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NAU-Pros and Cons Thread

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posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 11:16 AM
Having read for a while now about the NAU and what it will mean, I would like a discussion on what to realistically expect from such a move. Lets leave out the hysteria of world dominance by some group or other, and focus on what such a union would mean to the average person.

We will always have bad and good leaders, every nation does. We will always have groups of people trying to decide the future for the rest of us. We will always have people who value money over human good. This is the world as we know it, not utopia as we wish it.

But if the NAU does become a fact, it would be nice to have some reasonable expectations of just what it will mean to the average citizen of Canada, The US, and Mexico.

How will jobs be effected? Commerce in general? National security? Travel? Health care? Social programs? Education? The list goes on. Such a union will cause many changes, some good and some bad. It is right now viewed as a conspiracy by many, which is why I chose this forum. But if this "conspiracy" becomes reality, it would be nice to have a preview of the new landscape of North America.

And please, an appeal to everyone. I'm not talking about how it's wrong, or why it's wrong, even though I personally am against the idea. But rather, what would it be like if it happens, as best we can guess, using logic and common sense and not emotion and fear.

posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 04:28 PM
Personally, I feel very conflicted about the issue of the NAU.

In many ways, the loss of even more rights, freedoms, and sovereignty of the United States makes me sick. I am not a 'ribbon sticker on my suv' type of Patriot, but more of a 'patriotic citizen of the United States of America who cherishes the freedoms and rights I have'. I am also have general disdain for the way the average American acts and thinks. I think too many of us are complacent in our credit funded lifestyles of excess, and care less what type of country we are leaving our children and grandchildren.

On the other hand, more integration with Canada and Mexico could economically benefit the continental society as a whole. Mexican 'citizens' would be free to provide their services in industry from Alaska to Nova Scotia, all the way down to Central America. I would assume that the advent of the NAU would mean that "North American" citizens could buy property anywhere in North America, so certain migrations might occur for certain citizens looking for the simpler lifestyle and cheaper land in Mexico or Canada.

Currently, only Mexican citizens can 'own' property in Mexico. Non-citizens can obtain a 99 year 'lease', which is more than sufficient for most lifetimes, but realistically, technological medical advances on a continental scale will only increase the number of Senior Citizens who live longer and longer, so a change to Mexican law would have to be made in accordance to the NAU.

Also I have never understood since the beginning of Free Trade and Nafta in the Americas, why more American manufacturing jobs have not been located in Mexico (or Central or South America for that Matter) instead of Asia. The increase in the number of good jobs would keep Mexicans citizens from needing to illegally immigrate to the United States. Also, the transportation costs and its impact to the environment would be less. The only thing that I could ever reason was that the 'powers that be' wanted to keep Mexico poor by not investing in their infrastructure through job creation, and have a supply of illegal 'black market' workers off the books in the states. Also, the poor treatment of sweatshop conditions can be hidden for more profits half a world a way instead of a few thousand miles south.

I am not sure if I really answered your questions, or just added more, or really even touched on Canada and the effects the NAU would have, so. I think Canada has the most to loose if the NAU occurs, but the process could be economically genocidal on Mexico if the Dollar is not devalued to parity with the Mexican currency. Imagine the real estate boom that could occur if Americans had buying power over Mexicans for their land. You would have a market where those who sell might not be able to afford to buy something new, plus there would be a certain amount of real estate devalue if the Americans actually sell there property here, and not just buy a 'winter' home.

Even though I love America, recently I have looked at the possibility of moving to Ecuador. Since 2000, they have used the US Dollar as their currency, so there is no exchange rate, and the per capita income is around $4500 dollars a year. (wiki link about Ecuador) I have even seen a few websites with Palatial Villas in downtown Quito for less than $200,000 and more rural homes (Mansions by many American standards) for 30-40,000 dollars sitting on acreage. I am not moving, but it is a nice day dream.

I don't still know how I feel. I wish that instead of more and more citizens of the world loosing sovereign liberties in order to appease the pocketbooks of the 'few', we could find a better answer. One would think that we could somehow better stimulate our mutual prosperity while still maintaining our respective independences. The creation of the European Union and the possibility of the NAU are easy solutions to the economic reality of global commerce, but I don't think that consolidation and cooperation are the same thing, nor is consolidation the best answer for the 'many', but oh boy is it it good for the 'few'

The best threads seem to sink way too fast, maybe because the information is too heavy, and the minds of the masses are too dense...

posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 11:00 PM
The Non-Attainable Union

Don't worry, it won't happen.

North America isn't Western Europe. The parties involved in this hypothetical union are too unequally matched. The United States will just keep on doing whatever in the world it likes. Mexico and Canada will either have to put up or shut up.

This ensures that the NAU, if it is ever constituted, will soon fall apart.

Things may be different in thirty or forty years, when the USA is no longer the dominant world power. But don't hold your breath.

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