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Up on the hill

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posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 08:21 PM
You climbed up on the hill, to see what is other side of the hill. Climbing, climbing, climbing...At last, you were up on the hill to see. You first looked down there, it was very high hill and everything looked so small, you looked closer down there and you see big and long forest there. Next you notice at something is different here, why i feel like i am flying. Too up on the hill you said to yourself. You keep looking down but ground going more far from you. You close your eyes and open again, nothing happened. But soon you will see something at the sky, you see something flying there. You close your eyes and open soon them. Its not away you say. You do same thing again, but again, its not away, its still there. You look closer what is it, you don't understand it and you fear it, because you are alone on the hill away from everyone, alone with that thing. You don't want run away, you just want look it. You look and look it, thinking what kind flying thing it could be. Soon you see other one, but its not moving, it just stay there and look. You look it too, you both look each other, you get curious and you want find out who is there. Knock knock, who is there you say in your head.

No ansrew for your question. Knock knock...Soon there up the sky is three flying object. You keep saying, knock knock and one or two word more, show up, show up to me. You feel yourself happy. You are so happy from looking those things at you will smile more and more. You feel peacefull feeling, no fear anymore, you feel like you are flying, but you still are up on the hill. After some hours, darkness come's, sun goes to other side of planet earth. You start little fear but you still want look up there and try communicate with those who ever flying up there and came to see who talking. You want get physical contact too with them even if you fear. You don't care, you want just get that physical contact, take any risks what came forward to you with this contact. You start speak with your mouth, show up, come and teleport me to your spaceship. You started telling from yourself too, you started telling those things too where earth could be helped, how to cure earth, how to get earth better place. You have talked now from many things and your last words are "Be friend to me, because i feel like im alone here on the earth, everyone want be same here, i want be my ownself, but they don't accept that different, because they think im not same worthy, they want me be with same things, never get friendship your kind races, they want me hate you, they even want get me understand your kind life, they just want shoot fears from yourselves, they just see evil everywhere, and that's why i want help with you these homo sapiens of earth, i hate our earth, but i don't want see more suffer with my kind, so i want help people to change, let me cooperate with you saving earth who you ever are up there.

This story was based to climbing up on the hill. Why climb up there to see. You see from up on the hill things at different kind, so small. But after you are over everything, you will see what is down there. Up on the hill is other words "see what is down there". Why we need to see what is down there? We need to see down there because if we just stay down there, we never get find out what is up there. Like how things really going and what was lie or did you skip truth just. We no need to anymore stay down there, we need to wake up and fly up there if we can't climb up there. Flying up there, meaning at you will leave your today life behind and you step to new stage in your life tomorrow. New stage, new information and things. We can't stay and wait, we need now step new stage in our life if you haven't yet step to new stage. You no need anymore to eat lies or see sufferings, we can create better than this but only with cooperating with this thing.

Save the people, save the earth!
Truth will spread like an virus!
You can't hide or dig from it!
You must face it!

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