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Taser Deaths In Canada

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posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 11:12 PM
alright there have been 4 taser deaths in canada SINCE the "don't taser me bro" video

do you guys remember what the student was asking about when they started to arrest him?

he was asking about bush and kerry being in a secret society (skull and bones) because they both went to yale

if the taser deaths happened in america they would be a big deal, us canadians are....well we are known to kinda be nice and let things slide and 4 taser deaths and i mean we are talking about it up here, but it's not being resolved right away

but my question and wonder is this...are the canadian deaths kind of a message being sent to NOT ask about the stuff the student was asking about

not to question the fact that bush and kerry both went to yale and could be in a secret society and that means it never mattered who even won that election

and another thing comes to mind, the first canadian taser death was a fat old man he wasn't mased or anything, just tasered, the 2nd guy was mased and clubbed before the taser

so is the tasering a conspiracy?

i mean he was asking about the skull and bones of yale and got arrested and tasered pretty quickly and now 4 deaths in canada from tasers?

that is the university of florida taser video

canadian taser death in vancouver

that little smart a** in florida SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that he was resisting arrest and the cops don't even tell him he is being arrested at the start, they just tell him to stop, but he says the words arrest and arresting before they tell him anything

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