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What Are We Going to DO?

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posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 09:25 AM
Thats the question. The world is falling appart. Manipulated completely by hands filled with greed, and private agendas. We see this in our everyday lifes yet we do nothing. It is about time US the people take our Freedom seriously dont you think?

Whether you believe or not all you hear, the fact is it makes us think about our own situation. Governments run by secret societies and groups that most of us dont hear about if no researched for. Like the Bilderberg club, The CLub of Rome, The Rothschild Group to mention few. Controlling all we do, all we read, all we watch and hear. How sad? Lucky us the internet is almost uncontrollable by now, and I hope will be for the years to come. Do you realize this people control 99% of the main media? Have you ever read about these clubs and groups in the media? ever? Right. We see this everywhere. They own the media, they own the oil companies, the main banks, the pharmaceuticals, the have ppl in every single important job in this planet. How interesting huh. Yet we have never heard nor read about them in the media. And I can provide list of names that currently are members of this organizations.

By now we all agree the US is their playground. Mostly fully owned by the UN due to the inmense debt that US has. Fully controlled and operated by this ppl. They decide who we fight, when oil prices go up, or markets need to fall down, they decide when real estate is worth nothing... when mortages need a crisis, geez I could give examples for days. They also decide that buildings need to colapse, for whatever reason we could argue about, Im sure most of us already agree on this. The world trade center did not fall down cuz two plain hit it. And please dont argue about this no more, lets be serious and logical. Madrid Spain. One of the tallest buildings in the city burns up to the bone. The entire structure! which wasnt designed to stand fires... stood there and not even move a millimeter. THe spanish government had to bring it down floor by floor to rebuild it! Then we have the WTC center, built to stand everything, falls down cuz of two planes crashed into it? hahahaha Im sorry but I have to laugh at those that still think that was the cause. I can still remember seeing people waving in those same holes from the crashed planes that suppousely were at over 4,000 degrees! or the tower wouldnt fall otherwise... so how was it that ppl where standing there in 4000 degrees? anyway, even myspace starts to pull the banning ppl that publicly supports Ron Paul. THey banned every account that does that... or claim that the post was not possible due to technical problems hahaha youtube shows videos of this. Myspace, obviously after being acquired by the same corporation that owns Fox and most of the other media. They only show on tv and talk about those candidates they want the people to hear about. Very sad but true. THe next thing the implant of that idiotic microchip already in development.

Are we gonna do anything? Are we gonna keep buying the fact that we are alone in the universe? that the US and other powers have no treaties with extraterrestials? that earth's tecnology advanced in the last 30 years 5 or more times faster it did previous to that? by our selves? yeah right... yet we eat all that. The problem is we cant trust nobody, and because all the organizations and ppl in charge of all these are corrupted/controlled... then we are fully manipulated. Even those pictures from nasa's rovers and telescopes... you will never see anything in those! and if you ever do, thats because they want you to plain simple and obvious. Like anything else... I still would love to ask Ronald Reagan, why did he talk about the alien invasions to the UN and that we should get together as a race and think about what we would do, BUT hey I would love to ask him this myself! no through media of course.

The point is we have less freedom everyday. What are we gonna do? We have to publicly change our reality.

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