 minutes earlier. I looked over at her, and she looked at me, and asked "wasn't it 1:25, like half an hour ago?" Glad I wasn't the only one who thought I was crazy.

The most logical explanation is that the clock actually read 12:50, but there are 2 clocks(one on the VCR, and one on the stereo right above it) so it just doesn't feel right that we both felt, and noticed the same discrepancy in the time, or that we read both clocks wrong.

This experience seems to go against most of the other posts in this thread, in that we felt a backwards through time event. Anyone else ever experience a movement back through time, or what they perceived as one??

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 04:31 AM
Before I start replying to some of the individual posts, (which may take some, ehm, time
I'd just like to give a big THANK YOU to all who have posted their experiences and thoughts so far - and to all those who may still do so.

You may be (or maybe not) interested in knowing that I have opened a (non-commercial) blog dedicated exclusively to "time slips".


Because it's a subject that fascinates me - and with good reason...

Also, I don't think there is enough (web) space dedicated exclusively to FIRST-HAND accounts of this specific type of experience:

i.e. to (more or less) sudden and/or brief 'distortions' in the perception of time / space - preferably without the intervention of any PERCEIVABLE external forces (unless they are 'forces' - e.g. geomagnetism - from the environment itself).

(Many of you have given 'perfect' examples of this type of experience - some of them almost shockingly reminiscent of my own, but more on that later -; another example - a very famous one - would be the 1901 Versailles incident that has been discussed on this website before.)

The blog is not visible to the wider public yet, because I am still collecting experiences (AND because I am involved in managing a small constellation of loosely related blogs set up by a small group of interesting individuals ; ), but I do hope it can go public soon.

So, if you feel inclined to do so, please send in your account - just copy and paste it - to the email address listed at the bottom of this post.

Your "testimony" can be either totally anonymous or "all-inclusive".
If you'd rather remain anonymous, I would just ask you to include a name or initials, the date (at least approximate) AND the place where the experience happened (this is rather important).

If you feel comfortable with it, it would also be good to know your sex/gender and age - not to mention any other supplementary data (education, beliefs etc.).
But these are totally optional.

I will be including more precise "instructions" on the blog itself, but the info above covers all the basics.

IMPORTANT: I am not selling anything, so there is no need to worry: this is not a bait to get you to buy anything - or, God forbid, to harvest your email address for spamming purposes!

Still, if I am (unwittingly) breaking any rules here, or offending anyone by this proposal, I apologise. Feel free to remove this post.

And finally, here is the email address:

(OF COURSE it's a joke... A rather transparent inside joke: there are several 'ladies' in our little blogging 'corporation', and I am the one who is always on time - but also musing and pondering about, regarding, concerning time, ALL THE TIME... ; )

EDIT: After reading the accounts so far, I went back and picked as bright a colour as I could find to highlight the word THANK YOU. : )

Enough said.

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posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 04:34 AM

Originally posted by sylvie
reply to post by MikeboydUS

...Even more spooky: I read a first-hand account of a guy who believed that he had shifted into another dimension -- one that was very similar to the one he knew, except for his toothbrush. He said he had a red toothbrush, had had it for a while, and when he came into the bathroom one morning, it was blue. When he asked about it, his family was genuinely confused; they said his toothbrush had ALWAYS been blue. He was the only one remembering it being red.

I'm glad you mentioned that, I have experiences like that all the time. My brother is constantly asking me about events and people in our past and I have no idea what or who he's talking about.

And there are times when something just feels out of place. But as long as the basics remain the same, I just laugh it off.

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 04:57 AM
reply to post by punkinworks

That is interesting.

I mean, the "logical" first thoughts would be: the clock was off; the article was, after all, more 'absorbing' than you were aware of - things like that...

But I know, from my own experience, that sometimes the most 'plausible' or 'simple' explanation - as tempting as it may be - simply does NOT work.
Not without disregarding the actual facts - as 'fragile' as they may appear - of the actual experience, that is.

If you ever happen to find a real explanation - or if something like that happens again - I hope you post it.

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 05:05 AM

Originally posted by Kronik98
This experience seems to go against most of the other posts in this thread, in that we felt a backwards through time event. Anyone else ever experience a movement back through time, or what they perceived as one??

There are, of course, numerous accounts (I wouldn't know how reliable they are) of 'slips in time' that involve PERIOD-jumping - like people going 'back' several hundreds of years.

But going back in one's 'own' time... that's a rare account.
I read (only once) about such an occurrence before on the internet.

And I wonder... are they really so rare - or is it that people do not notice them, or maybe discount them as 'tricks' played on them by their own minds...?

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by sylvie

That is fascinating, Sylvie.
And the funny thing is, it seems to be happening - at least judging by the number of accounts that I've read or heard - much more often than one would think. What I find particularly interesting is that it also seems to be happening to children, not only adults.

I should perhaps rephrase that: it is the kind of time 'shift' that children would notice because they are simply too conspicuous, whereas other types of 'time slips' would likely go unnoticed by them.

(Speaking of children's experiences, I must say, though, that I've heard several accounts from Japan - that must be an interesting country!
- about children, as well as adults, who suddenly found their everyday environment totally changed, so much so that they could not find their way home - until it changed back, of course... It seems that the Japanese folklore attributes this phenomenon to the mythical powers of 'the Fox'. I am not familiar with the details, so - unless somebody here can enlighten me - I think I'll post separately about The Fox to inquire after details... ; )

[edit on 5-12-2007 by Vanitas]

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 05:23 AM

My brother is constantly asking me about events and people in our past and I have no idea what or who he's talking about.

How about ASKING him...?

Really - do it for us, if not for your own benefit. ; )

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