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Why are UFO's always brunt of such public ridicule in this country?

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posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by luxor311

You cant toss out the overwhelming evidence that the UFO phenomenon exists. The eyewitness testimony by credible witnesses is way too much to be ignored. From astronauts to air force pilots, commercial pilots, civilians and so forth. The US military involvement with the UFO issue dates back to the late 1930's, remember I am talking about UFO's not aliens or alien abductions.

Its the physical evidence that lacks.

You are correct
! There are alot of well trained, intelligent, and credible people who have witnessed an extraordinary event. And there is some physical evidence i.e.. radar sightings, ground imprints, soil samples, and radiation level readings. The problem lies in that the physical evidence is not what we want it to be.

It would be great if the "aliens" would just leave a ray gun or time machine lying around for us to study. People want these supposed "aliens" to be just like us... mistake prone. Nothing short of a mistake prone alien leaving some physical object behind to study using our scientific method will suffice. But is it really up to the aliens to become klutzes or up to the humans to become smarter?

One example I'll bring to the table is radar confirmation detection. Our radars are made to track airplanes and not UFOs. The algorithm used in most radars will ignore anything which doesn't behave like a plane. The radar is just doing what it's programmed. You can't reprogram the radar unit without causing chaos to their original intent.. military purposes and commerce.

Lets face it if there are races that are thousands of not hundreds of thousands years ahead of us, they would be in charge of just what exactly we see and what we dont see through our little video cameras.

Exactly. You got it. If you think your gov't pumps out disinformation it's logical to assume the aliens do the same and are far better at it.

posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 03:47 PM

Originally posted by luxor311
I still will never understand why continually when we have credible evidence concerning the validity of the UFO phenomenon it always winds up bieng ignored and turned into some kind of media joke? Its proven that UFO documentaries draw good ratings but when it comes to the major networks covering it, its usually laughed off...Any thoughts?

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Because 95% of people worldwide had never seen an alien grey or a "reptilian".
They may have encountered a UFO once or twice, something in the sky that looked kinda strange, but that's it. This is why the interest in the media fades away quickly and this is why people tend to ridicule the whole matter.
That of course and people claming to have seen an alien, flew in an alien ship but without any single shred of evidence to back it up (with lots of gullible followers). These type of people specifically, make us look bad.

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posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 05:13 PM

Originally posted by Xtrozero

Well yes there are 1000s of witnesses, but other than that there is no overwhelming evidence. This overwhelming evidence you are talking about is only for UFOs, but to jump as what you think is a small gap that these UFOs are also intelligent Aliens, as I have said, is a very huge leap that at this point just can not be done.

You have labeled it well in calling it a phenomena, but it is hard to tell if it is based on truly unbiased observations or influenced more by power of suggestion.

I totally disagree.

Then what is the overwelming evidence? weather balloons? You need to open your mind here to the fact that there is life on other planets and the reality how the "it's a weather balloon" govt is misinforming the public on UFO's.

If there were alien ships buzzing around our airspace..Who would be the best suited to acknowledge that ? Ill tell you, the Air Force, commercial pilots, astronauts, and military personal familiar with the latest "black budget technology" and so on..

The answer is simple. The UFO phenomenon is real and there are a percentage that are not of this earth. The case for them to be from another world is sometimes much stronger than the case that their "ours". We still have no proven "anti gravity" craft yet regardless of what technology we have.

Sightings by professional, military and commercial pilots are not biased by any way, they are also the ones that realize that "we" are not capable of the things that UFO's are able to do. The power of suggestion isn't even a valid point.

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posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 05:43 AM
I think you are overstating the victimization. I think that worldwide a lot of people believe in alien life , and a good chunk in UFOs, for various reasons, and the issue is no less taboo in rest of the world than in the US: UFOlogy is a fringe "science" everywhere. The problem lies down in the more precise claims.

1) Too many hoaxes and con men have and still continue to shoot down the credibility of UFO sightings.

1b) Among the most famous "whistleblowers" or "leaked secret documents", there doesn't seem to be any form of coherence, in the events they told, the alien races they describe, or the overall story (and some of them have been seriously been debunked)

1c) The most far out claims (and there is way too many) only widens the gap between skeptics and believers.

2) Besides, the overwhelming majority of cases consists in blurry photo/video and a couple of testimonies: you cannot derive much from that anyway, from a scientific standpoint. And a lot of those can be explained through mundane ways...

There are only a handful of cases that are really documented and makes for a good basis, the best exemple being the Belgium Triangle in 1990: Multiple sightings, lots of witnesses (military, police and civilians), radar readings, and something more or less consistent (radar readings occurring while the UFO was monitored by police forces on the ground). Those type of real solid case for a UFO (And I mean UFO, not alien spaceship) are very rare, there's probably only half a dozen cases I am aware of that managed to actually withstand scientific scrutiny.

3) And there lies the problem: if the presence of UFOs is so overwhelming, the evidence would be too. I mean, stuff largely more convincing than lights in the sky, orbs or moths.

4) I would add that the "giant socio-psychologic delusion" explanation has its merits too, even if some believers do not like it: there was clearly a shift of representation of the aliens in the 70-80. We went from mostly humanoid-Nordic types to the Greys, and the contactees/abductees stories also shifted. One cannot rules out that some of the testimonies are indeed self-induced through a social phenomenon.

4b) An illustration of that can be seen in a great part of the conspiration material lying around the net... like for instance the whole Dulce base stuff: basically everything you will gather on this is the same story xeroxed (not a verb, I know) from another place, with some variations of course (the more the story is "copied", the more it becomes blurry)... all derived from second hand -at best- testimonies of five or six persons (including an hoax, unnamed sources and a mysterious Thomas Costello). You could call that a meme...

Just my 2 cents...

posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 06:08 AM
ufo's have become a business, you dont need any facts and you can tell a story and make money, its full of charlatans and hoaxers, attention seekers and new agers its almost like its become a religion. There is no adequate evidence to prove UFOs are alien absolutely nothing that could be held as concrete evidence, why should it not be taken as a serious topic i think it's simply because it doesn't deserve to be, i'd rather we used our brilliant minds to further our own understandings of what we know to be real and the answers to our questions will unravel over time. In the mean time others can enjoy the search and mystery, personally im a non believer i think the distances of space are far to vast and my understanding of travel beyond the speed of light far to small

posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 06:38 AM

Originally posted by Breadfan

Because 95% of people worldwide had never seen an alien grey or a "reptilian".


More like 99.9% have never seen a UFO, and 99.999% who have never seen an "alien". That leaves a 'few million' who have seen a UFO that they didn't think was a plane, and a few thousand who have 'seen' an alien. Of course, who knows. Maybe a million people have seen what they thought was 'ET', and few of them reported it to anyone, or filed a report.

Having said that, I know someone who has seen an unexplained light in the night sky that made some extraordinary movements.

Seems to me most people, including UFO researchers and fans have not seen anything - they've maybe heard of a friend who has.

I could be wrong. Maybe a billion people have seen a 'UFO'. But you're right, imo, on the 'most have not'. Just being picky, joking around here.

On asking a person on the street about 'Roswell' I'd bet a majority of them would say 'isn't that an X-files episode' and may not know there was some kind of 'real event' that made the papers back in 1947. I doubt you could find anyone outside of a fan or a Jeopardy star that could quote the exact year.

Why do newscasters make fun? Well consider they frequently report on 'serious' news, meaning fighting or mayhem, so 'UFO' stories and 'talking pets' are, for them, a time to laugh and joke and let off some steam.

Reporters get jobs based on their serious news reporting skill so they often will turn to their partner and make a tin-foil hat joke because they don't want to risk any semblance of appearing not to -be- serious.

What if one of them turned and said 'well my nephew was abducted and had an implant up his butt'? They'd be looking for a job the next day. Even John Mack and David Jacobs reported having trouble getting funding once they took on studying the phenomena and they were just doing sociology, rather than 'fringe science'.

Most people realize that a light in the sky is probably a plane and now, with all the exotic craft, UAVs, stealth stuff, Remote-controlled hobby craft, advertizing blimps, space stations, satellites, the need to invoke 'UFO' is just not there anymore.

2 cents.

posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 07:05 AM

Originally posted by luxor311
I still will never understand why continually when we have credible evidence concerning the validity of the UFO phenomenon it always winds up bieng ignored and turned into some kind of media joke? Its proven that UFO documentaries draw good ratings but when it comes to the major networks covering it, its usually laughed off...Any thoughts?

[edit on 27-11-2007 by luxor311]

There is a simple answer to this. Just read the topics alone on this forum. It's full of some of the most outright nonsense and is a good example of how the UFO community looks to outsiders. The whole thing attracts nutjobs, con men, hoaxers, and blind believers that just continue to add to the problem. Add in the inability for the UFO community to properly self-police their own, and you end up with fantastical claims born of ignorance getting attention that makes us all look lie fools.

posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 07:11 AM
Here is a perfect example. I mean come on, man. Read this guy's post. You have to be kidding me. And the amount of people that fall for this stuff is ASTOUNDING and it makes the whole hobby become a laughing stock. This is a perfect example where the community should police itself and call this type of dribble what it really is. But that will never happen, there are too many people that will give utter crap like this the benefit of the doubt, further propelling nonsense and encouraging it in the future.

posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 07:13 AM

Originally posted by luxor311
I still will never understand why continually when we have credible evidence concerning the validity of the UFO phenomenon it always winds up bieng ignored and turned into some kind of media joke?

Actually, recently all has changed. No one in high places says "UFO's don't exist" directly anymore, as they fear damage to their own credability.
Recently on Larry King, there was a "debate" called UFO's, are they real? Even the designated skeptic was a believer! This sudden change of media attitude says more than most people realise.
Extraterrestrial life will be blatently revealed in the very near future, regardless if the Governments want this to happen or not.

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