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FOIA: UFO sighting on May 12, 1952 by T. Sgt. Raymond Bare USAF

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posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 06:42 PM
Air Intelligence Information Report
Very credible report of a sighting on May 12, 1952 by T. Sgt. Raymond Bare USAF

Document date: 1952-05-15
Department: Air Force
Author: Capt. George L. Colby, T. Sgt. Raymond Bare
Document type: Report
pages: 6


Archivist's Notes: The report itself is in poor to fair condition but details a very interesting sighting by a technical seargent in Roswell New Mexico.

On May 12, 1952 at 2045hrs(8:45pm)until 2110hrs(9:10pm)a saucer/disc shaped object was observed by T. Sgt. Raymond Bare of the USAF.

He was sitting in his car in roswell New Mexico and saw what at first he thought was a star but soon realised it wasn't.

He describes the craft/object as being about 30 to 40 miles away, moving on a distinct course which it traversed three times during the observation. It was dim blue-green while traveling straight and level but would change color rapidly to a bright bluish-green while ascending and/or descending.

Sgt. Bare supplies a sketch and notes along with his sighting. At one point it ascends to between 40,000 - 50,000 feet and was moving faster than a jet as far as Bare could estimate.

He is considered a reliable and intelligent soldier by his squadron commander and superiors and had been serving as a B29 Maintanence specialist at the time of the sighting and had been in the Air Force for eight years.

A very interesting document that details a very detailed sighting by a credible witness.

Things to note:

In the report it is stated that - during Sgt. Bare's sighting - there were no meteorlogical or other phenomena which could have been misidentified or mistaken for something else but on the first page of the packet in black marker hand written note says "PROB VENUS". But after reading the document I find it hard to believe that the planet venus decided to defy all the known laws of orbital mechanics and go dancing about the new mexico desert for roughly 25 minutes.

This note of "Prob Venus" may be what the company line (so to speak) was supposed to be regarding the incident but this is pure speculation.

Also though very difficult to read, on page three of the packet at the end of a cover letter the forwarding officer notes:

"This sighting is similar to many(?)which have been recently noted in the press, and which have been the subject of investigation by USAF"

In my opinion another excellent example of a sighting by a very credible witness.


posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 07:31 PM
This is a classic. On the night of May12th, 1952, Air Force Tech. Sgt. Raymond bare was standing on the corner of 5th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. when he noticed what seemed to be a star in the western sky. But when the blue-green object moved he must have decided it couldn't be a star.

For some 25 minutes he watched it move in a triangular pattern, going from about 20k-30k feet to 40k-50k feet at speeds faster than a jet airplane. In these moves it changed shape, descending and flying horizontal, it looked like a disc, but climbing to altitude, it appeared as a sphere.

The object brightened and dimmed in various parts of it's triangular course some 40 or 50 miles west of his position.Three times he saw it go through these maneuvers in the dark sky.

The report has written in the words "Prob Venus" on the incident report, but considering this was only 5 years after the famous "crash heard 'round the world", that is small wonder. Sgt Bare had spent 8 years in the service, and he worked with aircraft all the time. He was mature enough to know planes and Venus, and which ones move in which manner.

His report is a classic.

posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 03:39 PM
NGC2736… has done an excellent report on this UFO sighting of 1952.
I can only add that pdf pg 4 is the most legible and pg 5 has an interesting diagram of the movements the object made in the sky.

Sgt Bare says he observed this object for 25 minutes….difficult to believe
that investigators presumed it was Venus, given the change in brightness and the triangular movements in the sky.

Note: Perhaps the change in brightness observed by Sgt Bare (and even change in colour that other sightings report) could be related to a frequency change/dematerializing from this dimension to a higher one.

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