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FOIA: Project Blue Book Presentation

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posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 06:50 PM
The Unidentified Flying Object Program
A presentation given by Major Quintanilla to the ASNE on April 22, 1967

Document date: 1967-04-22
Department: U.S.A.F. Project Blue Book
Author: Major Hector Quintanilla, Jr.
Document type: Report/Presentation
pages: 26


Archivist's Notes: A very interesting document on a number of levels.

Mr. Newbold Noyes of the Amercian Society of Newspaper Editors put together a panel and discussion on UFO's for the annual ANSE Convention/gathering.

He went through proper channels, requesting the presence of Major Quintanilla of project blue book to speak and participate in the panel.

In this pdf packet is the presentation Major Quintanilla gave at the conference and it describes how blue book works procedurally.

Also is the correspondence between Noyes and the Air Force requesting Major Quintanilla's appearance.

The most interesting thing to me in this packet is the internal memoranda and discussion between high ranking air force officers about not only Quintanillas appearance but how to prepare him.

Also there is some concern about him appearing at all.

I'm usually very detailed in my archiving but I'm purposefully going to leave room for other members and archivists to dig through this small packet because I think it'll spur debate.

Though I tend to be wrong on what stirs debate.


posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 07:57 PM
Ordinarily I am given to detailing my perceptions of a packet such as this, however in this instance I will forgo that approach. I direct the reader of this to instead bear in mind the idea of a system-wide manipulation to influence the outcome of a debate/question session.

This report is given over to such. Newbold Noyes seems bent on directing the whole media direction, and comes off as no more than a government toady. This set of documents shows the essence of media manipulation at it's starkest. It takes no imagination to see, just from reading what is here, to understand that what was told to the American public was what suited the PTB at that time.

I will point out that in the beginning parts of this report Lt. General Twining, of Roswell fame, was evidently only a few months later all a twitter to have these UFO reports investigated fully. He even expressed the opinion, t that time, that "there was sufficient evidence in the reports to warrant a detailed study." Everything after that is a case study in how to hijack an investigation.

I leave it to others to find merit in this set of documents, aside from their value in the understanding of how MSM, even then, was a tool of the government.

posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 10:38 AM
it's an interesting set of documents, showing how they wanted to have a 'controlled' rather than fair debate.

why would they feel the need to 'keep major kehoe and his gang at arms length'? they can't even spell his name right in the letter. condon was hardly a good choice to be (an impartial) moderator but i guess he was a good little yes man for them alongside the others mentioned.

page 22 is a curious addition and contains some interesting insights if it is an actual conversation and not a jest. it's a typed up telephone conversation between col stanley and col holm whereby it is learned that quintanilla had quite some 'help' in preparing him for the debate... "the decision to have him participate was not an accident. two colonels with 30 years experience in the information business will be holding his hands. they will work him over--ask him every leading dirty question he might get. he will be ready for them. it has got to be hector".

hector it seems, "has two things going for him" ....
"(1) as stated, he will be brainwashed thoroughly before he goes on. we are not going to throw quintanilla out in the cold pool by himself". the second was that they anticipated that phil glass would be taking up most of the time promoting his ufo theory (and his new book), leaving quintanilla to slip quietly into the background and be ignored.

and as for the three things it says the air force has going for it.... hmmm

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 05:34 PM
I have that book!!
Seriously. Its a book by Brad Steiger. I havent read it completely, but it has some cool photos

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