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The Eagles "Long Road Out of Eden"'s Petroleum Club-It's Real and Rudy's Been There

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posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 02:58 PM
I am a big fan of The Eagles, so when I heard that they were releasing their new album “Long Road Out of Eden” I was ecstatic. Because I work in the entertainment industry, I was one of the first people to preview it before it hit Wally*World. As I was listening to the title track the second verse caught my attention:

Music blasting from an SUV on a bright and sunny day
Rolling down the interstate in the gold ole USA
Having lunch at the Petroleum club
Smoking fine cigars and swapping lies
They say, “Gimme another slice of that barbequed brisket
Give me another piece of that pecan pie.”

I stopped the player. Did I just hear what I thought I heard? I cued it back a few seconds and listened again. Yep, Don was singing about the Petroleum club.

To those who don’t live in an oilfield community, the Petroleum club may sound allegorical: an informal network of oil rich “good ole boys”. For people in West Texas, it is an actual place. It is located at the corner of Wall and Marienfeld in downtown Midland, Texas: The “hometown of two Presidents”, George H. and George W. Bush.

Here is a picture of the building:

Now with all that is known about why we really went into Iran, oops I mean Iraq (we'll get to the other in a minute), being the "hometown" of the Jorges isn't at the top of the list of bragging rights anymore. But recently, Midland had two presidential candidates visit, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani. Though their visits were were separated by a few weeks, we all felt honored that these two "front runners" would take time out of their busy schedule to visit little old Midland, Texas. Mitt visited first and spoke at the local Rotary Club. Rudy's visit a few weeks later topped off with a fund raising meeting at, you guessed it, the Petroleum club. I have tried to find some information concerning the specifics of any promises made during the meeting without avail, but I've included an audio link to the press conference right after:

Did you notice when asked about how soon we could get out of Iraq, Rudy doesn't answer the question but instead jumps to the topic of Iran.

I would have to say that most Texans were pretty shocked when Gov. Rick Perry endorsed the Giuliani campaign (except those who know that Rick has been attending globalist meetings out of the country and is probably being groomed for the VP gig or a later run for president). That being said, it seems to me that the oil money people got their nod from Rudy when he stopped by for pecan pie.

As for me, I rather have lunch with The Eagles.

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