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Show me what you're made of!...Oh, space dust! ME TOO!

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posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 02:39 AM
Alright, another thread for my seemingly useless stock pike lol. This topic is about *drum roll*...*more drums*...*more dr-* okay, BLACK HOLES AND WHAT THEY DO! WHERE THEY GO! AND WHAT THEY CREATE!!

Reading an article I was just a few days ago.

That one to be precise. And made me start thinking of the creative process in which the Black Holes make the universes mortal and immortal and regenerate, to keep changing (think of Doctor Who only on the universal scale and less special effects). Mortal in the sense that the suns and planets, entire galaxies that get pulled into them actually help create the new galaxies and life that will take shape
very cool. As long as there are Black Holes, there will always be life and the universe will just [Joe Dirt quote]keep on keepin' on [unquote].

If a planet explodes, the bacteria and life packed in the chunks of planetary debris could land on a planet capable of sustaining it. And with the radiation caused by the huge explosion, could effect it genetically and BAM! Evolves faster, and thousands of years later those worms that you would be fishing with in your back yard are planning strategic payback to the remaining humans for all the times you used their species as bait.

It sounds far-fetched I know, but hey it's just as plausible as any other idea mankind has created. Only difference is we haven't seen it happen or done it ourselves yet. That's the problem with mankind along with it's horrid ways of claiming ultimate ruler of the planet, we refuse if not deny anything we don't WANT to be real. "The Earth is flat", proved it to be spherical. "The Universe revolves around the Earth", Proved that only galaxies revolve around their sun. Such simple things as that and people chose to go on what they were told until the world grew out of the old and went searching for the new.

Black Holes could be the reason everyone is here. For all we know, some intelligent race create Black Holes as a form of military offense, but we'll wait and see
I rant to much so I leave it with this.

Until we know for sure, not just going off what we're told or what we have already as fact. We shouldn't claim we know anything. 99% of science is still out of our understanding reach, so we should hop to it and learn it. Don't sit around waiting for someone to figure it out or someone or something to save you/us. The more we slack off, the slower we'll evolve. Thanks for reading lol...I'm bored again


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