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Would THEY Tell Us?

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 06:25 AM
reply to post by Illahee

Hello Illahee,

Thanks for your post - sorry for delay in responding.

Illahee: I would like to know what your thoughts ...that the great pyramid although as we know of the layout and stars etc was not ever intended to be a tomb, but rather an empty tomb. It was created at a homing in point for each of the souls life cycles in that it would always be something to 'key on' in each journey. The emptyness to denote the souls traveling on. A giant symbol to stand the test of time and be a part of every human visit of a soul.

SC: I haven't come across this particular idea. Certainly it is true that very little by way of human remains have been found in any of the pyramids and that the conventional view is that the pyramids were robbed of everything (including the mummies) numerous times in antiquity. Remains that have been found in pyramids seem to indicate an 'intrusive' burial and there are even burials found where an undisturbed pyramid burial was found with an empty sarcophagus. The conventional view of this is that the unfortunate individual was killed in battle or in such a way that their body could not be recovered - the 'crocodile theory'.

The idea of the pyramids as vehicles to propel the King's soul (Ba) to the stars received some tentative Egyptological support from Trimble and Badawy in the 1960s who found that the shafts of the Great Pyramid targeted particular stars that were important in AE cosmology around the time the Giza Pyramids were being built. More recently researcher/writer, Robert Bauval, found that the Queens Chamber shafts of the Great Pyramid seem to target the star Sirius, another important star in AE cosmology.

The debate as to whether the Pyramids are aspects of solar or stellar religious ideas is one that is hotly debated. Certainly it was not until the reign of Djedfre that the emerging solar cult 'Re' was incorporated into the royal cartouche.

It seems to me that although the AE constructed these quite monumental structures, they did so in accordance within their own cultural and religious ideas. I see no problem in accepting the idea that the AE Pharaohs used these structures as their tombs. However, I regard it as an 'appropriation' i.e. this was not the intended function the original Designers of the Giza groundplan had in mind for the structures. But why should we not expect the Pharaohs to use the structures in this way - they did, after all, build them.


Scott Creighton

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