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Abducted or not it was still life changing (my story)

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posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 05:27 AM
I was scared to get involved I should have trusted my gut feelings. The day after I posted on IWASABDUCTED.COM my already crazy neighbor was 302d to a mental hospital for stabbing holes in the wall and saying there were aliens on my roof. The next night my wife said her and her daughter were abducted. She always thought I was crazy and didn't believe me until now. They said she was no use to them. My wife was screaming in the name of Jesus I rebuke you and they told her what good will that do. She said her daughter slept though the whole thing and she was never so scared in her life. She said she woke up to the dog barking in the closet I guess the aliens shut them in there. So much for the guard dogs idea.
My experience started at age 7 (1977 in Western PA) and a lot of the details are still foggy in my memory at this age and it will be years and many dreams flashbacks, and triggers from movies like Fire in the Sky that have brought me to a better understanding of this. I remember being awake still when I saw a light from outside my window shine in on me from above as my bedroom was on the second floor and faced the railroad tracks and the river.
I remember being terrified thinking it was maybe an Angel coming to kill me for being bad. (To understand this you would have to understand my religious up bringing and my over protective parents. Unlike most kids this age I didn’t know anything about the world yet let alone aliens. All I knew was heaven and hell, good and bad, angels and demons and for some reason angels scared me more than demons.) I hid under the covers and barley breathed listing so intently I could hear my heartbeat. I heard no sounds the window never opened no footsteps I just felt hands on my side and my feet grab me bedspread and all. I was rolled so tight in the sheet I probably looked like a mummy. I couldn’t scream or move I was petrified. I don’t remember going to sleep but I woke up to being moved. No hands this time I am laying on something flat being pushed my sheet is still covering me. I can move now and slowly slide my head to the right lifting the sheet up some I look at the floor I can see a set of legs walking beside me green grey skin but no feet they have hooves like a pig. Then out again. I wake up sit up pulling the covers off of me. Where am I? How in the @#?* should I know but it wasn’t in nice shiny new spaceship. There was an arched ceilings looked like stone. It was dirty damp dark and I felt cold like I had just had the wind knocked out of me hard to breathe and sick in my stomach like someone kicked me in the balls. My underwear and a sheet I jump downs off what looks like a stainless steel table. I am in some kind of tunnel like a sewer there are doorways I wrap the sheet around me an head for the first doorway no door mind you just a connecting passage way it is pitch black I put my hand on the wall and just start walking slowly wanting to run with all my might into the darkness. I must get out of here. Maybe 50ft in lights flash on and I am stunned by what looks like a Cyclops standing there it just a suit hanging there almost like a radioactive protection suit. The room is about 100 ft long no desks, filing cabinets or any thing that looks man made just shelves and shelves full of babies in jars thousands and thousands of them. I was about 10ft from the first row of them. I have seen enough I didn’t need a closer look then a hand on my shoulder I never even turned my head. Just sleep.

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 05:30 AM
I awoke about 7 blocks from my house laying on the ground just my underwear this time no sheet. I was down by the river lying on the ground by the railroad tracks. I didn’t remember anything I wrote here yet all of this doesn’t come to my memory until later I just thought I was sleepwalking, like my cousin has did many times before, we even found her on the roof she crawled out her bedroom window onto the roof over the porch. (Now I even wonder about that.) When I get home I can’t get in all the doors are locked only one way in the bathroom window in the basement. I go back to bed later to awake to a big red owl looking in my window. And all the next week every night the same dream I can’t explain the end of the universe a toilet with something as insignificant as a penny getting flushed means the end of the world. Every night I awake from this dream scarred to death I open my eyes to this big red owl watching me it eyes don’t blink it almost has a robotic sense to it the way it turns its head. On one occasion it wasn’t at my window it was beside my bed. And after about a week nothing except for my yearly checkup. These continued until I was 12 or 13. Always some time in October. I have always hated Halloween.

I have only told a handful of close friend up until now and they don’t believe me so I don’t care if you do. A few of you wanted to know more so here it is. After I posted on IWASABDUCTED.COM my wife and daughter was abducted a coupler of days later my neighbor if still in the mental hospital. He was already unstable a crazy collecting SSI for his disability. His next-door neighbor on the other side called the police because he was smashing holes thru the walls. When the Sheriff came he said he say aliens on the roof and could here them in his wall. The next day I woke up to the hysterical ramblings of my wife my dogs howling in the closet.

Here is some of what my wife told me. She woke up to blinding lights(here is where I want to ask all of you why do cell phones light up in the middle of the night it don’t matter what kind I have I always think it’s the aliens. Abductees have a hard enough time sleeping without this. Am I crazy or dose your cell phones do it to.) Four little and one tall alien grab her pull her right through the wall and into a craft. She told me she was awake the whole time they put her on a table and did some sort of ultrasound like test on her. She said she wasn’t scarred for herself just for her daughter. She said she could see one of them doing something to her finger. She told me she screamed in the name of Jesus I rebuke you. (More Christian upbringing if you don’t like it rebuke it in the name of Jesus)
She said that they would talk to her telepathically but what freaked her out is she could tell which one it was that was speaking. They told her to calm down that she wasn’t any use to them. (I guess her test came back negative) and they would take her home soon. I asked her if she saw there feet but she didn’t remember any hooves. Has anyone else seen hooves on these things? They left me at home this time maybe there done with me.

I guess I am just a little freaked out my wife was taken two days after I posted on that site. I haven’t told anybody but my closest friends until now. I slept with my head under the covers until I was 25 and still pull them up when I have a bad dream about these things.

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 05:40 AM
I posted this first on I was but no one is ever on that site then i found my new home here. I read a lot here everyday and am thankful for this site. I hope everyone her finds what they are looking for someday.

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 11:29 AM
a lot of people here will hound you for evidence. i personally am open to believing you. if nothing else it's a very interesting story and a bit scary.

the fact that they plopped you back down a good distance from your house AND you were locked out (you couldn't have let yourself out) makes it pretty obvious that at least something about it was not dreamt. the correlation of these experiences and your neighbor freaking out also point very strongly to "not a dream". =)

do you still see the owl? if so then you might want to take a pic of him and see if he can be identified by someone that knows birds.

when i was younger i had a few experiences. i believe my mom was/is either an abductee or someone they just observe. i ran into what i think was a grey standing over her in the middle of the night when i was about 10. since then i think they might have tried to start something with me but by some twist of chance they didn't find me. you can read about it here under section "three":

i still don't know exactly what these experiences were (spirit/ET). only that they were real to me. i have had others mention someone whispering their name and other accounts of being shocked with a cattle-prod/taser-like device in their side. so there seems to be something to it. whether it's real or a common "mind trick" is another question.

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