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Star map

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posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 08:20 AM
Here's a little something for you budding UFO hunters.

Wether you're experienced or just starting out, you might find these few links helpful.

Or you can just have fun with them.
Either way, you'll start to look at the night sky in a new light. I sometimes have the ISS tracking on another browser window, just to see where it is at any given time. and I try to look for it if it passes my way at all.

all good stuff. This site is ok and a reasonable quick reference if you're a bit more experienced with the stars.

This one is a bit simpler to use but with a lot more options for the expert too.
At the time I posted this, the ISS was just passing the North West tip of China.

Enjoy and keep your eyes on the skies

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