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Believers, an honest question..

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posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 01:20 PM
If you are a believer/adherent of a particular Religion that commands you to not have a partner or mate that isn't of the religion, or more specifically that is a non-believer of any religion or in God, and you have one anyways, if you break it off with that person for a combined number of reasons, and lets say its mutual, should you take solace in the fact that despite the pain you feel, that you did the right thing? I'm not saying breaking it off with someone specifically because of religion, but if they just happened to be someone that was critical of God and religion. I'm sure someone would ask me how I would get together with such a person in the first place. Lets say for sake of the question that you were not a believer in God and of a specific religion when you first met the partner.

Would you tell yourself "It would never have worked anyway and I did the right thing because I was living improperly to begin with, and I can feel good knowing that"?

And lets say the partner was critical of the fact that you believed in God and made you feel insecure about it at times. How would you look at it / feel about it, in regards to spirituality and religion? What you know you're supposed to do and not to do, is it too much to actually live what you advocate?

posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 11:04 PM
Yes I believe Jesus would want you to find a soul mate thats spiritual like you. Or you can pray for this one or tell her why you believe and so forth to see what her reaction would be.

God created man and women to be one flesh, in mind and spirit, and literally be soul mates even after death in the next world and never lose that bond.

So I think, especially if she is critical for no reason. People are allowed to believe in God, and only arogant souls say hes false without knowing and live on arrogance, so if shes critical than even more so you should not be in relationship.

Even if you break up please pray for her soul.


posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 11:28 PM
While I personally do not belong to any particular denomination, your question strikes me very close to home (details aside).

There is a fine line between believing and not-believing IMHO. I have met Atheists whom I would personally consider believers and I have met Christians whom I would personally consider non-believers (and vice-versa).

Explaining quickly:

To me, God is just another name for the Spirit of Love - the Force that created the Universe, the Solar System, the Planet, and Humanity. I have conversed with many people who reject the idea of a judgmental entity called god, and yet they believe in the innate wholeness and innocence of the human heart at its core. All they need do is look at a child in play and they know it is so.

Religious tensions between partners is consolable, but it would take a great deal of communication, honesty, and persistence. Even then, it lies in the choice of each individual - as one choosing to continue the relationship can only hope the other chooses the same.

There is a possibility that it is just a miscommunication about what God is. I know if I were personally with an Atheist they might have trouble with the language I use so constantly. In fact, I have developed another term for God specifically for Atheists (or other scientific minds who dwell in the theory that belief in god creates war), and that is Life (or Energy, or Life Energy). Science has proven that there is a vibration, indeed a lifeforce which radiates in all things - even those considered inanimate. Life is a set of principles and ideas that apply to physics as well as other areas of actuality.

However, in my experiences the leap must be made from intellectual to emotional for the presence of Life to be truly FELT. And choosing to remain in the intellect without the feeling of Life will surely cause a slow and painful suicide...

To me, being a believer is about being a conduit of Life - and for the most part it takes a great deal of focusing on becoming compassion in what people would consider adverse conditions. It means being truly compassionate and understanding when one decides that god is a fake...

...and from my experiences, people will begin to change their mind about God if they see a believer being honestly happy and being completely (which is for the most part - emotionally) stable despite the metaphorical 'crap' thrown their way.

Communicate your feelings honestly and in earnest. If the person still feels uncomfortable, if the person just can't stand the idea one iota... well, you've done all that is possible. Forcing a view upon anyone has only created suffering and strife.

If the relationship is at an end, be at peace with it to the extent of your being. Know (as in KNOW) that God is intending something much better for you, and the temporary isolation from withdrawing from a relationship might be a perfect opportunity to grow within oneself and develop a closer relationship to God...

And who knows? Your other half might be waiting just around the corner...


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