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The people

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posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 03:20 PM
I wanted to get this out, it’s a theory of mine and it’s short and simple.
Within 5 years most people will get their news information from sources such as what you are reading now... why is that you ask? Because the masses are slow to respond they are not retarded, and people are sick and tired of being lied to by mainstream media,
You know what I take that back, its not that we are being lied to its just that what they don’t want you to know about they don’t talk about.
The most important factor of a democratic society is a well informed public.

I hear it all the time from the typical blind public “you can’t trust ANYTHING you read on the internet"... Really?
I beg to differ I think I would be a lot more trusting of a strangers story or experiences if they had nothing to gain, as opposed to a singular source of information which has been proven time and time again to have political and economic agendas.

When did we start mistrusting each other so much, wasn’t there a time when a persons testimony could get you the gas chamber?
what happened to the mind of society that thousands of people can witness a ufo and swear bye it then some clown on TV says they don’t know what they seen it was a bunch of flares
Or that Ron Paul doesn’t get mentioned for winning the you tube presidential debate bye a LANDSLIDE!!! Really,

You know what, cnn abc fox and all the other parasites, your greatest crime is your abandonment of the fundamental basis of a true democracy, you are the boy who cried wolf, and just like the boy in the story I hope you meet your end the same way

In short I write this in the hope that you tell people about other sources of news keep talking, tell as many people as you can if you ever want to make a difference this is it, if you want kick those elites right in the nuts here it is, INFORMATION IS POWER that has always been the case and always will be the case, take away their microphone and give it to the people, just forward the link to this website to everyone in your address book…. Could you imagine if only one person you sent this to caught on and they did the same… could you imagine the horror on the faces of those in charge!! When the realize people aren’t buying their bull# anymore.

posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 03:25 PM
I doubt it. Many, many people will still depend on the mainstream media for their news. I don't think that baby boomer and older crowd will turn to the internet. I think that most of them will continue to eat up what is shown to them. They are a very large portion of the population and make up a large chunk of the voting population as well.

I think more people will become disenfranchised with the mainstream media, but I don't think they will loosen their stranglehold on information anytime too soon.

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