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I saw that people is talking about special forces so...

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posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 02:53 PM
if you really wanna talk about special forces...i think that you think to show result and not just rumors...i mean with everyone talking about aussie and SAS with all the respect no one do things like the israeli special forces...first : Sayeret MATKAL - entebbe , Sabena and a lot more operations that you can read in wikipedia... no one knows about this unit because they dont Syria month ago...that MATKAL got in the secret base and took some of forbidden substance just for proof...
Shayetet 13 - Navy Commando, known as the craziest and toughest unit.
Shaldag - like the SAS known as great commando unit, was in Syria also and put the laser for the aircrafts for the bombing.(all of the units practicing for 20 months)
there are units that disguise to arabs and arrest them and kill them from the inside(very crazy people and hard trained).
there is more special units like 669(airborne rescue) YAHALOM(elite engineering and bombing), MAGLAN and others.

I saw that someone talks about dont know what they are capable in Wiki about operation "wrath of god" (they put mourne notice with terrorist names before they kill them

you can also check in youtube write "LOTAR" and see training of the special units.

the advantage of the israelis that they fight for 60 years...they are coming better and better with the years. and remember only 7 milion people...

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