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UFO's and time travel

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posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 04:55 AM
in the 50's UFO's were seen over mount hood oregon , about the same time boeing was doing work on the 747... after the ufo's , very good air craft designs came out of boeing .
I submitt that technology came from the future and compressed the event horizon , pulling temporal markers to a "vortex location"
seen on forest service fire tower photographs . pheonix , and mexicocity had similur event compressions, with "vortex locations"
I sumitt that UFO's are from other times , and not other places .
I suggest that space is a very big place , travel is very expensive, and we are remarkable only in how unremarkable we are .
that said : we are being visited by uof's , and they seem very good at going undetected .
the men in black are very likly aiding in the secracy , but there is good reason to beleive they are not govermental .
there is good reason to beleive that the time travelers who are changing this time are not all working togather , nor are they all from a common time or with a common goal ... but what is clear , ppl of this time are being sheilded from their activitys .
ghost , and other paranormal observations can be seen are the resoltion of temporal paradox .... ppl in this time who have been caught in the change in time/ event horizon changes made by agents of a future time.
there is good reason to beleive that time travel is posible , changing directions in time twice is not so clear . every day I travel in time , but changing directions ( even once) is not that easy .
to be in this time , from a future that is not now ... would require two directional changes... remote veiwing of the past is easy , effecting the past is hard . seeing the future or the past is not hard ... effecting either is hard...

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