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FOIA: MIT's semi-annual technical report on seismic data center progress

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posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 06:55 PM
MIT's semi-annual technical report on seismic data center progress
This is a Semi-Annual Technical Report for the period of 1981-10-01 to 1981-03-21 by MIT prepared for DARPA. It reports on progress of the Vela uniform program's development of a seismic data center, development of processing techniques and general seismi

Document date: 1981-09-28
Department: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Author: Lincoln Laboratory
Document type: report
pages: 105


Archivist's Notes: A fair quality document. Approved for unlimited public release.

posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 05:38 PM
This ‘scientific-heavy’ document describes the Lincoln Laboratory Vela Uniform program for the period 1 October 1980 through 31 March 1981.

Section I (one) describes progress in the development of a prototype Seismic Data Center. The development of this is on schedule, and a first version of the prototype will be operational during the next six month (in 1981).
Section II (two) describes a series of activities in the development an implementation of the seismic processing techniques that will be utilized in the prototype system.
Section III (three) describes a series of investigations in General Seismological Research

Again this document does put the focus on RESEARCH –
this means trial and error… and the need to develop/improve the seismic detection systems…

I would like to link this document with:
FOIA: Vela Network Evaluation and Automatic Processing Research - seismology (1976)
FOIA: Defense Technical Intelligence Report for the 22 Sep 1979 Vela Satellite event
FOIA: Sandia Laboratories report on the Sep 22, 1979 Vela satellite event - Alert 747
FOIA: Detection of Regional Seismic Events using a Small Broadband Array (2002)

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 08:37 PM
This report was on the progress of seismic data collection centers, which was part of the Vela Project Uniform, to put a system in place and monitor seismic events that could be the testing of nuclear weapons. The purpose of the project was to be able to determine or discriminate between natural seismic events and a nuclear explosion and used to verify that other countries are adhering to the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

The prototype Seismic Analysis Station or SAS was completed and the Local Computer Networking between stations was to be completed in the next quarter. The algorithms and software for analyzing seismic waveforms was still in development.

Other research involved studying the tectonic faults in the Middle East and Southern Asia and how seismic waves would travel across the region. The report goes into great detail of each of these aspects and is highly technical. Several graph of waveforms are given along with the computer analysis.


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