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rational deduction

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posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 08:00 PM
hi im new but hergose it.

i beilieve that certain inctenses in the bible can be atributed to common, how do i put it, social evelutionary gaps EG... in nostrodhamasus prediction of great iorn birds" u no planes "[sorry for the crude example].
its like showing a flashlight to a caveman.

but i digress.

in the common example of the '' ARK '' in all retrospect in the common sense of today, it sounds like the gathering of the pairs of animals, almost sound like a work of science fiction like the gathering of genetic samples for use in the re-distribution or colonization of another enviroment. and i know this sounds like science fiction on my part but if anny rational person looks at it from a hyper-scientific-phylisophical way can deduce that if the bible truly is a recount of events thousands of years old and the social evelutionary gap coupled with thousands of years of content dilution within the story itself, it was either some ship in the sea with goats and elephents and aligators with 2 people feeding them all nonstop for 7 days and nights.

or it was beyond that, way beyond that, i imagine a great ark, a ship of emence proportion desighned to take genetic samples of all life on earth from bolth male and femail aspects bascicaly what was needed to make life properly or ''naturaly as in a natural enviroment''.

hmm ... sorry for stopping i just had an apiphany,
stay with me please.

i recall that the bibble states that 150 000 people will survive the end of the world umm , EG... ''REVELATIONS''.

now look at the big picture, the universe.

if ''whatever'' advanced sentient being created the universe and all the near infinate intricate properties inharent in all that is ''natural or otherwise'' and found the most prolific beilefes in history than wouldent it stand to reson that it would be 150 000 races of life in the universe are to be saved. not just in the relm of earth but the grand scope of the universe.


posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 12:03 PM
Revelation doesn't say that only 150,000 people will survive the end of the world. What it is talking about is the 144,000 witnesses that go around the world during the Tribulation and spread the Gospel of Christ. These 144,000 are Jewish male virgins and they come from the 12 tribes of Israel (except Dan and Ephraim, they're not mentioned but Joseph and Levi are, so it still comes out to 12 tribes). When you look in Isaiah I believe it is, we see that more than just Jews survive the Tribulation because Isaiah talks about how in the Kingdom of the Messiah, Gentiles will latch on to Jews and ask him to show them Christ.

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