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looking for the truth

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posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 05:42 PM
I think i just found it.

Ive been a bit lost for a few days with so much to take in as these conspiracys are getting carzier and crazier, especially since i found out the planet X theory, but digging a bit deeper i found out about zeta, yeah...that old trick.

anyway, im in UK...a small island just off EUROPE.
I say UK cause we are actually seperate and i dont go with the whole european union thing, NO..i am not european, I'm english.

So high all and i hope to be able to bring some good discussion to the table so to speak.


posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 05:43 PM
Welcome to ATS.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 05:52 PM
Nice to have you aboard Dar Kuma.

It doesn't matter where you're from or what you believe in. You're here at ATS where your ideas and theories count just as much as the others. Hope you enjoy the discussions and debates that are an experience worth while. See ya around and feel free to ask me anything.

posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 01:50 PM

Originally posted by Solarskye
It doesn't matter where you're from

as long as its not Europe

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