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Last Nights Nightmare... astral projected/sleep paralysis

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posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 09:59 PM
Last night i had a nightmare, i was somewhat aware in it...anyway the nightmare faded into my own room that i am in now, i saw everything almost exactly as it was, and then i guess i was also dreaming that someone was sleeping beside me like a girlfriend or something. Anyway she said there is the ghost, and i looked and at the edge of my bed was this hooded figure, Totally white, almost glowing but white. He came over on top of me and was going to "grab my soul" as i said in the dream. Anyway i tried to scream when the hooded ghost when for my chest with its hand but i couldn't. You know what in the dream i actually remembered that this was one of the phases of astral projection...i wanted to keep my cool and open my eyes in hopes that i would be paralyzed. But i guess i got scared in the dream when i couldn't scream and woke up.

But usually when you find out you cant scream, don't be afraid and tell yourself to get pulled out of your astral travel.

Did anyone else have something like this happen...i hope it happens again because i want to astral travel. And even though it was scary as hell!!! it was still kind of cool...

i just found something out...

People appear to be abducted for a variety of reasons of aliens. Physical experiences include medical
examinations, reproductive procedures, including sexual relations with aliens, testing of their body fluids,
insertion and replacement of implants, relating to their hybrid offspring, testing of emotional reactions, and
sometimes being suspended in large tanks of strange liquid.

Astral experiences include being taken by the little whites to a state described as a web of learning, where
they learn healing, psychic, ecological, and technological skills, piloting spaceships, how to help surviving
humans after massive earth disasters, and other subjects. Perhaps for their own sense of security, these
abductees construct in their minds a setting that seems appropriate for this kind of learning: A school, a
laboratory, a library, a temple of learning, or some similar setting, although they are actually experiencing a
non-physical place and state of being. Any abductee may experience combinations of physical and astral,
positive and negative experiences. Abductees may encounter many different kinds of aliens over time, often
during one abduction. Some abductees have terrifying experiences at the beginning of an experience but end
up feeling thrilled to be face-to-face with enlightened, spiritual beings; some abductees become able to
channel meaningful information from these beings. Whether the experience is to be physical or astral, it
begins with the abductee being rendered paralyzed and amnesic. Experiencers have told me that this is
necessary to prevent their flailing out in fright and anger, and to enable the particles of their bodies to
separate enough to move through a solid wall or closed window. Because this part of the experience seems
to be intrusive and non-optional, the abductee usually reacts negatively, even if the experience turns out to be
a positive one.

"the little whites" could my dream or what ever have been one of these little whites coming for me but i was too scared to go?

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posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 12:15 AM
This type of experience happens to me on a regular basis. Definitely frightening every time it happens. How ever these days I am certainly more aware in this type of state.


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