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New World Order ** Blueprint **

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posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 11:55 PM
Wow, what a load of poppyco*ck.

How gullible people are.

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 11:55 AM
The '' BIG LIE '' is a propagada technique

It was defined by Adolf Hitler in his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf as a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously".

Another famous use of the "Big Lie" occurs in Plato's The Republic (Plato) when Socrates, speaking through Plato, formalizes the "Myth of the Metals" which essentially states that in an idealized republic, the people are made to believe that they are infused with a particular type of metal, either gold, silver, or bronze, thereby relegating that person to their respective hierarchical societal roles.

THE QUESTION IS.........: Is the New World Order agenda can be hidden in the Globalisation process.......... Elites are selling to every civilisation of the world the idea on TV, Newspaper, book etc.

Globalization can be described as a process by which the people of world are unified into a single society. This process is a combination of economic, technological, sociocultural and political forces.....!

Some could be so afraid and insecure... that they could have a agrasive and closemind emotional reactions.

But could it really.... be so unbeliveble that many many people in positions of authority could get involve in a New World Order Agenda by being told that it is a Globalisation agenda for all civilisation benifit.

But could it be possible that only positive part of the Plan are told to some powerful person to use them, knowing that the never would thing that there is a hidden agenda behind what they already know, even if they know a little more then regular people........!

A NEW WORLD ORDER agenda control by the Elites, to creat a '' empire '' for Elites to have all capitalist powers.....when Elites have power instead of the system.......dthat is not is tyranny..........!

BUT..... it is so unbeliveble that few..... may believe it is possible...........!

We are here in a conspiracy Forum......! so we are here to discuss and analyse all possibilitys.......and conspiracy theorys...!

so........have a constructive, possitive..... BUT critical mind, Critical thinking consists of mental processes of discernment, analysis and evaluation. It includes possible processes of reflecting upon a tangible or intangible item in order to form a solid judgment that reconciles scientific evidence with common sense.

I am not......! affirming that the NWO theory is a reality..... i am only proposing to evaluat the possibility.......! so don't be to emotional or paraoid...... it is after all only a conspiracy Theory..........!

what do YOU..... thing about it.......................!

posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 10:34 AM
When i uploaded the french document, i didn't upload page number mistake.

i tried to figured out a way to upload it in between page number 5 and 7 on the ATS pages but ididn't modify my page on ATS website.

So there it fit....... right after, the page of Albert Pike........!

and remember.......... !

*** Only the one's who know's the past......... will be free in the future.....! ***

posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 02:33 PM
Hummm..... I’ve just read the French Document,

I was very surprise, because it describe the NWO agenda
With a lot of detail's explanations and Incontrovertible historical evidences.

It surprise me, because it was the first time, since i start
being interested in conspiracy theories, that i heard of the
Vatican being responsible for the NWO agenda.

But ‘s making a lot of sense.....if i think of the power that
Rome ( The Vatican ) have and always had since a long time.

They were involve in practically all world’s conflicts, if i look back
at history, I mean before the 20 th centuries, there is a lot of historical
documented available on this.

Rome’s power over the world were always associated with powerful kingdoms
Like England, France, Spain, America etc.

so there goals always seems to be conquer and control.

( ‘’ I remember my father telling me that the authority figure
in villages were the priests and cardinals were respected like Kings ‘’ )

Jesuit and church’s priest always went all around the world
to colonise civilisation with Christian values and so, some time...
with radical and brutal force....! like ‘’ the inquisition ‘’

a lot of conspiracies theories are good fiction only, But.... seriously..!,
i find this one very plausible and very interesting..........!

Do you know who.... wrote it.....! or where it’s from...!

Great find.........! J. Caesar

** Achilles13 **

posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 05:08 PM
reply to post by Julius Ceasar

You make some very good points, IMO. I think folks are getting derailed by the JC reference here. The point is not Julius but the Roman Church and it's place in history, correct me if I am wrong. The odd and pertinent thing about this document is the way it dovetails with many of the prophetical writings of the Bible. For example, the book of Revelation indicates that there will be a final world government of man under one man's rule, what many refer to as the "Beast" or "Anti-Christ". Of course many of these things are subject to the readers interpretation and viewpoint, but it is accepted by almost all biblical scholars that there will be a "One world Government" with three legs of power: Political, Economic and Religious. With the current state of the world, no matter how it came to be this way, the world will soon be ready for a leader that can unify the masses and end the turmoil. This is not a conspiracy, IMO, but inevitable.

posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 11:11 PM
you have a very good overview critic of the comprehention on the document.
The fact that it is writen in french doesn't look like a problem for you, i assume that you know
French as well as English. And for '' who write it '' i will ask my friend and ask him if he want to
join us here in the ATS forum, the problem is he don't speak (and write ) english very good but
i'll ask him anyway.

I understant, that it is not easy to figure it out for people who don't speak french at all. I read and speak
french but i would .have to translate and type 7 pages and i dont really feel like it.

But just to have a better understanding i will try to describe some misunderstanted
ideas, to complet..... all the explanation that i already wrote. I asked my friend
to explain it to me, since i started this threat, so i have a even better comprehention
of it now....

like you said, it is all........ and only...... about the Roman Church, the Julius Ceasar
title is only to specify a important change in the roman empire history.

The document say that all prophetical writings of the Bible are propaganda only, those who
wrote it knew how to use psychological technic to manipulate civilisations and
the book of Revelation is only to scare and program people to accept global autority power over civilisation.
Malachy Profecy, Fatima revalation, the book of revalations etc. are scare tactic only.........!

Rome ( the Empire ) was the biggest empire and the most advance in psychology and philosophy, in 313 a.d.
Rome realise that the chrystian religions was a very powerfull they stole it, so it
become the CATHOLIC chrystian religion. Roman ( the emperor Contantin ) only did it
to increase the roman power with a new tool of manipulation.

Rome to keep there control of the world, transfer a lot of power to the Vatican
to hypocritly become hidden more more and to hide there goal that always were conquer
and control . The Roman Empire found a way to adaped there power, to evoluate to be
#1 power of the world. by corrupting and manipuling....The Vatican is a real Empire.......
the Roman monarchy became a secret society, the hide in the dark the easily control the Empire..........!

To understant...imagine them like they were a capitalist compagnie, Microsoftt want
to be the most powerful international commercial compagnie and control the
Computer Market and they did.... become #1 because they find a way to change and
develop and adapt and STAY powerfull in the market...........since his beginning....!

in those time..... POWER was more about wars and conquer territorys but also about
population manipulation and corrupt foreight gouvernements otherwise they would not been able
to keep there power since 2000 years

The Catholic Church have very good values and essential philosophic tools for civilisation and
personal development BUT they sell what they know is filling needs just like any sect that want
to control and gain power over people. Religion is the ciment of the fondation of the Roman Empire

YES....... Rome always wanted to be the biggest Empire.....and with the Roman Catholic's Church
help, they fought for the last 2000 years to one day be the biggest Empire of the world and so....
under a world Gouvernemt....a big global Empire.......and the last stage of the New World Order
agenda for global power is on since the false flage operation of september 11 2001..

I hope it help, BUT THERE ARE A LOT MORE...........IN THE DOCUMENT
! to have a very good understanding of the document you have...... to read it all...

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 04:33 PM
Hail.....Julius Cesar......!

Your description of the New World Order conspiracy and your French
Document that you posted here, is in my opinion VERY... INTERESTING...!
it is similar to what i've been thinking since a long time...!

I already post that photo on another post but i want your opinion on it

The Vatican and the Roman empire are the Illuminati....!

The real power in control of the world and so since 2000 years....!
and they want a One World Gouvernemt under there power....!
The New World Order agenda is a strategy to succeed it....!
They corrupted and conquered all the big kingdoms of the world now.....!

With the help of powerful Capitalist Elites and also, in secret......, the help of
members of fraternitys without the majority of members having the
knowlege of there affiliation with the Vatican, being the successor of the
Templars.., but this time, in a secret affiliation.., to avoid, like the
Templars....., harming the image of.... the Roman Catholic Church
, the Vatican, THE ROMAN EMPIRE..............!

they are ready for the final stage...! to control all civilisation and reign on
the entire worlld and so.......... FOREVER.............!

Please JC, tell me what you thing about it......!

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 07:56 PM

When i made the picture with photoshop i invert sides for OWO and NWO
look better that way.........!

Don't forget JC to tell me what you think about it....

Achilles 13

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 09:57 AM
reply to post by Julius Ceasar

Thanks for sharing this french document with us. I find it very interesting.

The inconsistancies and minor errors with their plans and religions have
made many people become more aware of their wicked plans.

I am glad people all over the world are taking notice.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by LightinDarkness

Are you really this simple?
At first I would mention that this point you made about "facts" means nothing to the quoted argument when you think about it. If anything, it would make sense when you step outside the obvious, simple and primitive speculation that can sadly be generated.

Then I would bring up how obviously this connection would be masked to the greatest lengths and you bringing up the official word as a 'fact' that they are not connected is hilarious.

No need to go further..or get into a 'factual' argument. Logic was all that's needed.

The Vatican plays a big part in all of this of course. You only need to go as far as WW2 to see this.
Vatican is the highest form of Spiritual power. Whether you believe in some form of spiritualit or not, this is true. It's what I call the inverse infliction; it's spiritual theft really.

Freemasonry is the shadow heirarchy of worldwide political power. It's pretty much the one-world government in the waiting.
People think the UN is this, and they are somewhat right, but the UN is more a imaged tool. Do you really think they would leave the UN as is, with those same authorities, once they've obtained a one-world government?? Of course not. The UN is there until it's goal is achieved, thats all..

[edit on 4-2-2008 by 1nelove]

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 11:13 PM
I’m sorry for the delay, I was very busy here,...

You made a very good point the U.N. are a front picture to avoid
rebellions again the globalisation Process that is in reality a
One World Government agenda. ....nice post....!

You were perfectly right, they want to make the most perfect blueprint
agenda But they always make errors......, maybe they will be hard to find
sometimes but There will always make mistakes AND that’s why we have
to be informed. Educated, And organised.

History is the biggest and the best reference for truth and justice
and Knowledge is our best weapon....

your text and the Photoshop picture is really a very good representation of
the French document....! The problem, in reality, is...... who and under
which system, the one world government would be built. The democracy
system is definitely, a paradise for corruption and Crooked capitalist Elites.

When i posted the French document i knew that it will be hard to explain it.
First off all because it is all in French and also because it would destabilise
a lot of person i knew, some would have a denying attitude and even...,’’
because it would threat some....’’ a Rebelled attitude to discredit it,
because there are afraid of the light it would put over their heads, but...
i felt it was the best thing to do... and it is positive to see as many person
Seeing the conspiracy of NWO after all.....!

Since hundreds of years, Kingdoms, control and manipulate civilisations
because There were easy to manipulate so they use legend and myths
to scare population and Control them.

Unfortunately..... Even today, a lot of people find amusing or even worse,
still believe, in legends and myths like...the reptilian theories.... or the
myths of alien......and bible or oracle prophecies. the logical way of analyst a conspiracy.

What is the probability Of:
a reptilian society possibility vs a secret society , a old Cult, possibility

What is the probability of
of a prophecy vs planed propaganda agenda.....

What is the probability of:
of a Alien threat to humanity vs another propaganda scare tactic

What is the probability of
a global economic crash vs a planed economical strategic, agenda...

What is the probability of
A mistake leading to ww3 vs a well and long time planed military strategy to start ww3

it is important to know who are behind the curtain of all powerful
organisation and in The catholic church organisation, it is......a secret
society...the Illuminati.....with their affiliate organisation , without, some
time The majority of the member being aware of it ( freemason, skull and
bones, bohemian grove club, Bilderberg club, Jesuit, etc ) the power
behind the curtain...... is the Roman empire....!

For the last 2000 years they make wars, they conquered all powerful
kingdoms, used the Religion to control populations with manipulating
techniques or by force ( the inquisition )

To keep their control on civilisations and on their Empire they had to
strategically Change the world and make a new world order under a one
world government

After a African Union.....A European Unions.....a American Unions.....a
Middle East unions...A Asian union......on the last stage, there will be a
One World Unions.... a one world Government.... a New world order... A
World Empire....! and so before 2033

Our weapon is public awareness of all this conspiracy,
civilisations always fought for freedom.....!

so get involved..... Surf around the internet, there is a lot of good
websites ( like... ATS of course...! , Alex Jones Sites, etc ) and video files
and documents to view and most important share....!

*** Only those who knew the past will be free in the future....! ***

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 09:00 AM
The 3 steps to get to thr NEW WORLD ORDER....!

2001 to 2033 Prediction
as easy as 1.....2.....3......!

** First **

911 and wars on Middle East to destabilise the region, divide and insecure
the world and to destroy, world peace....!

** Second **

*,* false flag terrorist attack *,* global economic crash *,* ww3 *,* H5N1 epidemics *,*
*,* manmade natural disaster *,* alien threat propaganda *,* Bible, Oracle and
Prophet's end of the world propaganda scare tactic........*!*

the worse will be at the End of 2012 for the beginning of 2013.

** Third **

‘’ Ordo ab chao ‘’...Order into Chaos......! Martial law, end of
freedoms, full control of all civilisation of the world. Unification of all of the
International Unions..., and finally in 2033 the creation of the ONE WORLD EMPIRE......!

Achilles 13

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 02:26 PM

Your cartoon picture of the Roman Illuminati Master
On the chair is great...! but, i thought it was missing a
Liiiiiittle something.........!

Achilles 13

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 11:13 PM

Achilles....... you are a very smart guy.....!

now is all well explained....clear like water........!

Now.... We have to get involved....!

it will....... happen if we don't do anything.....!
we have to fight for freedom.......! and share it all ....!

and remember.....!

*** Only those who knew the past will be free in the future....! ***

Julius Ceasar

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by Julius Ceasar

I hardly think that the biblical prophecies are "propaganda" or "scare tactics". Scripture serves 3 purposes I think:

1) The historical context, as an account of the escapades of a young Hebrew nation struggling for existence.

2) A moral guide both in how to live and how not to.

3) Information about events that have not occurred yet.

Concerning point 3: most prophecies in the Bible concerning the "End Of Days" have had little or no context until the present day. Case in point: At no time in history has the technology been present to govern and control the entire population of THE WORLD until now. The logistical task is simply too huge without computers. Without a doubt, the Roman church will play a key role in the end game. The last church of this age is described in Rev. 17.4-9 as the one that sits on 7 hills and lest any become confused or doubtful as to the identity of this final global church, the "woman" (bible code in this scripture for "church") is described as being arrayed in purple and scarlet. It is unquestionably referring to the Bishops (who wear purple) that control the regional churhes and the Cardinals (who wear the red) that control the Bishops and the Pope. And just so we are clear on this point: the scriptures do not paint the Roman church in any favorable light. I am not against the catholic people, but I do have a large problem with their leadership.

Any Johnny come lately documents are merely echoing what has been prophesied 2000 years ago. But don't misunderstand me; I agree with you in principle, just not in every detail.

posted on Feb, 15 2008 @ 05:09 PM

Originally posted by GUICE2
reply to post by Julius Ceasar

Whats the point of all this? Why start a new world order? It cant just be financial...they already have all of the money in the world. It cant be power because the people involved already have lots of power or else they wouldnt be able to do the things that they do. So then....what could the actual stimulus for all of this be? Why trick the entire world that the end is near just to control them? That makes no much power do you really need? In a world full of beauracratic red tape, people like this can get away with anything thy want and they already do!!!

Because the fools are being manipulated themselves. they believe they will be in control when all of this is done but in reality they will be betrayed and enslaved too. the deception goes higher than most of you can even imagine

posted on Feb, 15 2008 @ 05:59 PM
Is there any way you can paste the original text? Thanks.

posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 11:13 PM
Hi, i'm still very busy here, business is still very good but i hope
we will not go into a recession to soon.!

l am taking a moment to, for the last time, reply to you all


I really and sincerely, respect your spiritual believes, we are all different
and free to take the roads we want and there are a lot of GOOD ROADS..!

Me.., what i think is, it is all, like, any Cult.., who can use any world events
to associate their prophecies and beliefs. the Roman catholic
church are doing the same with the bible, just like Nostradamus,
a lot of his prophecies could be decode like being representative of
a lot of event and periods since its been wrote and using it, could be very
powerful to scare and manipulate the population of the empire..!

So that is why, i think, even if it is a great spiritual and social guide
for all human been It is also....! a GREAT PROPAGANDA TOOL...
to manipulate civilisation and population of the world like a shepherd
manual and it give a lot of power to the Roman Catholic Empire..!

To keep a empire, just like any powerful international organisations
like Walmartt or mcdonaldd or microsoftt, the empires need to have the
control over their employees, '' or population..! ''

in all capitalist organisation. or Empire, '' Profits and power '' is
always rules #1, and not human been, spiritual and self development
and most importantly...Freedom..!



Xxxxxxacly, people are to much concentrated on their personal ego
they think that '' they '' are the best, '' they '' are invulnerable, because they have
a little more power than regular people BUT they forget that the the biggest
always eat the smallest, in the food chain...! so their turn will come..!


I told my friend, that i talked, about is document, in a conspiracy forum and
we went into a very big argument, he was furious about me. I didn't and couldn't
told him, that i posted a jpeg of is document, i sincerely... HOPE..!
that he will forgive me..., if he ever find out...If he would had told
me before i posted it in here, i wouldn’t never had posted it.... BUT i am
sorry, i did it....that's it and that's all so for respect to my
friend...., i don't want, to put more oil, into the fire.....!


You always surprising me, this time your Photoshop design is a very
good picture of the French Document....!

Yes......the Roman Empire, SECRETLY, control a lot of organisation, like also the
economic forum, the Blderberg and Bohemian grove Club, many Secret
societies, all powerful kingdoms hidden behind the corrupted, democratic
world system, , the World Bank and the United Nations..! your are smart..
but also very good with designing what you are understanding.

Like it is told in the French Document, since the emperor Constantine
split the empire in two, to easily control the civilisations in 313 A.D. by
creating a '' stick and carrot strategy '' Rome was the '' carrot capitol '',
to manipulate populations and Constantinople was the'' stick capitol ''
the military branch of the empire to control populations..! now....
the United State of America is the new capitol of the Roman, military empire.

Your graphic will probable help a lot of person the understand more, the
French Document, and help avoid the Unification of ( soon..! )
all the International Unions..., after a lot of manmade disaster, tragedy and
genocide..! to finally in 2033, create a prison planet...a ONE WORLD EMPIRE..!

If we all get involved, it is all, the little things, that we will, all do, that will...
put light over this conspiracy...!

** Only those who knew the past, will be free in the futur..! **

Julius Ceasar

posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 04:52 PM

Originally posted by Julius Ceasar

I really and sincerely, respect your spiritual believes, we are all different
and free to take the roads we want and there are a lot of GOOD ROADS..!

Me.., what i think is, it is all, like, any Cult.., who can use any world events
to associate their prophecies and beliefs. the Roman catholic
church are doing the same with the bible, just like Nostradamus,
a lot of his prophecies could be decode like being representative of
a lot of event and periods since its been wrote and using it, could be very
powerful to scare and manipulate the population of the empire..!

So that is why, i think, even if it is a great spiritual and social guide
for all human been It is also....! a GREAT PROPAGANDA TOOL...
to manipulate civilisation and population of the world like a shepherd
manual and it give a lot of power to the Roman Catholic Empire..!

To keep a empire, just like any powerful international organisations
like Walmartt or mcdonaldd or microsoftt, the empires need to have the
control over their employees, '' or population..! ''

in all capitalist organisation. or Empire, '' Profits and power '' is
always rules #1, and not human been, spiritual and self development
and most importantly...Freedom..!

I appreciate your respect Sir, and I have greatly enjoyed the discussion. I also respect the time constraints you have pointed out, but I find it disheartening that you are so quickly abandoning YOUR thread. It's kind of like the eagle dropping a little crap and flying off. My problem is this - you have basically declared the Bible as an inferior document while claiming yours to be above reproach. I find that rather narrow minded of you, especially in light of the fact that the scriptures predate your documents and the Roman church by quite a bit. I am not discounting the documents you present, I merely state that those documents echo what is already before us in much older documents.

Well, as you have said, you have posted you last post on the subject and you may never see this, but others here may be interested in continuing the discussion. I am up for that and look forward to it.

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