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PeerGuardian2 ... why are colleges trying to tap into my pc?

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posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 01:36 AM
First off, I am not downloading anything ... well, except web pages as they load up

I have run peer guardian for a while to block HTTP requests that shouldn't be happening and all kinds of IPs from trying to communicate with my PC (Blocking 2,569,383,897 IPs).

Just in case you don't know, PG2 has all kinds of lists that you can download and update including ads, edu, gov, p2p, spy, trojan, spider, trackers, etc.

I somewhat expect Microsoft Corp hits that get blocked a little (not really, but I try to give them some benefit of doubt).

What I don't understand is why Princeton, Colorado State Univ., Univ. of California Office of the President, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Stevens Institute of Tech, Univ of Rochester among many, many over time ... but those were just tonight within a very short time from each other.

What acceptable purpose would they have for TCP and other requests to my computer?

It reminds me of a thread I recently read talking about control, internet 2, and colleges.

This makes a slight case for it (though a shaky one) ...

Could someone please explain why so many computers your are not directly trying to interact with, are silently interacting with your computer?

I suggest everyone try it out and see for themselves who is trying to get in. Let it run for a few days, then go back through the list in view history ... you may be surprised. Make sure you activate the edu list ... you can also add some other lists in the list manager (that are pre-defined ... or link to a site you know of that keeps an updated list).

It could be why some people have intermittent internet problems ... someone is using up their connections doing something the owner knows nothing about.

Use a program like rainmeter and keep an eye on your outgoing bandwidth. I noticed when not in use, I was having regular outgoings that was not authorized by me

I don't know ... I don't see any legal or logical reason for a spider to be hitting my HD.

Don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself and see.

I would love an non-intrusive explanation ... but I just can't see one.

posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 01:55 AM
You don't really have to worry so much about other computers communicating with your PC... it's kind of how the intarweb works. In fact your computer is probably sending requests to other peoples computers when you surf normally. You can visualise it as someone stopping by and asking for directions. Most times that's what it is.

Rather than using PeerGuardian (which I have concluded does not work as advertised...) get a thrid party firewall program. PeerGuardian's hype doesn't match it's functionality...

posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 02:24 AM
I probably could use an extra firewall ... I run PG2, AVG free AS & AV plus Windows Defender, while occasionally running AVG anti-rootkit just to be really cautious ... but have the windows firewall running ... i guess I will browse for a nice freeware. So far so good. I am not as heavy of an internet user as I used to be ...

I will try to tell myself it is just universities asking for directions ... not that I don't believe you ... I just don't care for how many hits they make and how often. oh well

posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 06:12 AM
reply to post by FreeThinkerIdealist

The windows firewall is utter crap. Being that it's a default firewall, hackers have long figured out how to bypass it. You can try the older version of Kerio Personal Firewall (before it went shareware). It's free and it works the same as the newer, bloated version. The old version is just a compact 4mb program. I love it!

posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 10:12 AM
Peerguardian =
Lots of false http positives. Look it up.

MS firewall =
Its a joke. Look it up.

Beach has good advise, or purchase a hardware firewall/router or use both.

Cisco Router/firewall $46.50

Firewall Debate: Hardware Vs. Software

posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 03:31 PM
Good advice on the hardware firewall.

Does anyone have any data on whether it slows down your connection? (I'm not talking about splitting - the router would be used for one PC)

I have a router from a few years ago. Have routers improved to the point where it would be better to get a more modern one?

When I set up the router, should I then go ahead and turn off the Windows (Vista) firewall?

One thing for the OP to bare in mind is that the Windows (Vista) firewall will not block Microsloth.

Huh? Well there may be reasons to fear MS as much as any hackeur. They have been caught making changes and gathering data (allegedly) that they really have no business doing.

In addition, it's thought that there are plans (or were) for MS to issue an upgrade or patch to "Windows Defender" that would turn it into a type of trojan, able to delete programs and .avi files and to prevent the OS from playing HD-DVD movies. Again just a rumor, but it's entirely possible that WD already fits the definition of a 'hostile app'.

2 cents. TIA.

patefacio toxica egalitarianism there are two misspellings in this post

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