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Watchers in the Clouds

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posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 01:26 AM


I do a lot of cloud photography, amongst other kinds of imagery, and this past summer I observed some very odd formations in the clouds, almost daily. Lots of chemtrail activity bothered me during this period, as sinus hell prevailed all season long (and I don't have a sinus-problem history), so I was always ticked and recording the sky, as if something could actually be done. Yes, I really would rather be riding a horse beneath white fluffy clouds

Anyway, one of the images I snapped outside my studio was this one, which admittedly was somewhat unnerving to me standing beneath observing it. This is the original shot, only color-corrected which adds drama, no Photoshop work at all . . . the original file is the same image, only without the dramatic warm orange/yellow hues, basically a typical evening sky with trees below. Actually, I almost missed the faces as the sky just appeared as a normal sunset evening, but once I observed them, they were quite obvious (to me). The spot (left) is an airplane which decided to ruin the purity of my photo-op (not a foofighter!). Oddly, it seemed, the faces remained intact several minutes after this shot . . I'm used to clouds dissipating more quickly than these did.

I wanted to share this with ATS to see if anyone else but me thought this was bizarre, or have seen similar haunts

And before the torches are lit, let me say that I'm not promoting spirits in the sky; however, this does appear to me to be faces in the sky.

Prosperity & Peace.

posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 10:59 AM
Whatever it is its a cool picture. OptionToChoose knows I don't really believe in faces in stuff anyways
But I applaud the picture. I hope someone can prove this for you my good man.

posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 11:06 AM
don't know about watchers in the clouds, or even those "slyphs" people talk about in the clouds are real or just what mind sees, but I can definitely see the faces there.

The nose, mouth and chin are very prominent and it does look like a wise old person looking down. The column to the left looks like person (Indian) standing with arms crossed to me.

Very cool pic.

posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 12:47 PM
A long, long time ago... at the dawn of civilization, someone else
was looking up at a similar phenomenom in the sky
and the stimulated/awed 'god part of the brain' kicked in,
and thus was the beginnings of the spirit world and future Religion(s)

in a macro view: a glimpse of the Noo-Sphere ?
in a micro view: an insight into a human's Psyche

posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 03:13 PM
I don't even think my buddy mike_b sees a face when he looks in the mirror!
C'mon, man, even Richard Hoagland could see these faces

But if it's any help, people in my world believe I'm about to take the other step off the plank any minute, now, anyway, but where would we be now if no one ever stopped and took notice of high-strangeness?

I'm deeply partial to the Christ. I don't go to church, so I'm not that kind of believer, and I love people who do go to church/synagogue/mosque/etc, I'm not making a statement, it's just that religion is not my bag. In my rational mind, tho, I see the Universe as a Matrix-like construct (if we consider the beginning of Genesis for a moment where God "created" the heavens and the earth, then it really would be a matrix construct of some kind, wouldn't it? it's a creation), and I liken it to one of my favorite egames, Mortal Kombat, where there are characters in a digital construct which interact with each other, crash into walls, get hit with 'material' objects, etc.

Using this analogy (and someone else might use another one, not trying to exhaust possibilities with this), if I wanted to interact with the characters onscreen, me talking from my superior position to them (a living human vs. a limited digital creation), it seems to me that I would have to make a brand new character who appears in their world, and interacts with them based on the existing rules of the game. This is how I see the Christ. It ("it" referencing the position, not the person) is a 'character', if you will, who has entered 'the game' from higher dimension, having interacted with the combative characters of the game, only not to fight, but to give healthful guidance (love one another, help one another, that type of thing).

"O, God, not another religious thread!!"
No, it's not. But there are coincidences which I think quantitatively exceed the fair but limited realm of "coincidence" appearing regarding all the "last days" descriptions given in the OT/NT scriptures & the near-endless fuel for today's sites like ATS and others.
Now, I've said all that to say this: what if there really is substance to the bible, and all this out-there, inexplicable stuff we sift through is the stuff it was talking about?

Yes, yes, YES, I know that the historicity of the bible is not sound, I know about Utnapishtim and the Anunaki, and I am strongly intrigued by these and other accounts. Even so, I question within could God have used fiction to some degree to tell our very real future? If not, why not? And please miss me with "that's ridiculous, it's all just religious control" because what the texts said to look for is in our daily headlines. What has me confused as I try (almost desperately) to disqualify the bible as a serious source is the simple diamond-hard fact that it simply won't go away.

Consider: "In the last days" (Matthew 24)
-- there would be famine (always had it, always will, I know)
-- there would be plagues (how's our disease count, today?)
-- there would be earthquakes in odd places (a friend informed me that their driveway
was significantly cracked during a tremor in Amarillo, TX not long ago. Amarillo.
Seismic activity is up in TX (where I live), not a smoking gun, necessarily, but TX
is not an earthquake capitol like those places along the Ring of Fire)
-- there would be nation rising against nation (how about a new war today?)
-- there would be ethnic group rising against ethnic group (rare today, I know)
-- there would be roaring of the waves of the sea enough to cause heart failure
(CAT 6??)
-- terror in the heavens (never been consciously abducted, but greys are pretty
unnerving, I hear)

If there are really spiritual dominions in high places as Paul discussed in Ephesians of the NT, would these forces ever manifest as viewable?

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