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Introduction and Astral Projection Question

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posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 05:10 AM
Hello all. I would like to tell you a little about myself and relate that to astral projection.

I knew of the existence of astral projection since I was in my teens after reading a Christian-orientated book on the matter as well as remote viewing. This knowledge was brought to life when my first 'real' girlfriend told me that she used to astral project when a girl. Because of this, this subject interests me.

Now for a bit about me and the state of my life at present.

Ever since leaving university in 2000, very little has gone right for me. It is not to say that my life has been bad because it hasn't. I just haven't progressed in life. In 2003 I came across a set of Nordic runes. They were simply attractive to me and I had no superstitious belief in them. I pulled one out of the bag. It was the ICE rune signified by an "I". I read the meaning of it which hit me between the eyes. It said that I was experiencing a Winter, a frozen environment, when all work seems to be unproductive. That summed up my life at this point. I mulled over this for several weeks and decided to pull out another rune - the ICE rune came out again.

Since this time, I have done everything I can think of to end this Winter which has made me into a great underachiever. I have got out of draining relationships, returned to university, changed my appearance, how I eat and have been attempting to learn more about underlying spiritual matters.

The feeling of being a complete underachiever is becoming greater and greater. At university I came top of the class for the first two years. The third year was supposed to be an internship year. The people whom I helped finish assignments and to revise got internships but me, I am unemployed again. It is like a rerun of my previous experience. The galling thing is that during the exam period last May, I was brimming with confidence and was certain that the long winter was about to end. The most attractive girl whom I have met was interested in me and I, as top of the class was certain I would get a good internship with priceless work experience.

All that has happened is that the Winter became more severe and here I am, alone, unemployed waiting for next October so I can finish my final year at university. I looked at the meaning of the ICE rune again on the internet and found a definition that included the word 'blockage' in the spiritual sense.

I feel that someone or something is blocking me. I really do. People tell me that I am well educated, intelligent, well read, eloquent, tall, and good-looking with aristocratic features. They say that I would have no problem in finding a good job and women. I am not boasting here, in fact I am doing the exact opposite in order to demonstrate that I have underachieved in all levels of life. The best job I have had was as a postman despite having qualifications coming out of my ears and the women I have had relationships were those who would have me. I settle for second or third best simply because they'd have me. Their friends ask them how they got a man like me and have called me a trophy and a puppet.

Now to the point. I know there is a blockage, a contrary force that is holding me in check. Now matter what I do and how high my confidence is, nothing is produced in winter. I thought this winter would only be a season but it has turned out to be 7 years with a false dawn of Spring last May.

I am wondering if I can step outside my body and into the astral plane and find some answers. I would like to see what is holding me down from the spiritual perspective. I began a couple of years ago if I am cursed or hexed by someone as all my successes have been brought to nought and I am at my wits end.

I would like to learn astro projection not just to see the other side but to get direct answers to direct questions as to what is influencing the direction of my life and how to end this long Winter season. Thanks for reading.

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posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 06:10 AM
It is my opinion that astral projection will not deliver answers that can also be found out on this day-to-day waking-life reality-plane. In fact, coming from a low-state in the first place, it is extremely difficult to project to higher planes. Curiosity and high energy are better motors than worry to achieve OBE. The answers are not arrived at by "going away" but by coming more to "right here".

Nevertheless your "block" has something positive about it: Without it you probably would never have started exploring reality and spirituality.

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 07:54 AM
reply to post by Sol_Invictus

Any person is capable of anything. Maybe you should lay off the rune stones for a while. In your case, I think because you drew the ice rune a few times, you have talked yourself into living what the stone is supposed to mean.

Life takes lots of hard work for most people, and there is no magic in that.

Continue to concentrate on your studies and things should hopefully fall into place for you. If you have free time between studies (not sure what your major is) maybe you could do some kind of volunteer work to fill the void. You never know who you might meet while doing it!

As somebody mentioned, an OOBE isn't going to help your situation any.

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 12:40 AM
Judging by your name Sol, which I interpret as the Unconquerable Sun it seems to be a bit of a contradiction with your self-esteem. I am not trying to sound like a jerk at all but hear me out please.

Pertaining to the subject of runes i can say, what would have happened if you had not pulled the ISA? what if it had been another rune? would you have read it, realized it had nothing to do with you and tossed it aside? I think you might have clung to the ISA because it related to your problem. A Winter. You consider yourself and under-achiever and you have found a reason in the runes.

Honest question. Being an intelligent man, have you self-analyzed your own habits and mentality to truly see if indeed you have someone blocking you or you, yourself are doing it?

The way i see it. The manifestation of the rune's symbolic meaning is your block. It not only tells you you are having "Winter" but it also tells you to wait it out. To me that would create a block in itself. The question would be; What have you done during this "Winter" to disengage the block, or disengage the period of under-achievement?

It takes work to overcome personal problems and it doesn't seem logical that you have a curse or a hex unless you ate an innocent baby. Focus on you, and evaluate how you feel about your progress and what you have done.
I believe that is the way to find your answer. It may be a simple answer. Like, "i aim too high with my dreams and forget to plan my smaller goals to achieve said dream."

You see?

I think that starting an Astral Projection experience(and it is an experience!) would enlighten you to the inner workings of your mind. I'm sure you will figure out your answers but, i doubt astral projection in itself would answer it directly.

I can relate directly to you. I have been through the same. My answer came about as a result of AP. but it wasn't the detachment from reality that so many people crave, it was the practice leading to AP that was my answer. When you begin AP, you are spending a lot of time in the confines of your mind. Naturally you will realize what is truly on your mind when you are trying to calm it.

So Sol, I always take other people's response with a grain of salt and self-evaluate before i make a decision. You may find your answer with AP, but then again you might spend many fruitless days looking and not find it.
it is up to you after all.

I think that you should try it, because judging from your post, you might not have taken any steps toward overcoming this block, so I think AP will be a good way to get your foot on the staircase and figure out your dilemma. You might even find spiritual enlightenment along the way. Regardless, i hope you find what you need and let me know if you need any advise with AP.


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posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 09:40 AM
Thanks for the replies.

Yes the name Sol Invictus does seem out of tune to my current level of self esteem but I chose this name in the hope that in due season I will rise from this low zenith.

I got rid of the runes around four years ago but it is fair to say that the meaning if the ice rune stuck with me. When I first read the definition of this rune it seemed to forcefully articulate what I already knew. At the time I was glad of this articulation, at least there was some spiritual recognition of a barren phase of my life. I just didn't think that the barrenness would last for 7 years.

In order to try and break the block, I spent a lot of money on courses, I returned to university and I learned a new language with the view to force myself to take a new direction. As physical efforts seem to be fruitless so far, I am beginning to look at the spiritual side of things. I have a thirst of spiritual matters at present and I am reading a lot to try and find some answers.

I do analyze my habits and mentality. Each night before I go to sleep I analyze myself and my actions since my childhood. I try to pin down where I began to go wrong. The seven years have made me quite negative and I do know that that attracts more negativity and a vicious circle is made.

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 03:55 AM
i wish you luck Sol and i hope to run into you on the astral planes one day!

i hope this journey solves your problems

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by Onerion
i wish you luck Sol and i hope to run into you on the astral planes one day!

i hope this journey solves your problems

Thanks Onerion. Should I take your hope literally? How does one go about arranging rendez-vous in the astral plane? Can you recommend any books on the subject that detail techniques and experiences of AP?

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 11:46 PM
my hope is sincere Sol. i guarantee you.

here are some resources that i found extremely helpful.


These two authors are from different spectrums, robert monroe is from a more scientific and validation perspective and robert bruce is more spiritual by nature, but both authors are excellent at describing the out of body state.

Robert Monroe mostly talks about his experience and theory of the planes in a more scientific way.

Robert Bruce uses a system called New Energy Ways and describes very practical ways to project. I recommend his books if you are ready to jump right in. they will give you raw information on how to do it exactly and what happens.

Robert Monroe

Journeys Out of Body
Far Journeys
Ultimate Journey

Robert Bruce

Astral Dynamics
Mastering Astral Projection

if you want to know more about the book's main points you can check them out on amazon or just ask me.

other than books i recommend looking into these sites.

Astral Pulse Forums

Astral Voyage

oh i just realized there is so much i can tell you about.

this is a great start though.

if you would like to know a lot more about the subject let me know and i will give you my AIM or email.


posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 08:38 AM
Perhaps you can also learn BSFF (Be Set Free Fast). It can quickly remove blocks in your mind.

posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 11:54 AM
Your frustration and sense of disillusionment are understandable. What's more difficult to understand are your circumstances as you describe them.

Tertiary education isn't cheap, either financially or in terms of time. You've made substantial investments (time, effort, money) and it's reasonable to expect a return.

Good looks are largely luck of the draw (yet usually an 'asset') but if you've described yourself accurately, it appears your personal relationships are running against the 'norm' also, because in addition to your fortunate appearance, you're undeniably articulate, interesting, intelligent and self-aware. Ordinarily, someone with such a wealth of assets would be magnetic, much sought.

So what is going on ? Don't blame you for wondering, because it doesn't make sense, based on what you've said and when compared to your contemporaries (many of lesser abilities and whom you've assisted) are apparently not suffering the mysterious impediments currently thwarting your own progress.

It's certainly not unknown to see extremely attractive people with far less attractive partners. The reasons are many, such as the less-attractive partner possessing what the other considers a 'great personality' ... or perhaps the attractive person is drawn to someone who reminds them strongly of a parent. It sometimes happens though that a physically-attractive individual lacks confidence (due to a variety of reasons) and thus settles for anyone who will accept them. Do you feel the latter applies to you ? If so, has lack of confidence always been a problem --- or did it commence as consequence of what for you was a traumatic experience (end of a previous relationship, for example, or childhood experience) ?

I may be completely on the wrong track here, but on reflection it does sound as if (despite your many assets and abilities) you tend towards the introspective, which in turn is often aligned with greater than average sensitivity. Such people often harbour feelings of guilt regarding their abundance of riches (such as good looks, intellectual abilities and other inherent gifts). Often, they're not consciously aware of their guilt, but their subconscious is and acts as a 'brake' on their progress ... in effect pulls or holds them down as a means of 'being fair' to the less fortunate. Do you feel there may be an element of this in your life? If so, perhaps you need to find methods of 'talking with' your subconsious and explaining to it that you were given this life and these gifts to enjoy. In short, perhaps you need to 'give permission' to yourself to maximise the potential of your natural and learned skills and to enjoy these and your life to the fullest.

A simple means of 'speaking with' your subconscious is via a pendulum. There are numerous other methods, but pendulums provide a tangible means of communication .. one your eyes and senses can witness (thus rendering the communication more 'believable' from your conscious mind's perspective).

You may or may not be aware that virtually everyone is restricted to a degree by what is termed 'negative suggestion'. Negative suggestions are implanted in the subconscious -- often completely unintentionally -- during childhood, at times of heightened emotional distress. Few, if any of us, escaped such situations. For example, a small child may be inadvertent witness to an emotionally charged incident involving their parents or other influential adults. An example I read involved a young woman much like yourself. She was attractive, intelligent, ambitious and had done all in her power (effort, study, etc.) to maximise her potential. Yet success consistently evaded her. When a therapist worked with her (employing hypnosis and other techniques) he discovered that when the girl had been in early childhood, she'd witnessed a furious argument between her parents (who'd been oblivious to her presence). The father had shouted at her mother comments such as, ' You're hopeless ! You're useless ! You're no good at anything ! You ruin everything you're involved in ! You're a useless slut ! You'll never amount to anything ! '

As the girl grew to adulthood, she had no conscious memory of the incident. Her father's insults hadn't even been intended for her. But her subconscious retained all of them and worked against her by repeating to her endlessly: ' You're hopeless -- you'll never succeed or amount to anything ' etc. And it was this internal recording which was responsible for the girl's inexplicable failure despite her conscious attempts to succeed. For when negative comments or other input is combined with heightened emotion (for example, the girl's terror caused by her parents' argument) it 'knocks out' the mind's usual censor and gains clear access to the subconscious ... where it lodges permanently and remains as active and fresh as if it had just occurred.

The subconscious takes everything literally. And it works very hard (continuously, night and day) to bring into fruition everything that's been suggested to it .. good or bad. It believes it's helping us -- doing what we want it to do. But it's like a ticking time bomb that needs to be de-fused, quite often.

Children are often exposed to negative suggestion which in turn acts in the role of self-defeating prophecy, quite often. For example, many parents and/or teachers, etc. (out of sheer ignorance) 'prime' children to fail by saying such things as ' You'll fall / cut yourself / drown / ... etc.' if you do that. And sure enough, the child often does fall or cut themself or whatever.

The 'key' to implanting negative suggestion is emotion. Emotion is the carrier. It bypasses all the protective blocks the mind possesses and carries the negative suggestion/s with it. And whilst the conscious mind in time 'repairs' from the emotional enslaught and appears to have forgotten it ... the truth is that those words of abuse or threat or negativity etc. remain lodged for all time within the subconscious. And as they say, when it comes to a fight between the conscious and the subconscious ... the latter wins hands down, every time.

In order to 'remove' and 'replace' those crippling, defeating negative-suggestions, you must 'speak with' your subconscious. And a handy and independent means of doing so is via a pendulum. Or you could locate and employ an informed analyst/therapist, of course.

The Huna religion has much to offer with regard to 'making friends' with one's own subconscious (I prefer 'superconscious' mind) to the benefit of both your conscious and subconscious selves and I suspect you'll find Huna is spiritually in tune with you, also.

If you decide to investigate Huna, the books of Enid Hoffman are to be highly recommended. I think you'll discover that your leanings towards astral travel /OOBE (as a means of gaining insight into your situation) is very elegantly addressed by Huna, with 'instruction' provided as a matter of course.

Also to be strongly recommended is a book entitled 'You Can Do It Yourself With Self Hypnosis' by Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D, copyright 1983, Published by Prentice Hall Press (division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.), ISBN 0-13-976621-9 and ISBN 0-13-976613-8 ... (1. Autogenic training. 2. Success.)

Henderson's book provides clear and simple methods of learning to use a pendulum in order to communicate with one's subconscious mind for the purpose (amongst other things) of discovering and removing negative- suggestions and replacing them with positive ones.

Often, the 'curses' and 'hexes' we believe are afflicting us come not from spiritual realms but have a far more prosaic origin, such as those which afflicted the non-successful girl detailed above, who had internalised insults her father, in the heat of the moment, had hurled at her mother.

May I conclude by wishing you every success and happiness

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posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 12:23 PM
Dock6, thanks for your graceful reply. I realise that some of the things that I said sounded arrogant but I tried to count my blessings. I found that my life nowhere near measures up to these blessings. That is where the underwhelming sense of under achievement creeps in.

I need to read your post several times as there is a lot to take from it. Thanks again.

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