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9/11 Commission: No oath Tesitimony from Rice

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posted on Feb, 5 2004 @ 07:37 AM
Bob Kerrey Says 9/11 Group Meets With Condoleezza Rice

National ( In - )Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice has agreed to be interviewed by the bipartisan 9/11 commission on Feb. 7, after weeks of resistance from the White House to the bipartisan panel’s requests, The Observer has learned.

In a Feb. 3 interview the newly minted commission member Bob Kerrey, the former Senator from Nebraska, now the president of the New School University, said that Ms. Rice’s interview will not be held under oath, and the results of the interview are not to be made public.


( domestic terror interdiction was not even on the AG's top 10 when he submitted his first budget)

"One of the presumptions that keeps surfacing is that an attack on our homeland was incredible," Mr. Kerrey said at one point during the hearings. "Yet there was a pattern beginning with the World Trade Center bombing in ’93, followed by a much more sophisticated attack on Americans in our embassies in Africa in August ’98 and the terrorist attack on the Cole in October 2000, which we knew was Al Qaeda. The possibility of a terrorist strike on our soil was obvious. Do they have to send you a memo?! You people ought to be coming to the microphone and saying, ‘We failed miserably, and it cost us like hell.’ What is this: ‘We couldn’t have imagined … ’? These people defeated the Soviets in Afghanistan, for Godsakes!"

The Bush Administration want to have the NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR only testify while NOT under Oath!?!?!

Subpoena's are to be the only tool to get administration officials to the table & talk about accountability!?!?!

If you support this administration, and are parroting that whole hearted CANARD that "there's no other choice" in terms of presidential "leadership" - please explain how you justify all these attempts by the Bush team to obfuscate the truth? IF you can, then answer how four more years of that is going to benefit the nation?
It's already a matter of record that this administration set up the " Office of Special Plans" immediately after 9/11. Rumsfeld and Cheney did not want the truth about a lack of threat provided by the Generals and CIA, so they decided they would gather their own and selectively decide what is "actionable intel".

It's Treason, plain and simple.

[Edited on 5-2-2004 by Bout Time]


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