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North Bergen, NJ: UFO capital?

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posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 01:35 AM

Still the champ in UFO sightings

Since 1975, North Bergen had most reports in USA

Jim Hague
Reporter staff writer

Editor's Note: This is part of Our Creepy County, a series that looks at Hudson County's mysteries, myths, macabre moments, and things that go bump in the night. It's probably the most unknown fact about the township of North Bergen.

For some reason, this densely-populated town in northern Hudson County has had the highest number of reported sightings of aliens and unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over the last 30 years.

Most of them have been centered out of the southeastern end of North Hudson Braddock Park, a large park named after deceased boxer James "Cinderella Man" Braddock.

The North Bergen sightings have been documented and reported to several agencies, including the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle and the Center for UFO Studies in Chicago.

Since two people reported a major sighting to federal authorities back in 1975, there have been a total of 775 sightings or incidents involving North Bergen residents, easily the highest total of reported incidents in the United States, according to Marc Sodderstrom of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle.

INTEREST PIQUED – Well-known author and UFO expert Budd Hopkins, shown here, became so fascinated with the North Bergen-O’Barski sighting in 1975 that he dedicated his life to proving that the incident took place.
Here I always thought NJ was such a dull place. But I have heard about the Jersey Devil & Mothman sightings there.

posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 02:22 AM
They are probably close to a base where they fly all kinds of weird and crazy Lockheed crafts and who knows what the hell else... But don't bring it up to any "normal" people because they will just think you're crazy...

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