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New World Order ** Blueprint **

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posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 10:05 PM

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 10:24 PM
ok now..!

It is becoming, to much, f**king interesting
it's cool, and i am hooked.. and i have to know if the church in st-constant,
quebec,canada with
the all seing eye existed for real and if i am right..!

I hope you will all appreciated, i am leaving with one of my friend, as soon
as i have, news, from a rideshare service
we have around here, ( it will pay for my gas... )
, we will drive the 6 hours to get there and we will drive
back the same day to avoid paying for a hotel room.
So i cannot, say exactly when we're going to be back.
I hope, i will not drive over there, to see that, i wasn't right about it..! but
anyway i have to see it, with my own eyes..! and it will be cool..!

see ya back soon..! maybe.. with cool pictures..!

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 09:19 PM
We had, two very cool guys that came with us, with the rideshare service.
After a hours or 2 On the TransCanada highway, my friend told them, we
were going to St-Constant, PQ Because we are members of a conspiracy
forum call ATS and we saw a conspiracy theory That evokes the
implication of the Roman Catholic Church in the globalisation process,
secretly called the new world order.

They already knew a little about a new world order conspiracy and the
September 11, false flag operation conspiracy, and they thought it was so
cool that we are going to a church, to see if there is A big all seeing eye
painted on the ceiling of a church, constructed in honor of the Roman
emperor Constantine the great, who suppose to be, the first pope of the
Roman Catholic Church, that They came with us, at the church to see it,
before we drive them back to Montreal, and then We came back to Toronto.

When we marched down the alley of the church, we were very excited and
looking everywhere around and at the end of the church we looked up and
i am telling you man, we were cold chill When we saw The big all seeing
eye. we couldn’t believe our eyes...
i took a picture of it and a picture of a
full-size Statue of St-Constant ( printed at the bottom of the statue) the
name gave to the emperor Constantine after he was honoured a saint...!
and That..,even more than the all seeing eye..!, literally blowout our mind,
we were speechless in front of it..!
Constantine has been elevated to the level of a saint in the Eastern
tradition. Eastern Orthodox Christianity not only views Constantine as a
saint, they hold him up as one of the best, most noble and honoured kinds
of saints. Saint-Constant, is the godfather of Christianity, the man whose
godly inspiration saved them all from being maimed and tortured and fed
to lions and such. He is a man whose lead
(despite his tendency to think he was the Sun God incarnate) they all must

Eastern Orthodox Christians retain an ancient form of artwork called
iconography, used to depict the likenesses of its saints. In all of his icons,
Constantine, as a saint, ( St-Constant ) has a beard....

I knew, i was right about the city and the location of the church...!
The church really exist....!

I never had that much fun......! it was great and it was the coolest car trip i have done...!

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 10:52 AM

I thought you were kidding, when you said you would drive down to
Find the church with the All Seeing Eye. You’re a real conspiratist and
This time for sure, you cracked the codes...!

Great find Road Warrior 31 And thanks you for the car trip investigation on
the church and thanks for the very impressive and surprising photos. i am
sure the French Document Conspiracy theory is plausible, and it is scary
when i think of what will be the next 25 years to come..!

With a very powerful Empire behind the New World Order agenda, and with
all the new Technology and media conditioning brainwash tactics and
propaganda possibilities ( it was, possible, 75 years ago..! )

It Will be... a very hard Revolution..!

All scare tactics Like , WW3, h5n1 epidemic, world wide economic CRASH,
natural manmade disaster, Bee disappear, Global Warming, ET invasion,
Legend and prophecy’s propaganda about the end of the world and the end
time. How can we not..! be exhausted..and indoctrinate to accept to be
RFID chipped and to live in a One World Government, Prison Planet world..?

We have to find somehow, the strength to fight for freedom..!

Achilles 13

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 11:13 PM

The President John F. Kennedy.........

was the greatest conspiracy theorist of all time an Hero..... and the Leader
of the Revolution against the secret organisation of the world power Elites.

John F. Kennedy spoke against any religious leader, including the Pope,
from influencing his actions as President. is the #1 reason he was
killed, as the Vatican-led New World Order knew he had uncovered their
evil plans.

On Sept. 12, 1960, President John F. Kennedy spoke to The Greater
Houston Ministerial Assoc., saying emphatically that no religious leader,
including the Pope, had the right to control his actions and influence the
foreign and domestic policies in any way, shape or form.

For his strong words and his speech denouncing secret societies and
religious infiltration, and his will to destroy the secret world imperialist agenda
"he as been set up for murder by the Vatican/New World Order controllers
through the Jesuit Order and the illuminati. "

The Roman Catholic Church Empire assassination of the president John F. Kennedy
should even more motivate, population of the world to continue his
Revolution against the secret organisation of the world power Elites, the
Roman Empire and the soon planned One World Empire...!

In respect and in honor of the president John F. Kennedy who died on
combat, fighting for what he thought was right for the world.... and as the
president John F. Kennedy, himself would say.....

Don't ask what the world can do for you...
but ask what you can do for the world...

and that is, fighting for freedom.......!


in your last post, you wrote about the scare tactics. they all are
mind control strategies, part of the matrix of the new world order, resulted
of the MK-ultra experiment program. those are to control the mass, to
destabilise the world. Without any social references and resources
anymore, with family and individuals, forced to face all those problems
and insecurities being terrorised and exhausted and without any critical
mind anymore it will be very easy for them to manipulate world
populations to trust the United Nation organisation, to accept the New
World Order, to accept to be chipped and to live in a Prison Planet
controlled by a One World Government, Empire........!

We all have to do something. Exposing and debating here in the best
conspiracy forum of the world, is only part of the Revolution process.

For me, my part here is done, this post will conclude what i had to do
here, i'll continue fighting for freedom on others strategic projects,
i'll also need energy for everyday’s challenges with my family
and my business but i'll come once in a will, but only to keep track
of how the ATS forums see the world...

I SINCERRELY HOPE.....!, my participation in here did help strength
the Revolution against the secret organisation of the world power Elites.
this thread is owns by everyone who is interested in it...!

One of their strategy, is divide and don't let that happen
here, in ATS, there is, a army of conspiracy theorist in here, so let get
together to be stronger, we will...... need it.......!

I am not all.....!

the conspiracy theory is........! because it lead the light of truth over the
biggest humanity, dark secret agenda of all time..!

** Only those who knew the past, will be free in the future..! **

My name is: NO BODY......!

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 08:47 AM
Hail Caesar..!

Since a long time I was searching on that same
direction of yours, i always thought the illuminati
was in reality, one of the secret societies of the Vatican.

Elites of our world, couldn't just popup from nowhere
i also thing it is more plausible if they are under a ancient
empire influence, A empire who as power over the world and strategically
and secretly, kept expanding since 2000 years..!

Thank you for the french document you posted here
, and your energy...this thread was for sure a real motivation
for me, to continue exploring the secret of the Vatican and
their implication into the new world order agenda..!

'' the president John F. Kennedy didn't died for nothing, Revolution,
will arrive soon and I will keep fighting..! ‘’

i understand that if you have a family and a business and you
will need a lot of energy to face the next 18 months, the economy
will probably crash so i will be very careful to.

Thanks again and good luck soldier...!


posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 10:51 AM
i am telling you man, it's all very complicated to me
to understand it all. The 911, was the conspiracy that brought me here
to search for anwsers but the conspiracy world is a lot bigger then i thought.
i don't really know how and where to search now, but at least
i know in which direction to go
this conspiracy theory is very interesting because
it doesn't looks, like it just popup from a unbelievable science fiction book
It freaking me out....
, but it make sense to this ( ‘’ ‘’ ) scary, New world order
unbelievable conspiracy..! and trust me man....i have nothing against faith in God, church's
values and spiritual tools but i always had a bad feelings about the vatican and now i have
a good idea why..!

man....i really hope they will never succeed
A new world order secret agenda, is very scary and confusing
but facing it,
i guess, is probably better then hidden myself from it

the above top secret site, is the coolest, conspiracy site

thanks for everything
you're cool man...

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 04:15 PM
This video here explains it all.

Ring of Power

Julius Caesar had a child with Cleopatra. Julius Caesar was then stabbed to death by other members of his council. Cleopatra had her son exiled to conceal his identity as the succesor of the Queen. She was then married to Mark Anthony to which she had three more children. Julius Caesars child/ Cleopatras first born travelled to Asia where he was adopted by Mary and Joseph. He was taken in and studied Buddhism and read ancient Buddhists texts under his Buddhist teachers. As a teenager he returned to Egypt using his Buddhist knowledge he went around healing others and performing miracles.

He went on to marry his half sister Mary Magdalene. At his wedding with Mary he established the now "Holy Roman Empire" The bloodline of the Queen is this same bloodline of who we now know as Jesus Christ.

Another interesting note is that the Crown the Queen wears has 12 stones. Very similar to the passage in the book of Revelations about the Woman adorned by 12 stars around her head. Her Rod is a rod of Iron which once belonged to Isis and then later Cleoptra and to her son who is in line to become King after Queen Elizabeth II's time as Queen has expired, making the the King the one described in the book of Revelations who will rule with a Rod of Iron.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 08:45 AM

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 06:15 PM

Originally posted by Achilles 13

I am sorry to bring this older post up - but this is exactly what i have been thinking all along ever since he came into power.

Now i am a novice at the whole roman catholic thing and will be the first to admit that i dont know whole lot about this pope or any other. But of late - ever since the world youth day, i have starting doing a quick poll of people i talk to about religion and I am finding that most religious & non religious people tend to agree that there is something that just doesnt sit right about Ratzinger....

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 06:20 PM
Yeah, are you referring to the fact that he was/is a Nazi?

This doesn't sit right with me.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 06:31 PM
Attencion, si vous plais: er, my Francais is a petite bit rusty, but the very last page makes mention of "instabilite croissant"...

I do believe that this translates to the foundation of a New World Order being "unstable buttery, flaky pastry."

Not very funny, I know...I'm trying, people. Gotta find something to laugh about. Bon soir

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by ezziboo

Well, the NWO, we are talking about 12 bloodlines versus the entire world. So yes it is very unstable, that is why they have had to be very scientific in there efforts to create it.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 01:09 PM
So if the statement above is true, what does that make Julius Caesars 2000 year plan/outline to create a NWO? A rough draft of the Bible perhaps?

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 01:35 PM
I don't read French nor do I want to but I find it interesting that so few know so little about Rome, Vatican, Pope and Catholicism. There will be 3 parts to the final Beast and one of them is the One World Religion. There is much information out there on the Pope, history of the Pope, Jesuits, Catholic Religion, Islam and much more.

For instance the Pope claims that the last emperor left them in power of Rome and they used a known forged document to try to prove this point. Pontificus Maximus who claims sit on the Throne of GOD, who claims to change the Times Changed the Sabbath Who claims the Right to change GOD's Word etc etc.

In short the NWO seeks a Political, Economic, and Religious arm, that the Vatican would be the religious arm was foretold by Daniel.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 01:40 PM
It is said, that in the times just prior to the NWO coming into power, there will be a significant religious discovery.

Perhaps this then?

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by theindependentjournal

Greetings neighbor, that is all the more reason why you should pay close attention to this thread. What the OP pointed out is that long ago Julius Caesar has outlined a plan for a NWO order that would span over a period of 2000 years.

What we are starting to figure out is that not only is this true, but we are starting to see how this plan was implemented into the rise of "The Holy Roman Empire" If you haven't taken a look at the documentary I posted earlier called "Ring of Power" you might want to check it out.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 10:13 PM
Hi every one,

The French Document says...

that Roman Empire '' secret society '', hidden, the New World Order
secret agenda, behind a front mask call...,'' Globalization Process ''
to control negative reactions and rebellions against the endoctrination of
the world population, to a One World Roman Empire.

Publicly, Calling it '' Globalization '' is to implant the process into
all countries population's mind and economic structures.

That way ,it is possible to manipulate with the corrupted powerful kingdoms
(USA,Canada, Britain, Germany, Isreal Etc. ) the secret organisations and
corrupted, world powerful Elites the economical and Political employees
without then having knowledge of the real agenda of their participation in
the hidden agenda of the Globalization process and all... the horrible sacrifices,
humanity will have to do for the...Roman, New World Order ** Blueprint **.

Unfortunately this New World Order will be establish, like the
Old World Order...that mean with all kind of scare tactics and disasters...

( Terrorism, Global warming, wars, '' man made '' natural desaster, a global
economic CRASH, H5N1 epidemic, a World War 3, fear of a Extra-Terrestrial
threat, even a '' End of The World '' propaganda... )

ALL to terrorized and exhausted world population, creating chaos, so we
will all transfer our liberty into the hand of the Roman Empire's United Nation
and then '' Order Into Chaos..! '' will creat a One World Government....

*** a One World Roman Empire..! ***

The Roman Empire, realised in the 19th century that The Old World Order
will not be able to control all civilisations of the Empire due to populations
getting educated and getting more intellectual and philosophical, so more
rebel against the religion and less sheeple, to the Roman Catholic church.

Since the Roman Emperor Constantine realised that, Religion is the
cement to control and manipulate populations of the Empire, the Roman Empire
Knew that, without the brainwash of religion, mind control over civilisation
of the Empire will not be possible anymore. so the Empire would be in danger...

So The Roman Empire ** Blueprinted ** a New World Order agenda
that start on the 20th century base on '' 3 World Wars '' to create
all political, economical and social structures, for the New World Order
deadline......, 2033..!

This is only a partial translation of the French Document but i hope it helped...

'' I think the French Document conspiracy theory is very interesting..! ''

*** Deny Ignorance..! ***

- Achilles 13 -

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 10:13 PM

Since Julius Caesar,

Rome's ambition, always been to expend
the Roman Empire to a One World Empire.

The first New World Order Julius Caesar to 313 A.D.
was Strategic military Brutal force, without Pity.

The Second New World Order 313 A.D. to 2033 A.D.
was Strategic military Brutal force, without Pity and mind control,
using the Christian religion, mading it the Catholic roman church
religion to manipulate populations.

The third and last New World order 2033 to Forever...,
is Strategic military Brutal force, without Pity, but mind control
will be using with psychological advance techniques replacing religion
by a brainwash philosophical ''cult like'' mind control strategy.


in the second New World Order, the Roman Empire strategically
became more and more hidden to avoid rebellions against the empire.

Underground, the machivilian Roman empire, manipulated, corrupted
Conquered Country with corrupted politicians and business men.

And The Roman Empire became 100 % hidden, to become
the most powerful Secret Society of the World..!


When the Last New World Order will be done, and the Roman
One world Empire, balanced and stable, will the world be Better..?
and would the New World Order's sacrifices would had been worthy.

it depend..., knowledge relativity and points of view.....

On the first New World Order if you could ask,
persecuted, populations who had been attacked and
conquered or one of the Christians who had been thrown
to the lions in the Roman's Arena, they would probably say NO...

On the second New World Order if you could ask,
Victims of the Knights Templar's crusades and all
human been who had been tortured by the Roman
Catholic inquisition, they would probably say NO...

On the third New World Order, if could ask
all human been who had and will be horribly sacrificed
in the Chaos years ( 2000-2013), they would probably... say NO...

2000 - 2013 are the years of chaos, Corrupted countries
and powerful elites in charge of corrupted organisation
( Bilderberg CFR, Bohemian Grove etc ) International Bankers
and with the complicity of Rome's secret societies Brainwashed
'' Cult '' Followers, Monks and Knights, are all, making us living
more and more every day into a chaos world...
the worse will be at the end of 2012,

After, ''Order into chaos '' will gradually install the
the world into a Prison planet, a Brave New World, to create
a One World Empire in 2033

Since his creation, Man always wanted to dominate and
control the world, will there be human beens, who will
find happiness, into the New One World Empire..?

Yes BUT survivors, who will live in a prison planet
will ALL, have to sacrifice their FREEDOM..!

- Achilles 13 -

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 01:20 AM
London Olympics 2012.....ZION!

It is of no coincidence that the Queen Elizabeth will be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee on December 21, 2012. So who will be next to obtain the Crown? What really did happen to Princess Diana and why exactly? Could it be that the prophecy described a King who would rule with a rod of Iron?

Why is it that the Queen of England is buying up land in Colorado, near an airport named Denver International Airport, where there was a masonic capstone containing a time capsule coded in braille left for the people 100 years from now (1994)? Left by "The New World Airport Commission" an organization that does not even legally exist.

And why is it that when Steve Snyder said this when asked about the meaning of DZIT DIT GAII

Forgive me for assuming you grasped the obvious. The Free Mason symbol is on the capstone because they constructed the capstone. And interestingly enough "DZIT DIT GAII" translated means: "Free Press International-bringing you the real world news." Who knew!

Steve Snyder
Public Affairs Office
Denver International Airport

When we already know that DZIT DIT GAII means "MT. BLANCA" in Anasazi.

Near DIA where rumors of an underground city and Alien bases and documented evidence of what appears to be a gas chamber and a holding facility within the underground confines.

Although I have to say, the Goal of the Roman Empire has always been the same and they have succeeded not yet, nor will they ever.

Remember the Tower of Babel?

Larry Silverstein stated "By 2012 we should have a completely rebuilt World Trade Center more magnificent, more spectacular than it ever was."

Hence the 2012 completion date, it will be destroyed as the Tower of Babel was.

They will not succeed and they never will.

But according to the book of Revelations, this is the man they have set up for the New Kingdom.
Behold A Pale Horse...and his mark...The mark of the Beast!

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