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TTC and the Continental American Empire

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posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 10:46 AM
I was just watching a movie on the Trans Texas Corridor and it came to a part that questioned the need for such a transportation super highway. It seems that everyone is concerned about the implications of it opening up the U.S. borders. But, after mulling over the idea for a little while and pondering on the direction that our government is heading, internationally, I'd venture to say that I might be more concerned with it opening up Mexican borders.

If you step back and look at the big picture of who's controlling what, it might start to make a little more sense. But, when imagining the world in the future ... don't think 5 years down the road, not 10 years down the road, but more like 25 years down the road. The gap between classes will be vastly separated and those with money will control the agenda of international interests. We all know that those who have power seek to control more power.

I think that the NAU is a real entity and is designed to secure and expand the Superpower status of the United States beyond it's borders to the entire of North America. If the dollar were to collapse, the next step would be the acceptance of a new form of currency. The Amero is a likely candidate. Along with the Amero is the loss of American sovereignty. With the loss of American sovereignty is the loss of America's borders. And when we lose our borders, it opens up the entire world ... one continent at a time.

I think there's a slow but sure, fiendishly crafted plot to assume world control by this means. We all see Russia and China buddying up. We all see China arming and industrializing it's military. There's a re-vamped interest to restore Russia to it's previous status as the "Other" Superpower. And the U.S. is seemingly doing nothing? I highly doubt that. The world sees the strain the wars have put on the U.S., not just in this new century, but over the past 50 years. We know that if China or Russia were to form alliances in an attempt to counter the influence of the U.S. across the world and it eventually resulted in military action, the U.S. would be powerless to stand by itself.

But, with the help of a United North America, I'd say that we'd be unstoppable in our quest for World Dominance. In fact, if we had the support of the European Union, there's no "super-power" in the world that could stop us. Even Russia and China united would struggle to oppose such an alliance.

Am I the only person looking at this backwards? Is the TTC a roadway to run America straight into Mexico's backyard? Or is it just as everyone else sees it: a roadway to import world's goods into America and Canada?

I think most would agree that the TTC is a foothold for the NAU ... but what exactly is the NAU? What purpose does it serve? Are future wars already being drawn up? It would seem that these "baby steps" into Iraq, Afghanistan and now Iran are all leading somewhere. Have Russia and China caught on and are now countering efforts? To me, it would seem so.

A superhighway into Mexico, then Canada opens borders to expand the United States military and consolidate entities into a Megapower. Is this the Continental American Empire?

posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 12:38 PM
On another note, I thought it humorous that after I tagged this thread with "nau amero trans texas corridor" a web banner ad popped up to the right that was advertising border patrol agent recruiting ... no less in Memphis, TN (why not TX or New Mexico is beyond my comprehension).

Well, even if no one else finds this thread interesting enough to comment, or if America even cares whether or not it's Republic is dead and it's Empire has risen ... at least someone is making money from the topic. After all ... isn't that what's really important in life — money.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 03:52 PM
You make too much sense honestly, it scares me a little. Even while I have the wanting for such an alliance and empire to occur.


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