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Not "war" with extraterrestrials, but...

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posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 03:37 PM
Let's face it: we can't have "war" with e.t.'s. We're no match, and alien societies don't want wars spilling primitives with stupid notions about patrolling with scalar weapons and seeking to conquer territory. Instead, we need to assimilate the true genius of universal consciousness and see beyond such. We all have to share, preferably ecologically.

But if an infiltrated human regime is tripped toward stupid notions of war with e.t.'s, doesn't that give the gray/abducting alignment an excuse to say they need to intervene here and steer us toward potentially planet-killing crisis in order to "pacify" us (in the context of Summers' writings about allies)?

So, whether you think we need to defend against unwanted alien incursion and abduction, or not (some aliens say that's our right and it's recognized by other e.t. populations--despite what gray alignment prototypes say), those very same, abducting and breeding program stooges will try to use any slightest inflection about "war" to their advantage. This is a simple reality in the exopolitics of competing societies, the scramble for resources, the use of genetics to hijack and control other populations (replete with a genetic elitist mentality that rationalizes the cold-kill of entire planets as happened with the grays), etc.

So, it isn't war as humans have thought about it, but it is a case of aggressive attempts to control populations and use their entire region of space-time by running the delta t clock on its energy.

What's delta t? Bearden talks about it. He says the use of scalar energy (also known as zero point, and as a negative energy dynamic) can speed or slow the flow of time in the surrounding continuum. In other words, that weird new alien tech isn't "free;" it runs the clock on your environment and, if misused, can deplete the very lifetime of your sun or cause seismic dangers on your planet. Scalar simply means that you look not only at the energy phenomenon right in front of you, you look at a larger scale of its existence, you scale it across a broader range of values. Lene Verstergard Hau, a Harvard physics researcher demonstrates a kind of delta t when she freezes light or slows it to a crawl.

As I note on page 157 of my book Alien Mind - a Primer, physicists Laughlin and Champline showed that "when superconducting crystals go through “quantum critical phase transition,” electron spin doesn’t fluctuate wildly, as the standard model predicts it should. Instead, electron fluctuations slow down--as though time were literally slowed! So, Chapline and Laughlin came up with a startling, new explanation.

"Working with colleagues, Chapline and Laughlin posit that instead of a black hole, a phase transition (a sudden change of state) creates a thin “quantum critical shell,” the size of which depends on a star’s mass. A New Scientist article on the subject says the shell doesn’t contain a space-time singularity…. “Instead, the shell contains a vacuum, just like the energy-containing vacuum of free space…. The team’s calculations show that the vacuum inside the shell has a powerful anti-gravity effect, just like the dark energy that appears to be causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate…. Quantum critical shells are a two-way street,” says Chapline. He suggests that the energies involved match those of the expected dark energy of the entire universe. In other words, the universe could be a large, tendentious dark energy object (or object/non-object cycle), of sorts. It’s a useful model, and seems to agree with alien statements about negative energy and hyperspace (plus aspects of Bearden’s delta t)."

In short, Lene Hau's freezing of light is a kind of delta t, although Hau hasn't yet metered how it borrows energy from the larger continuum and then fluctuates inwardly and outwardly. Hau has, however, proven that certain wavelengths of light merged to cancel out (causing negative energy flux), which indicates a kind of harmonic relationship in such phenomena. To deepen her study, Hau might have to do black budget research, which she may want to avoid. Who wants to do pioneering research (it's probably already been done) only to be silenced and told that the NWO wants to keep it a secret?

Like Bearden, Hau probably runs into the NWO drones at intervals but finds that mainstream media has been silenced on the subject.

But back to aliens. Our new scalar endeavors are cited by the grays' alignment as rationale for doing heinous, manipulated things to humankind via the breeding program's direct operatives. Some readers may not have heard about this, but if you read my book ( which is free and scrolls on one page in MSWord, you'll get a healthy dose of such discussion---aliens who actually admit that they've manipulated crimes against humanity.

So, is it "war?" Those same aliens say no, they're simply working on a pacification scheme. But if it could kill our planet by allowing the direct operatives to misuse scalar energy within black budget hellholes of secrecy, then what is it?

Benjamin Fulford says that David Rockefeller recently admitted using new tech to cause an earthquake in Japan (killed some people) just to demonstrate to Fulford and some others that they can do so. Meanwhile, my alien sources say that Rockefeller and Rothschilds are direct operatives of the abductors' breeding program, manipulators working on the pacification scheme. *See the bizarre story about Nick Rockefeller's plan to microchip humankind (Aaron Russo told the story), for possible indicators of such.

Once again, we cannot safely assume that aliens intervening here necessarily operate on the basis of old human assumptions. Instead, we need to immerse ourselves in their way of thinking in order to get a basic idea of what they're actually doing here.

We can't go into such interactions, we can't compete if we think like children ("ascension" dogma, monoplanetary thinking, all aliens are only spiritual, aliens as saviors and immune to human faults, etc.).

In ways, it's a challenge, but it isn't "war" in the old human sense of the word.

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