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How and why could Authoritative agency's avoid questioning

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posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 10:51 PM
If you were trying to manipulate and lie to an unsuspecting public, would you like to develop .....a knee jerk reaction a catchphrase............ which is used like an umbrella that .....discards any questions that fall under suspicions ..... in response to your lies and and in effect minimize any real intelligent questioning of these lies?

would u like to stifle any critical thought and attatch some kind of strong deterrent to joining this movement to keep your lies hidden? would this be of value, would u employ think tanks to accomplish this?

say you could develop an association that would discredit and label anyone who dares link the historical pattern of authority and corruption and manipulation and lies in order to minimize any critical thought? and further label anyone who may dare question your lies as crazy? imagine the possibilities

through tirelessly associating crazyness and loonie'ness in print media w/ a catch phrase ( the word conspiracy) might it benefit a authoritarian agency trying to pull a fast one over the "masses" in order to further promote their power agenda by getting people to feel "scared" and "socially unpopular" to question authoritarian answers by encouraging them (by example!) to associate these unpopular attributes ( i.e crazyness, loonieness) with doing so.

almost seems too far fetched to me that it works, but it does. maybe the human psyche has many inherent strengths and just as well weaknesses?Apparently the latter allows entertainment to overshadow and minimize intrest in "real issues" as long as life is still enjoyable. Which further allows people who have busy lives anyways to be to caught up with themselves to give these questions the time of day, especially when the media is in the hands of a few corporatons, and the elite have a nice tight self perpetuating system where corruption rules the day, indoctrinated people toe the desired line, and many others are too caught up with just finding ways to make ends meet.

I think the mind is similiar to a computer in certain ways, and thru repetition of associating certain words with certain meanings an * emotional imprint* is created/ given to certain words which is triggered when ever these certain words are mentioned. (until you learn) to rewire the system and are *willing* (conceeding life is occasionaly like a giant lesson and anyone at any age is not perfectly intelligent). there are reasons why propoganda is implimented because it works and influences beleifs and attitudes)

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