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Alien wars

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posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 02:07 AM
When I first joined ATS I related my out of body experience and the Alien planet I visited. Here are more details.

On this Alien planet of unknown name. 4 galaxies away live the Aliens at war. This planet has two major races of Aliens.

1. The brown-humanoid type. they are about 4 feet tall, large eyes, skinny legs and arms. Leathery skin and hairless. Very poor and weak. These live in huts and on the flats next to the lakes and mountanous regions of the planet. They have no machines or technology apparent in their society. They use no clothing and walk around totally unclothed. Most of the Aliens in the huts and villages are females, but with limited organs visible. They are very poor and very scared. They cannot communicate with language as we know it, but they use very loud sounds to speak. A loud screech.

2. The other aliens are Giants. Bipedal, with large tails and large claws and jaws. Non-human form. They have huge feet, about 7 feet in lenght, large arms enough to lift a giant tree. They are also leathery and brown. They have horns and a giant mouth, enough to eat about 4 of the smaller aliens. and they do.

So far, the Giants have been invading the territory and fighting the browns. they step on them, eat them, smash them basically treat them like animals. The browns are scared and have ran away from the major areas to go into hiding. They are very quiet and they can't fight back. if a giant comes over and confronts them, they simply accept death and close their eyes.

Right now there is no one to help them. The giants have taken over and they are trapped on the planet. the planet is earthlike, very beautiful. it has seas, continents air and many natural resources. I am not sure if the browns have means of transportation. it could be that they do have flying machines but I didn't see anyone using them. They appeared to be very primitive.

the war goes on. And the giant aliens are winning the war. killing the children and eating the larger browns. So what can we do to help? We have to stop our wars first, that way the Grays can pick them up and bring them here without fear of getting killed here. The browns are very weak and they can't speak so it would be difficult for them to come and live here. They are getting help from the Grays, but even they are scared of the giant aliens there. And the Grays are very cold and unemotional. they lack compassion for others, but are forced to help. The only way to get to them and help them is to contact the greys and send an army over there to help. But they see that we are at war here and that we are killing ourselves. Basically, they want to be friends, they need company and they feel very lonely out there. They are looking for an ally and a friend. but we are too busy ignoring them and destroying ourselves to worry about their wars. All we can do now is pray that they don't become extinct. The greys are looking for new planets so they can move them all there. by the millions. And they been looking on our own solar system for housing.

I can't help them, and you can't help them either. But all we have to do is think positive and know what they need. They need a friend, A sort of father figure. Someone to take care of them. Hope this clears up more of the "Aliens" as I had way too many questions from people about the details.

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 02:39 AM
If I can't help them, then I'm not going to waste my energy "thinking positive thoughts" for them.

Seriously, JediMiller--I've got too many problems of my own to worry about Twig People.

Is there actually a reason why I should give a damn about them? Maybe it's a good think that The Giants are squishing them to death. Maybe The Twig People are some sort of parasite sucking the Chi from the giants. Maybe the Twigs aren't as harmless as you've convinced yourself they are.

I like you and your hotdog experiments and your three-wheeled roadsters, but these impotent female astral friends of yours are pissing me off.


posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 05:45 AM

Originally posted by Fuggle
Is there actually a reason why I should give a damn about them? Maybe it's a good think that The Giants are squishing them to death.

Hi fuggle. Well, Seeing them get killed and eaten by the brown giants was not a fun thing to watch. I know that most people wouldn't give a damn about them either. And that's the whole idea behind the learning experience. that we have to care about others first. We have to see people in our own world as human and care for them first, then we can start worrying about problems on another planet. but if we are still at war and killing off our own kind then we can never help them in their wars. I would like to help, but we can't do anything for them now. Their planet is far away and too remote for anyone to actually intervene and do something. The giant aliens are just evil, they eat, kill like animals. Even if they pissed them off somehow they shouldn't be treated like bugs.


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