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9/11 questions

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posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 08:14 PM
this are for me the unanswered questions
some say that the wings disapeiring or getting translucent on the videos is caused by video compression , but why would video compression only affect the plane wings.

another question is the bridge videos, what could cause this? video compression again?

and what about the eyewitnesses , most reported a small aircraft that didnt make much noise , so this witnesses, i think debunk the hologram theory , since only a few witnesses reported a big comercial aircraft with a great detail (not counting the tv anchors).

in my opinion i think cgi effects (like this ) were used to disguised the missile has a plane in the videos , and since the fiest shots of the second plane didnt showed what you can call a comercial plane , only hours later , the videos with the second plane appeared.

and tv fakery was used too in the others attacks

like the pentagon

and shanksville

i find these videos too, very interesting

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