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United State of Iraq

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posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 06:39 PM
Well, it seems Bush and co. got what they wanted, a long term foot-in-the-door to Iraq, control over the are, long term military and corporate presence and control of the oil for the related greedy 'fat-cats'.

Declaration of Principles for a Long-Term Relationship of Cooperation and Friendship Between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America

As Iraqi leaders confirmed in their Communiqué signed on August 26, 2007, and endorsed by President Bush, the Governments of Iraq and the United States are committed to developing a long-term relationship of cooperation and friendship as two fully sovereign and independent states with common interests. This relationship will serve the interest of coming generations based on the heroic sacrifices made by the Iraqi people and the American people for the sake of a free, democratic, pluralistic, federal, and unified Iraq.

This stinks of propaganda and corrupt practices. All of those people, both civilian and military, died for this act to come into place. un-told amounts of others are suffering in various ways due the agenda of a few.

War is nothing more than a business and in this case, the business is oil.

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