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Bite Relief - Saves Lives

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posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 06:30 AM
This can save your life.

It is very interesting and it is a pity so few people know about it.

I understand at least 40000 a year die from various bites.

I keep a piezo device I took out from a cigerette lighter with me all the time.It has saved me many times from various insect bites including bees.

I also have a battery operated spark igniter in the house.
This cost me $3.99 and generates sparks at 4 a second.

You should use it as soon as possible,preferably within 3 hours for snakebite and immediately if you are allergic to bee venom.

You should click it at least 20 times around the bite to make sure.You cannot harm yourself with it unless you have a delicate pacemaker.

You can also buy it on the web for $7,it's known as a "mosquito clicker",but not confined to mosquitos.

Last year a multi millionaire was having a barbecue with all his fellow executives in the garden when he got stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction.They took him to hospital but he died after 3 hours.

Amazing a man with so much wealth and power can be brought down by a lowly insect.

I mean he was surrounded by guards,maids,butlers,he had a bently,a ferrari,he wore a diamond ring with gold cufflinks and so on...and yet and yet he still died after getting stung by a bee but because he did not have this vital piece of knowledge he died.

No one knew that the piezoelectric spark generator in their cigarette lighters in their pockets could have saved him if they had used it immediately.

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posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 04:01 PM
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posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 04:04 PM
reply to post by esecallum

That is amazing information.I have been studying it since last night.Amazing how such a simple device can save lives.I alreadyhave taken apart 5 piezo ignition cigarette lighters and removed the spark generating things.

I noticed some of them give a spark almost 1cm long.
This corresponds to a voltage of 33000 volts.

Some of them give a spark of about only 5 mm long,this is about 15000 volts.The breakdown voltage of dry air is 3.3 million volts per metre or 3300 volts per millimetre.

The article indicates a voltage of about or over 15000 but less than 70000 volts.

Tomorrow I am going to buy a battery operated device which generates continuous sparks of about nearly 1cm long and is used to ignite gas stoves/ovens.

It uses a 1.5 volt AA battery and costs only $3.99.

I have saved the pages on my hard drive and flagged this as it sure can save someone's life as so many have been saved already.

It is surprising to never see these things on FOX/NBC etc.

posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by beckybecky

Yes you do that.It's pity more people in this forum have not responded.Maybe they think this only happens to blacks yet a white millionaire died from a bee sting in America.

posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 04:48 PM
This is great information, I'm surprised I've never heard of this until now. thanks for the info!

*heads out to cannibalize barbecue grill...

posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 05:05 PM
This is great. Especially for people who are allergic to bee stings. This is a good thing to pack in the Ole med kit with a little piece of paper with directions. Good find OP!


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posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 04:28 AM
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posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 04:45 AM
I don't think I really understand. So if I get bitten by a venomous snake and there is a lawnmower sitting beside me, I should unplug the spark plug, then place the end of it on my skin next to the bite, then pull the starter cord up to eight times making sure to never electrocute myself for more than 1 second at a time?
At least, that's the impression I got from the site. Does the site say how this actually works? Is it supposed to cauterize the wound or render the venom non-lethal or what? I couldn't find any mention of that, but I kinda only skimmed over it. Potential life-saving knowledge can wait 'till after I checked my emails.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 04:47 AM
reply to post by Digital_Reality

You are welcome.

I strongly urge you to study/read the wikidot site I linked to.

The links within the site lead to other research or personal use of this method and some have pictures before and after for spider/insect bites which did not heal for a long time after conventional treatment.

It has loads of research both empirical data and data from clinical treatment comparisons by both anti venom and the high voltage method.

40000 people being killed every year by spider/snake/insect bites is a lot and of course when you are bitten you are usually far away from doctors.

About 3 weeks ago a white man holiday maker from the U.K died from a scorpian sting after visiting a far eastern country called Thailand.

Most important of all I was abroad visiting relatives in 1995 when Something bit my foot at night and this gradually developed over the next week in which my leg became blue with spotty patches.

I got back to my home just in time and had passed out from Septicemia after leaving the plane and my mother could not wake me up as I was in a coma.

Doctors in hospital treated me with massive doses antibiotics and I survived although it left a dark patch around my ankle.I was in a coma for 4 days.

At the time there was no computers or internet in widespread use.

I only found this info accidently while surfing recently.

Now I carry one of these device all the time.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 05:15 AM
I have found dmso to be highly effective on bites and skin lesions as well.
Excellect find OP.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 05:49 AM
Very interesting thread.
I am going to read more about this, then perhaps buy one for a friend I have who is allergic to bee stings.

Originally posted by esecallum
reply to post by beckybecky

Maybe they think this only happens to blacks yet a white millionaire died from a bee sting in America.

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posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 06:05 AM

Originally posted by C0bzz
Very interesting thread.
I am going to read more about this, then perhaps buy one for a friend I have who is allergic to bee stings.

It would be much better if you referred him to the wikidot site and urged him to study it on and off for a week.This way he will gain knowledge and a broader perspective.

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