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M.A.B.U.S.: The Third AntiChrist predicted by Nostradamus is... Hugo Chavez!!!!!

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posted on Mar, 12 2008 @ 11:29 PM

Besides the fact that you think you are talking to so many people that you must address them as "readers"

...The Evil in charge ...operates a bit smoother then you are laying it out..

You think evil cares what the voters say...


Believe what you want.... You have answered zero questions...and have not made any real relevant points...anyway.. I am done talking to you.

posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 11:00 AM
The Peace of God to all the belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

Well it is clear that nothing that I can say is going to change the mind of this person, it doesn matter how convincing could be the proofs that I show.

But of course this could be not a genuine objective reader of my threads, but probably a member of one of the Bolivarian Cells that operate in United States in our days.

It is really hard to say this but even in America Chavez has arranged these type of fifth column of followers and spies that are trying to convince the Public Opinion that he is not the Enemy but the friend of the American People.

Could a trully friend conspire against the budget of the American people by maintaining so high the prizes of Petroleum in the Market?
Could a trully friend declare openly in his last visit to Teheran that he is going, together with Iran, to weak the market economy of all the western democracies?
Could a trully friend be so arrogant to say that is American the one that needs Venezuela but not to the contrary?

How interesting would be if instead to buy those millions of barrels of Petroleum to this declared enemy of the Free world we would do that to countries like Russia, Azerbaidjan or Mexico that by sure will thanks that more than this pedantic shameless and cynical tyrant.

I feel anyway so nice that the replies of this person gave me the opportunity to disclose so important evidences that my readers must know and that undoubtly show the trully face of that Monster of the Rethoric ,Populism and State terrorism that is Hugo Chavez Frias.

All the information that was this week also showed by the Columbian Army is also conclusive to prove that it is true the claim of President Alvaro Uribe that Hugo Chavez is sponsoring terrorist groups in other countries to perform his plans to fire the entire continent with his so corrupt and antidemocratic revolutionary Ideology.

By the way I see that Chavez is going to try again the pass the Constitutional reform that was rejected in the referendum of December and finally a new Popular revelion against his regime is going to exploide, like the one of almost 7 years ago and that he likes to say was a coup de etat, when actually was a democratic revolution against his Dictatorship of the People using their legitimate right to revoke the rule of a bad government.

Your friend,
The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 04:39 PM
post removed because the user has no concept of manners

Click here for more information.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 01:51 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear readers,
Once again this person is trying to insult our intellingence and objectivity showing us more and more of this political propaganda created by the media branch of the Bolshevik Republic of Venezuela.

It is interesting to know that this contradictor that talk in a so passionate way about Chavez is not a person of that region, Never was in that region and never has meet Chavez personally, as he has recognized, so its lack of objectivity is even more grave, since he is trying to defend something that he really don't know, and also attacking people that he never knew.

Even the video showed by my contradictor clearly states in many parts that the movilization of the supposed Coup de Etat against chavez was not the isolated action of few military officers or politicians but the movement of millions of people that were claiming in the streets for the resignation of a Person that didn't accomplished with his compromise to govern his country on Democracy, that is pushing his nation, one of the eldest of Latin America, toward Comunism.

But Ok, lets follow the game of this so stubborn person and let me show what was a real Coup de Etat done in Venezuela against a Constitutional President and by revel and subversive militars:

Rebel militars of the 5th July Movement (first Chavez Political organization) calling in disparate tone the support of the civil
population to the Coup de etat arranged against constitutional President Carlos A. Perez the 4th of February of 1992. Of course that coup
de etat failed in their objectives precisely since,as an isolated subversive action, they couldn't obtain the support requested:

Lt.Col. Hugo Chavez Frias, as the Principal leader of such antidemocratic action is talking to the Media after he was defeated by
the loyal forces and asked to all his collaborators to surrend to avoid more deaths:

It is good that my readers know that this date, the day of the Coup de etat against the Venezuelan Democracy, the first one in more than 30 years of republican statibility in that nation, leadered by Lt. Col. Hugo Chavez Frias was declared by him, laterly when he became President as the day of the Dignity of the Venezuelan People!!! , what a so cynical way to try to legitimate a criminal action.

How different is the contrast with this images that shows clearly the millions of Venezuelan citizens of all the social classes marching against the Communist Regime of Hugo Chavez claiming for justice, claiming to stop the advance of the totalitarian dictatorship in their nation, and all these on the supposed "Coup de Etat against the Tyrane Hugo Chavez".

Also in this selection of compromising photos you can see clearly all the repression mechanims that Chavez has to stop the advance of Democracy against his rule, brutal represion and paramilitar groups killing cowardly civilians:

Talking about liars, let me show to America this so interesting material showing Hugo Chavez in his first campaign to be elected
President saying at that time to deceive the electors that he was not Socialist, that he never will drive his nation toward Socialism!!! :

Now dear readers, let me show you the same Hugo Chavez, as President saying in one of his discourses that Christ was socialist a
and communist!!!!!

Now let me finish saying that although I don't have any relationship with any sector of the Venezuelan people at least I can understand enough spanish to know that Hugo Chavez is a Communist leader that has manipulated ,in a very smart way , the civilians of his country , under false promises of a better Democracy and using the name of Simon Bolivar ,a genuine Champion of Democracy, to the most dangerous Marxist regime that ever exist in this Continent, what a dirty and miserable treasure to the brave Venezuelan People!!

your friend,
The Angel of lightness

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posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 04:15 PM
Dear beloved and thus far invisible readers....

Who has put forth more rational evidence?

Who has actually answered any questions??

Him or I?

I give you critically acclaimed independent documentary evidence that shows you there was a Coup.. there was US military support.. And at the very least .. My evidence has subtitles...

He tells you there was no coup.. and it was a lie told by him... He tells you that I am an PAID agent of Beloved Glorious Leader Peace Be Upon his Holy Heart Hugo Hector Macho Camacho Mountain Dew Chhhaaaaaaaaaaaavvveeeezzz!

He tells you all this nonsense and so forth and then insults your intelligence by making wild assertions and forcing you to learn another language to understand if his claims have any validity...

He tells you the POOR are against Hugo... (which they are not at all.. which is why he keeps winning so many elections.. except this last one) Then he puts up a video showing RICH WOMAN in their protest.. its pathetic..

All I ask is for you to take a look at The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.. and his Elite Run Media Clips from Venezuela.. who make all the SAME EXACT claims This Angel of FILTH does unmolested about Hugo everyday!!!

Its like saying George Bush is a fantastic President and America LOVES him.. Then using Fox News Clips to back it up...

So please... View both of these clips.. and then tell me which one provides you with a better picture of what is going on?

Which one is real..?

My only desire is to see informed discussion.. FAIR outlooks on world events.. and Truth to hold the main stay...

And as the world runs out of OIL.. and as the DRUMBEATS of WAR keep getting louder and louder.. NO MAN can sit back and allow wild claims to even attempt to gain ground in the political landscape we are in...

Oh and Angel of Nonsense.. You still have not answered any of my questions directly..

WTF is wrong with you?... Cant you communicate directly?.. Or do you have to keep performing for an audience of none?

Last time I checked .. You and I were the only ones talking here.. and while there may be the occasional browser.. most I would wager probably think your claims and ramblings are bat#e crazy... or they buy every word..

Anyway.. What does the word CHRIST mean?????????????

Answer that first.. perhaps then we can continue this

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 11:24 PM
The Peace of God to all the belong to the light
Dear readers,

Let me in this opportunity give to all of you, without any exception, my sincerely thanks for the high ranking of readers that my different threads are reached in one year of my participation in the Dreams & Personal Predictions forum.

During this year, and until this moment these are the statistics of people that have entered to the threads just to read them looking for more information obtained through extrasensorial perception:

Near 10340 readers in all the threads !! and only in this specific thread more than 675!!

I believe that my credibility, with proved accomplished predictions, has been determinant to this record. I hope to be able to continue being recipient of your confidence during this new year of activities in Below top secret and in, also I pray to God to continue blessing me with this gift to know the truth, the light of this world, and to know who is really of the light and who is working against it.

for the ones of you that want to verify this information please check them at:

Again I want to thanks to all my readers, the ones that enter and like to read my posts, of course in our so stressed epoch not all the people has time to reply , for the ones that send me messages to my email address or for the ones that even reply to my posts, it doesn't matter if they are agreed or not with my predictions.

To my contraditors I don't have less respect than the one expressed to my friends or any other reader, since anyway with out their opposition, even the most fierce or skeptical, sometimes it would be very difficult to find more topics or questions to respond and that are so important since they enrich the discussion of each theme and contribute a lot to make them more and more interesting.

I am confident that with the favor of God, that is the one that is always behind the inspiration that I receive to decipher the incoming events through his holy spirit, I will continue satisfying your thrist of thruth and knowledge about what can we expect of the future times.

Don't forget please that the principal reason for all this predictions released here is nothing more or less than to prepare the way of Our lord and only trully Messiah ( Christ or the Chosen one or Saviour for the ones of you that don't understand Greek, hebrew or arameic) that is so near to come.

Your friend,
The Angel of lightness

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posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 01:56 PM
Well not that I think you read what I am saying anyway... However as a Teacher I cannot resist.

The word Christ does not mean "Savior" ... It does not mean "Chosen One" at least in the way you are implying.. or at least at the level of understanding you are using it in... It does not mean "Messiah" .. It does not mean any of that...

I am surprised you could not of goggled what this word means.. yet after all so many people who blindly believe such as you would say that Christ means what you said it does.. It does not make you right.. It makes you ALL wrong... very wrong.

The word Christ means "ANOINTED" .. The REAL Jesus for what ever his name was.. one thing it was not was Christ... He only received this name once he was "Anointed" in the Holy Anointing Oil of Kings...

The recipe is clear... It is in the book of Genesis.. as well as other more clear descriptions in the Jewish holy text.. the Torah... It is sacred knowledge. Its use was limited to a very small select class...Essentially it contained a Ream (4ltrs) of Olive Oil.. Frankincense and the typical fragrant spices...and the main ingredient that all real biblical scholars agree was used.. they simply cannot agree with how much was used.. but anywhere between 4lbs to 9lbs of what was translated horribly in the KJV of the bible as "Fragrant Cane Tops"... Which really is... well.. hahahaa we will save that lesson for another day ... student.

When Jesus became the Christ this Oil was poured all over his skin (the largest organ of the human body), the sky opened up, and so forth...The Spirit ... One of the things he did was to use this oil on others... Others that the Majority of the Rabbinical power structure thought did not deserve to receive this blessing. Jesus using this Oil to heal and anoint the masses, sealed his fate on the cross...and burned his legend in the psyche... Yet this crucial detail is and has been largely forgotten by the common Christian...and only a very small select group in the organized church are enlightened to this information...It is no surprise to me that the Pope recently tried to make its use a SIN... Not that what he has to say matters anyway, but he will have that talk with God one day soon anyway...

I find it important to verify someone who claims such reverence to actually back up their faith with knowledge ... as knowledge is the foundation to faith... I mean when someone does not even know the very root of the word they choose to call themselves... Kinda cracks anything they might say about anything else that would require a thorough understanding to be able to see what is coming...


How else may I teach the lessons I was placed on the earth to teach if first I do not show the students their limit of understanding...

Many wonder why the world is the way it is... Many look toward prophecy that is all but gibberish in their attempt to understand reality...

When the answers to these questions ... are all right in front of us.. sometimes hidden in the best place to hide anything.. right under our noses.

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posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 12:41 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear readers,
"Anointed" is a word that alone doesn't mean anything for the people of our epoch, it is clear that I gave my explanation according with the closer meaning of the modern vocabulary that everybody can understand in our time.

Christ is the "annointed" in the same way the his ancestor the prophet and king David was when God chose him to lead Israel, it is a simbol of the divine preference to that person to be his messenger, to be the one that disclose his mysteries, rule under his ordernances and teaching to the humankind.

The oil itself does not mean anything if it is not explained with its so important ritual meaning for the ancient Isreal people, to support such idea is like to say that if we are cooking fried potatoes in our kitchen we indeed are also some type of Christ !!!

To say that there is no connection at all between the terms Messiah and Christ is not only stubborness( probably the principal virtue showed by this reader in all his replies) but biblical ignorance, and in a grave way, since the Bible followed exactly that line of translation from the original oral stories of the first Christians, the apostles, in Arameic, to the first written version of gospels in Greek.

To say that Christ does not mean Messiah is the same to support the thesis that Jesus was only a prophet but not the son of God or the Messiah announced by all the prophets since ancient times, in other words is some kind of Herechy or anathema. Of course from that point to say that Christ was the first Marxist or Stalinist of the History, as Chavez claim, there is only one step.

Probably this reader likes a lot that everybody here thinks that because Hugo chavez is almost all the time eating so greasy caribean food, the one that is more popular in his own ethnicity in Venezuela, he is also the so called Christ.

I am not going to continue this discussion if my contradictor does not have the level to talk in a serious way about these subjects, so for the ones that want to confirm my point of view, I include below a full explanation about the connection of the terms Messiah and Christ given by wikipedia.

thanks for your atention,
Your friend,
The Angel of lightness

The Messiah
Distinct from the Jewish view, Christians believe the "anointed" one referred to in various biblical verses such as Psalm 2:2 and Daniel 9:25-26 is the promised Messiah. According to the Jewish Bible, whenever someone was anointed with the specific holy anointing oil formula and ceremony described in Exodus 30:22-25, the Spirit of God came upon this person, to qualify him or her for a God-given task. Understanding that Jesus was never anointed in this way, Christians take a spiritual reading of anointed, and believe that Jesus was "anointed" with the Holy Spirit directly. According to the New Testament, Jesus of Nazareth is this Anointed One, the Messiah (John 1:41; Acts 9:22; 17:2-3; 18:5, 18:28), and the Gospels state that he was physically "anointed" (although not in the fashion described in Exodus) by an anonymous figure who is interpreted by some as Mary Magdalene. The word Christ which is now used as though it were a surname is actually a title derived from the Greek Christos roughly meaning 'anointed' (creamy or greased would be more cognate as translations).

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posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by The angel of light
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear readers,
"Anointed" is a word that alone doesn't mean anything for the people of our epoch, it is clear that I gave my explanation according with the closer meaning of the modern vocabulary that everybody can understand in our time.

No matter what you are always right... :shk:

lol .. You gave the modern ignorant understanding and nothing you say that follows assists you in shedding that ignorance.

Originally posted by The angel of light
Christ is the "annointed" in the same way the his ancestor the prophet and king David was when God chose him to lead Israel, it is a simbol of the divine preference to that person to be his messenger, to be the one that disclose his mysteries, rule under his ordernances and teaching to the humankind.

The oil itself does not mean anything if it is not explained with its so important ritual meaning for the ancient Isreal people, to support such idea is like to say that if we are cooking fried potatoes in our kitchen we indeed are also some type of Christ !!!

This is the pinnacle of ignorance...

Go read your BIBLE... Take careful look at Exodus 30..

Know that there are many mistranslations from the Aramaic ... and check this via the Torah...

The anointment was done in the psychical with the Holy Anointing Oil of kings.. Of which JESUS (who was the messiah by virtue alone..) became the CHRIST (as he was anointed with the Holy Oil.. see Recipe in Exodus 30~!)..

If Jesus did not get anointed with this "SPECIAL" oil... he was not the Christ...

Yet this grasp escapes you ... As does most of what Jesus wanted to teach us all ...

You most likely also fail to remember or pay attention to what Jesus said he was in relation to us...

Now before you go into another twisted and ignorant rant of inane conventional knowledge regarding this.. crack open the bible and read when Jesus calls us his BROTHERS and SISTERS!!..

Jesus.. Son of God.. but we are his Siblings..

What does that make us??

It makes us far more responsible then 99.99% of you humans want to be... so you leave it in his lap...

Originally posted by The angel of lightthe one that is more popular in his own ethnicity in Venezuela, he is also the so called Christ.

Inane and absurd...

If Hugo walks the path of righteousness being a fair and just leader and you get all upset because he is trying to spread the wealth of his country to the poor and meek...

What does that make him... and then what does that make YOU??...

The empty bell rings the loudest...

I think you protest too much...

As far as Wikipedia being a valid source of information regarding this issue.. LMFAO.. you have to do better then that...

First of all ..

Jesus was a JEW... He was a Rabbi... And he would of followed the tradition of Exodus 30..

The fact that he went around sharing this ritual with the common men... is what upset the Pharasies so much..

That is why they had him killed.. That is why they screamed about him being the King of the Jews... He could not be King with out the anointment...

Learn how to read.. Learn how to comprehend...

Know that you have to understand the terminology of the day if you are to ever hope to comprehend what was ment...


Learn how to talk DIRECTLY to people that are talking DIRECTLY to you...

Your Arrogance is the main Anti-Christ here...

posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 11:57 AM

Inane and absurd...

If Hugo walks the path of righteousness being a fair and just leader and you get all upset because he is trying to spread the wealth of his country to the poor and meek...

Dear Readers,

After read all the rethoric that this person is using to hide his trully intentions finally there is a moment in which the inconscient of any man release the trully nature of his thoughts, of course this comment expresssed in the middle of so many references to Christ, about Hugo Chavez point directly to the only actual reason of the insistence of this "reader" to try to discredit me:

He is one of the fanatic followers of Hugo Chavez.

What is in common between Christ ,the Lord of Love & Harmony by excellence & that Southamerican Tyrant that is trying to resurrect the Comunism in the XXI Century, an atheist ideology that was completly rejected by a third part of the humanity only 15 years ago? sorry but I didn't born yesterday, at least I have historic memory.

It is not possible to conciliate the teachings of the one that came to the world to teach us that Love is pardon, Love is comprehension, love is patience. love is charity and hope , and those are virtues that don't belong to the character of a Dictator that is firing the continent with more and more conflict between nations, dividing the civil population of the countries in confronted social classes, starting civil wars, attacking violently the church, prosecuting the free press, and sponsoring terrorist groups to kidnap and menace the good citizens?

If anybody remains skeptical about this pls check this video of the American States Organization emergency forum requested to analyze the incident of the hunting of the FARC terrorists in the border with Equator:
In this video you can see how Columbian President Uribe point by point is showing with original letters of the Farc leaders the strong connections between the goverment of Rafael Correa, ally of Hugo Chavez, and the Columbian Terrorists, the close colaboration that exist between them to distabilize the Columbian Democratic institutions.

It is clear that nothing can connect this two very differents way to act and to find solution to the social problems of our time , one is the way of Love and the other one the one of hate and violence, one is God comming to the world to bring peace and the other is the way of devil to try to use the social causes to destroy the democracy and arise again Totalitarian regimes that will slave the humanity again for other 70 years as was done in Russia in the past century.

Everybody has seen that although my patience with this person, that was since the begining attacking me in a terrible arrogant and rough way , (I lost the count of how many insults to my dignity he gave in all his "replies", he is comming here only to try to destroy my reputation, he is not a valid objective critic but a person that act with hypocresy. I am pretty sure that the serious readers of my thread can distinguish between the genuine participation of readers and this attempt to justify a regime that is working for the Destruction of America, this person that openly has ridiculized my posts, (even named me as Angel of Non sense, stupid, ignorance, paranoic insanity, propaganda etc., behaviour that was punished here) harrassing me constantly in every reply in a clearly unrespectful way.

But what can we expect of a person whose hero is the same person that in such a roughness interrupted continiously the right to speak of other democratic leaders in international forums as Hugo Chavez: check this link to verify what was his behaviour in the Iberoamerican Conference in Santiago,Chile, where he arrived since the first moment as a trouble maker, responding to the welcome of President of Chile Bachelet saying that Venezuela support the Bolivian claim of Chilean territory?
check please this video:

The discussion about the meaning of Christ started precisely as a new strategy to continue harrasing my thread since I showed with valid statistics, from the forum queu, that it was completly false the original claim of this person that there were not readers of this thread in below top secret, this is a new fog curtain that he is using to continue for more weeks his arguing against me.

This person says to be a Christian but in fact he is promoting and working for the interests of a declared Enemy of the American People, the same that in several opportunities has told that is not going to rest until he can break the American Economy: Hugo Chavez!!.

I am going to cut this discussion right now since this thread was not created to be a site for the Political propaganda of any totalitarian regime, or the show of the uncontroled arrogance or roughness against my predictions. I am a serious member of this forum that always write with responsibility , supported in evidences and with a respectul record of accomplished predictions.

Finally let me point that I am disagree with ideas, behaviour & attitudes but not with persons.

Your friend,
The Angel of lightness

"I want to express to you President Hugo Chávez that in a forum where there are democratic governments, that represent their citizens, it is possible to stay in the antipodes of an ideologic position but without insulting ... any way I demand respect since one of the essential principles of dialog is to have respect. You can disagree strongly of everything but while keeping respect for other persons, since the form shapes the being of things, that is the principle to be laterly also respected by others"
Spanish Government Pres. Rodriguez-Zapatero words against the several interruptions & attacks of Chavez to his speech at Santiago Iberonamerican Conference

“The one that must show respect here is you, Why don’t you shut up?” H.M. Juan Carlos I of Spain, to Chavez interruptions to the Pres. Rodriguez-Zapatero in Iberoamerican Conference of Santiago

The Truth Pres. Chavez, is that when there aren't reasons and insults must be used as you do, the international relationships are damaged but also you're insulting the own dignity of the Venezuelan People that supposely you represent.
Columbian Pres. Uribe to Chavez

[edit on 3/28/2008 by The angel of light]

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 12:30 AM

I am not a "Fanatical Supporter of Chavez"...

I see no merit in your "Predictions"...

You provide NO evidence.. Case in point .. every bit of what you supply..

Your information is laughable..

Your take on the news out of there is supremely biased... and chock full of lies and distortions, not to mention how you totally refuse to bear witness to evidence put forth to counter what you are saying... (AS IT DOES IN FULL...BUT YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW IT BECAUSE YOU DO NOT LOOK AT IT)---

Ignorance is Bliss...

You may be spiritually correct in your own life.. however you are woefully worldly ignorant... and my biggest gripe is that your lack of understanding adds to the war mongering that the world is in, via the consciousness you are trying to spread..

Know this..

The consciousness that YOU .. Personally.. are trying to spread to others is one of Death and Destruction...

YOU are doing this... and if it does happen.. You will bear responsibility..


posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 03:46 PM

The consciousness that YOU .. Personally.. are trying to spread to others is one of Death and Destruction...

As I told clearly this discussion is cut from my side it does not matter what this person want to say, what other insults, blasfemies, coward menaces or false accusations he wants to give against my good name and will. My principal satisfaction is that it does matter how grave were this attacks I never insulted this reader in that same way.

I leave to my readers the right to judge me by the patience that I have shown and the content of my own responses to the multiple attacks of this so agressive and difficult person for weeks, also to respond the question of who is actually here working in the side of the non violence and the truth.

I am sure that it is more important the opinion of the hundreds of readers of this thread that the one of an isolated person that does not want see bejond his own prejudges and prefered to react plenty of hate against me since I have had the courage to exhibit publically the dark side of Hugo Chavez, that looks to be his personal Hero.

If I would have opened a thread saying that I claim the Antichrist would be the Mother Theresa of Calcutta or S.S. John XXIII or any other proven Saint person of the Christianity, I can understand such a reaction but I has been removing the mask ,all the time here, of a leader that has earnt a very well known fame as conflictive and violent among his country fellows and foreigners but also a confessed Comunist.

Hugo Chavez has the Guiness record of a leader more confrontated with other Statemen: former Pres. of Venezuela Carlos Andres Perez, Former Pres. of Venezuela Rafael Caldera, former Pres. of Mexico Vicente Fox, Pres. of Mexico Felipe Calderon, Pres.of Columbia Alvaro Uribe, Former Pres. of Columbia Andres Pastrana, King of Spain Juancarlos I, Pres.of Spain Jose Luis Rodriquez-Zapatero, Pres. of Peru Alan Garcia, Pres. George W. Bush, Former Pres.George H. Bush & the Bishops of Venezuela.

To afirm that I am against Chavez since he is the defender of the poors or Venezuela is a very subjective judgement. The principal aspect that distinguish him with respect to his predecessors, is that he is a strong Statist, he wants to centralize the whole economy of his country from the State. To say that such a political model is going to favor the poors is so relative, since the only sure thing is that nobody in Venezuela can live freely in the future, if he can perform all his plans, without his absolute control & authorization. His goal is to transfrom Venezuela from a Democracy to a very complex Burocracy.

Concerning the responsability of all the future facts that I have anounced, as Prophet Ezequiel explains in the 18 Chapter of his book on the bible, it is always personal, it belongs to their actors, no body is going to be judged by faults that he didn't commit.

The viewer only has the dutty to communicate clearly the things that were revealed to him in advance. The accuracy of my predictions verified by their accomplishment is the only proof that is require to be accepted as trully messenger of God, that is stated in the Bible itself.

This is not a contest of Popularity, I am not here doing campaign for any public job, I am here to say the truth and the truth sometimes is hard and crude to be listened. I think that is one of the reasons for which the people read me and believe in me because I am honest and sincere, I am not looking to be pleasant with the multitudes or to defend ideologic positions.

To afirm that a Prophet or viewer is responsible of the bad events he predicted is the same to say that Jeremiah was guilty of the exile in Babilonia, Noah of the anhiliation of the humanity of his time, Moses of the plagues of Egypt, Christ of the destruction of Jerusalem & jew diaspora, Edgar Cayce of the Pearl Harbor bombing or Nostradamus of the WWI and WWII, that is absurdity & Blasfemy!!

Everybody knows, by the facts that I have shown during more than a year here, that the conciousness I am spreading to my readers is of the Light and Peace that only God can give, no the one that the world offer.

As always I said my best desire is that The Peace of God be with all the ones that belong to the light. To the ones that belong to the darkness well God has also his fair prize.

Your friend,
The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 07:45 AM
Wow... you two are sure into this...

Umm... i was in Venezuela when Chavez was elected...

He is not good for the world...

The idea that he could be the anti-christ... mabye...

But he is a bad man... i have outlined this in the past... in other threads...

I cannot understand why people can defend Hugo...

but to each his own... some people like socilism...

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 11:27 PM
The Peace of God to all tha belong to the light,
Dear reader,
Well I like to see that at least one person that has been witness with his own eyes about the reality in Venezuela gives his free opinion about this thread.

Something is sure, there are many followers or admirers of the Communist through democracy experiment of Chavez in America but few of them really know what is going on there, what is the actual distance between the words or the propaganda and the reality, so they are having an image of something that looks as a beatiful uthopy.

I am not judging the good will people that is deceived by this type of fantasy but anyway it is my duty to clarify that there is no such thing in the reality & that behind the curtain there is something really bad, I can say terrible bad and sinister that is not the work of God since there is to much hate involved, to much verbal violence, to much agressivity to be the trully message of God and definitively is not the gospel or any other type of Christian project.

About the Antichrist let me explain this term in the Nostradamus prophecies, the one that I have mentioned since the begining of this thread, refers to an archetype of evil, is a terrible spirit that use a personage or set of important personages is some moment of the History to try to destroy the realm of God, to try to avoid the salvation plan of the Creator through the promistes given by Christ.

In Nostradamus it is easy to distinguish the presence of this terrible spirit at least three times in the History:

- around the French revolution and the consequences of it, and his incarnation vary between personages that were leaders of that first attempt to use the politics against anything that represent God in the earth but moreover in Tyrants like Robespiere, the terrible dictator of the terror regime, and Napoleon the autoclaimed new Emperor of the people that spread the war like any other before in Europe.

- at the the time between the WWI and WWII and his incarnation vary between Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito, Mao Tse Tung and Stalin the five must great totalitarian & ultranationalists Tyrants and so murderers of the History that were fighting to control the lives of millions with false promises of social justice.

- the third AntiChrist that is predicted to be the intellectual author of the WWIII and that will be even more destructive that his predecessors. One of the distinctive features of this AntiChrist is that he is going to promise justice to the world, equity and prosperity but at the same time he will be a so powerful dictator that will want to control in all aspects that life of every human being in the world and he is going to be actively involved in the great batle of Armageddon in which the Cross, the star and the half moon will be confronted each one against other.

My Claim that Hugo Chavez in the present incarnation of this evil force is based in the verses of Nostradamus that I have cited and in the spirit of his revolution that is of terrible confrontation between social classes, is the attempt to spread a Universal Civil War in between the poors, middle classes and rich people. With the tremendous boost in the petroleum prizes he is now a man that has a terrible economical power in his hands that he can use even as a weapon against his enemies to destroy who ever he want.

thanks for your atention,
the Angel of lightness

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 11:52 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

BS. Sorry but utter, utter BS. Hugo Chavez is evil- that I will give you hands down no questions asked

Anti-christ? Nostradamus? How in the FXXXXk did you come to that through that quatrain?

Total Nostradamus scholar here. Studied his quatrains and learned French as well as Latin because of my OCD fascination.

I will let the idiots and alarmists rise and praise to this complete utter, nonsensical INSANELY bad mis-translation!!!!

However- I must say I am in absolute awe of not just how stupid people are that follow- but at the utter incomprehensible level of which stupidity will go claiming to lead

No wonder so many innocent sheep are slaughtered. This thread has reached a level of BS so high and so disinfo that I am nearly fascinated to see how many will drown in it as the OP laughs all the way to the pied pipers bank.

This one takes the far as Nostradamus goes.. I have never and I am going to link this thread with other serious scholars- seen the likes of this sheer lunacy.. Ever.

Get ready for some real pros to join ATS and and enter this thread because this is the thing which will render all of your (OP's) previous threads and you as completely and totally and undeniably... Uncredible. You may even have to leave this site and create another personality. I am beside myself!!!!!

This is a first.

PS- All of you who fell for this BS... Just wait!

And btw,

Pour les amoureux de la vérité je vous appelle pour unifier et m'associer à la destruction de la déception à son noyau plus vil et plus cruel. Je vous implore pour atteindre dehors à caux qui sont disposés à savoir la vérité et ne pas dédaigner du scepticisme mais pour évaluer ceux qui ont donné ase'à s'inquiètent une vision des leçons apprises avant que, pendant, et après que des événements une droite de préparer aussi bien que un bidon. Svp je prie de toi tout de corriger cette erreur et de donner vrai une interprétation pour ceux qui choisissent de chercher la chaleur de la lumière.

Pour les amoureux de la vérité je vous appele pour unifier et m'associer à la destruction de la déception à son noyau plus vil et plus cruel. Je vous implore pour atteindre dehors à ceux qui sont disposés à savoir la vérité et ne pas dédaigner du scepticisme mais pour évaluer ceux qui ont donné asse'à s'inquiètent une vision des leçons apprises avant que, pendant, et après que des événements une droite de préparer aussi bien que un bidon. Svp je prie de toi tout de coriger cette erreur et de donner vrai une interprétation pour ceux qui choisissent de chercher la chaleur de la lumière.....

They shall be here soon....

PS Edited because my French grammar sucks a bit. And a translator tool would be cheating!!!

They will arrive... Much to the OP's chagrin!

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posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 06:21 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,

Well here we have again another arrogant member that looks to think that BTS and ATS are his own feudal property to say who must be here and who must leave or who must open his own website instead to publish here.

To receive this type of reply is quite disappointing, since it shows so low level of discussion and level of culture since it is the most uncivil that anybody can imagine to have in a forum.

However let me clarify just for the public in general, since this person does not deserve any atention from my side, that Nostradamus is not any trademark already registered in the USA, no body can say that he is the only trully authorized to talk about him and to say to rest that are like this person said "idiots". First at all there is no such "official and unique" interpretation of his quatrains and there is still to many things to clarify about them, as any serious scholar on this area must know.

If I decided to release my interpretation about the connection between Hugo Chavez and the archetype of the AntiChrist is because he has shown enough signs to be possesed of such bad spirit during his political career, like his known arrogance, abuse of authority, uncontroled aggresivity, Trouble maker and great taste to start any type of international conflicts or controversies & moreover his personal obsessions that USA is "the Evil" of the world, "the gilty" of all the problems that the poors of all around the earth have or had in any past epoch and that he must destroy our economy to make "justice".

Of course there is pretty more darkness behind all this personality problems, and there are many Psyquiatrists saying at present that Hugo Chavez is the clear example of what certain stufefacient drugs can do in the Human brain.

Let me insist in this point : What can the decent people think about a leader that even is recommending the periodic consumption of Coca leaves to be healthy in Public and confess to consume it daily? Excuse me but this the extrem of the lack of common sense & responsibility in any governor!!!, see that here:

How about his speech in a continental Conference in which openly he requested a package of Coca leaves to his friend the President of Bolivia Evo Morales that he gave to him in front of all the Presidents to start a defense of the production of Coca???:

It is possible that somebody can say that Coca could have medicinal uses, under strict control of physicians & as a treatment of some very specific illnesses, there is no doubt about that since anyway is a very well known anestesic, antidiarreic, stimulant and antiseptic. But to afirm that it is a meal that can be used daily for everybody is not only severe ignorance but probably perversity or corruption in a so grave level, I dare to say in a criminal way.

About all the very funny adjectives that the person that has replied is telling to me and this thread I think they tell more about his lack of seriousness and his own "knowledge" about this subject, education and ethical principles that anything with respect to my predictions here.

To be sincere if that would have happend a year or so probably I would be a little worried about all this alarm that you showed but to be here for more than that time has been a very nice way to develop thick skin and learn who is a serious reader and who is the one that only wants to catch atention & time from the author of a thread.

I suggest to this individual to watch his vocabulary, to use that with the politeness, manners and decorum requested in the forum, before to give such a reply to any thread in BTS or ATS.

To use so hard adjectives like stupid people refered to the serious readers or supporters of my point of view is completely contrary to the behaviour admited in the BTS, a terrible lack of respect to the public in general.

There at least two other members that paid a lot the consequences to miss that important point in this same thread recently. Finally let me give one more last suggestion to this reader:

Please take a good course of french since your spelling and construction needs a lot of improvement, I am sorry but it is really difficult to say what is worst if his English or his French.

No more comments from my side about this so miserable reply.

Your friend,
The Angel of lightness

[edit on 4/6/2008 by The angel of light]

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 12:14 AM
Dear readers,
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,

Let me continue explaining in this thread the pending important details that show that there were enough solid basis when I released this prediction warning the humanity that Hugo Chavez-Frias is indeed the first incarnation of the Antichrist spirit predicted by Nostradamus to be the principal head of the WWIII.

Let me begin with the quatrain that is considered by all the experts the most difficult to interpret, the one that even has been pointed as the only prophecy of Michel of Nostradamus that resists any explanation:

In the year 1999, and seven months, from the sky will come the great King of Terror. He will bring back to life the great king of the Mongols. Before and after War reigns happily. Michel of Nostradamus

In this quatrain the Prophet clearly states that the AntiChrist, the great leader of the in coming international conflict is not a common person but a Spirit of war & conquest, ( that is the simbol that represents the King of Mongols, a personage that had the same spirit of expansion on the middle age and could refer to either Genghis khan, Kublai Khan, Temujin or Tamerlan.)

The interesting point is that the quatrain says that on july 1999 this terrible spirit was going to descend to the planet and start the actions that were going to spread the terrible war to all the earth. So it is also clear that some very important Political fact, related with the The sprouting or enthronement of a State or Government on that July was going to mark the begining of such an Evil Empire.

If you or any other person checks carefully the only political event of importance and of that nature in all around the world on that month were precisely the referendum and election that officially created the national assembly that wrote the constitution that proclaimed the creation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

I want to underline again this fact, it was the only political regime that started in the whole planet on that month of that year.

My dear readers you can confirm this by accessing the wikipedia link that explains the way in which the Chavez revolution started and advanced in Venezuela, chk this pls:

I want to direct your atention to the following paragraphs, taken from that website:

Taken from Wikipedia article:
Responding to the stalling of his legislation in the National Assembly, Chávez scheduled two national elections for July 1999, including a referendum for and elections to fill a new constitutional assembly.

The Constitutional Assembly was created when the referendum passed with a 72% "yes" vote, while the pro-Chávez Polo Patriotico ("Patriotic Pole") won 95% (120 out of the total 131) of its seats.

In August 1999, the Constitutional Assembly's "Judicial Emergency Committee" declared a "legislative emergency" whereby a seven-member committee conducted the National Assembly's functions; meanwhile, the National Assembly was prohibited from holding meetings.[28]

The Constitutional Assembly drafted the 1999 Venezuelan Constitution, which included an increase in the presidential term from five to six years, a new presidential two-term limit, a new provision for presidential recall elections, renaming of the country to República Bolivariana de Venezuela,

Hence, in conclusion these are the elements that support the claim around this thread that Hugo Chavez would be the third AntiChrist of Nostradamus prophecies:

- His so agressive political character al ready described in many previous posts on this same thread or at

- His economical strategy that points to the destruction of the market economy by creating a huge economical crisis using petroleum as a weapon against the principal democracies something that was discussed also at

- His military pacts that constitutes an Evil Axis that not only includes communists parties and governments in latin America but also countries like Iran or Lybia that are declared enemies of the USA plus his so close relationship with China. (pls check the

- His intention to promote the legalization of the production of one of the principal and more dangerous stupefacients of all the times. (Pls see my previous post about the defense of Chavez & Evo Morales of the Coca plantations)

- His astral chart that clearly shows what is the trully nature of his personality, his objetives, his goals and plans. (Pls see it at

- The month and year in which his party & regime started the redaction of a New constitution that became the legal frame of the political revolution of Chavism & the Magna Carta of the Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela.

- His open sponsorship to the terrorist groups, like Farc, that are trying to defeat democratic governments of countries in which his political allies couldn't win elections, that he also sponsored, as was already proven by the so important intelligence documents exhibited by the Columbian President Alvaro Uribe in the extraordinary conference of the Organization of American States.

- The falsification of the image & name of Jesus Christ as element of his political propaganda, telling that Christ was the actual first Communist of the History.

- The different biographical facts that joined can be written in the acrostic M.A.B.U.S ( encrypted nickname of the AntiChrist in Nostradamus quatrains)( Pls see the 1st post of this thread)

All these aspects show that this is a so serious thread that is supported not in speculation but in a deep research on the fact that is talking about & that this is not a false alarm since it is proven with enough evidences that Hugo Chavez represents actually a so huge Menace to the world peace & stability.

Of course I don't have doubt that somebody can say here that all these facts are only casualities, specially the more skepticals or the Chavists, however only two or three of them can be casual, in terms of Probabilties, but all of them pointed in the same direction never cannot be only a coincidence.

Thanks ,
your friend,
The Angel of lightness

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posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 11:37 PM
reply to post by SavageHenry

Honestly, I don't know how I possibly could have come across this website and I don't know who I am responding to. I am from the United States. I live in Virginia. But it is obvious that whoever posted this is not from the United States. Specifically, I can't believe that I just read a quote that says

"Do you know what would happen to an American who did that very thing to George Bush?...

He would of been SHOT DEAD on the spot...

People in the USA get arrested for wearing T-shirts that don't have the President glorified on them."

I have to ask. Is this thread for real? Is this thread a huge make believe joke? Somebody please tell me that it is. I can't imagine that someone is actually this stupid. Here in America, people openly protest Bush on the streets. If you got American TV channels you would see if for yourself. Most people think he's an absolute idiot. They have actually interrupted his speeches here. You don't get shot dead. You don't get arrested. How dumb and misinformed are you? We have something called "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" here. You do whatever the hell you want here. And people get arrested if they don't wear shirts with the president glorified on them? Are you freaking kidding me? People here hate Bush. How about you take a look at some of the shirts that people where everyday on the streets here. Here is a link. I guess I can assume that you are from Venezuela? You know I learned about propaganda in 7th grade and I've always been familiar with the concept. But until this day as a 26 year old I have never actually seen it in action. Your facts are so miconstrued I can not even imagine where you got them from. We've invaded 140 countries in 50 years? Wow. Well since I've been alive in 1981 I can remember all of about oh say TWO that we actually invaded. So we must have been pretty damn busy the 24 years before I was born. I think your 140 number is actually somewhere closer to SINGLE DIGITS. It is hard for me to fathom that somebody in this world can be so misinformed about America. If only you could visit yourself. Unfortunately for you I'm sure you're not allowed, because as much of an idiot as you are, you would be accepted with open arms (I wish it wasn't so easy believe me). Meanwhile, I'm allowed to go wherever I want in the world and actually stay there for good if I want to. Chavez came here a couple of years ago for a United Nations speech and gave some rhetoric about how George Bush was the devil. Well about 99% of the American people (1% being Danny Glover) thought he was an absolute joke. We laughed at him. How could you take him seriously? It was almost as bad as when Ahminejad came here to speak at Columbia U and told the crowd that there was not a single gay person in Iran. Of course they laughed at his pathetic a--. George Bush is bad, but in the big picture, he has little control over our government. I wish you could get your facts straight. Could you send me a history book or something that you guys learn out of? I could use the laughs.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 10:05 AM
Nostradamus' text about Mabus is probably translated in a wrong way. When translated this way it suddenly makes more sence.
According to Nostradum, the first anti-christ can is called Napolion Ray, the third is Mabus...
since napolions name was not Ray, and one of America's politicians is called Ray Mabus,everything fits.

Mabus will then soon die, from people and beasts a defeat will come, one will see vengence, Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when it will be commited (commette).

Bravo, Tamins(Swiss city), Gironde (French region) & La Rochelle (french harbor city), and (could also befamily names), who died at arrow harbor (south-caroline harbor), Behind the river the ladder is put to the fort. Gunfire, and terrible slaughter in the breach.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 11:41 AM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,
Dear Readers,

Once Again, as I has been Predicting since the beginning of 2007 there Great beast, the son of Caliban, the great king of the Cannibal Caribes is moving all his chess pieces to assure the expansion of his Totalitarian empire to the whole continent.

Hugo Chavez is a figure that in many aspects remember me Hitler or Stalin, he has the same terrible personal social resentment of those figures. This is a man that is controlled by evil passions, like his permanent thirst for more and more power, and specially by a powerful hatred. He hates anybody that didn’t have the difficult childhood he experienced and works day and night with the mad idea to force many people that he blame to pay his hard past.

I feel that Chavez is going to cause a huge conflict in the Americas, he is obsessed with the idea to destroy the United States, to weak and kill the democracy, he wants to substitute it by his own version of National Socialism, a bizarre mixture of fascism & Comunism, probably the worst type of Totalitarism that ever existed on the earth.

Chavez is sponsoring a web of puppet politicians around the continent to support his imperialist plans, like Ortega, Morales, Correa, and even Raul Castro that depend a lot of him. Now, while you are reading these lines, his collaborators are prosecuting the free press in their countries and repressing the social explosions of the people that fight for their liberty.

Let me say that This evil leader is a nice combination of Machiavelli and Napoleon, he is creating pacts that step by step are building a terrible combination of forces against America and against the free world.

This New Caribe King is dreaming all the time to be the Great Caudillo of a federation of Socialist Bolshevik republics of the New world. Of course he is a very skillful manipulator of the masses and of the History, he has been long time using the mask of Simon Bolivar to don’t show his truly intentions.

However, since the failed referendum of December of 2007 he showed for the first time his real face to the world, that he is actually a Neocommunist and not a truly Democrat as he claimed.

Chavez is a very dangerous figure, since he is the terrible combination of Politician with Military, he is making alliances with Iran, China and Russia to assure his power and the continuation of his Machiavellian regime for many years, and in that way is pushing the world to a generalized international confrontation.

He knows very well that he has at hand the most terrible weapon against the Democracy, that is the use of Petroleum to break the economy of many free nations, he knows that this is something that used in a very smart way can be even more effective than the nuclear bombs to weak any political system.

The terrible economical Recession that America is suffering at present is a solid evidence that Chavez has Power to destroy, many times more than my contradictors claim, and he is using it with any mercy, his hand does not tremble to reach his goals.

Be aware that so soon the Beast will show to the world his so powerful arm creating disorders in many nations, sponsoring terrorism, inner divisions by confronting social classes, making strategic alliances with narcotrafic, and that not be only in the Americas, he is also behind the resurrection of the radical republicanism in Spain, to defeat the Constitutional Monarchy in that country.

The Third Antichrist announced by Nostradamus is fighting his most decisive battle, he knows that perfectly, and he is decided to win at any cost, he smells the blood of the victim and like his ancestors he will not stop until he get what he wants.

Pray to God that protect us of this terrible figure, that give us the wisdom to know how to confront him and if there is faith in our mind he will assist us to defeat him in the same way as other tyrants of the Past.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

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