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Secret of Ascension

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posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 10:51 AM
Hi There...

Here I am now one of this forum member and I am going to teach you how to ascend very well to higher degree of consciousness.

Please at first let me define what is consciousness level. In human form, we have 3 degree of consciousness, the first is animal consciousness level, the second is Human consciousness level, and the third one is god consciousness level.

Some of us are having low level consciousness such as animal consciousness. The reason why we are in this low consciouss state is because we are tied to worldly material, such as money, sex and glory. When we cannot differentiate ourself from our true self we cannot ascend to higher level.

One day, I come across a street where people is crowded because there is a thief being caught by many people, and so this thief is beaten there by so many outrage people. And then a very old lady come to seek for his pardon and she is crying for this man's hurt. She is so hurt though she does not have any relation with this thief guy. By then, some people watching the beating scene feels funny and laugh, and some others feel very entertaining just like we do like to watch movie with bad guy being dead at the end of the film due to his bad work. Do you ever realize, why you do feel funny? Entertaining, when others are having trouble? It this really us, and what differentiate us from others that is so sincere in helping others? And why does they so kind and helps without wishing to know what they will get back in turn?

The different lies at the consciousness level. If we have different consciousnes level, so our heart can be projected different way we live. There are mainly 7 major chakras or soul wheel in our body. The soul can be tied or binded to our body due to this wheel. The wheel can turn like a real wheel to the left or right and depend on the cleanliness of the wheel. Just like your fan, if your fan cannot moved, it means something must have stucked inside so that it cannot moved. Just like our feeling, our feeling can be touched (or people say we are moved by the touching stories, this movement is exactly the wheel of chakras). You can read chakras well from any other related site. Just like reikis and so on which some of you might think that is is unorthodox or a misleading teaching. But no to me.

There is this line called sushumna in our body that is located in our backbone which can be broaden, its as wide as thin hair or it can be broaden as big as our body which does mean that we have reach a high consciousness level.

Kundalini is a ball of fire lies the bottom of the sushumna, and it can ascend or descend, the pitstop of this ball is lies at the first chakra, the fourth cahkra and the seventh chakra. If the chakra is below the heart chakra (the fourth) then our behaviour just much like an animal. We do seek for fun, sex, wealth and our ego is high so we never know what love really is, what compassion is, and so on. That will hinder us to have our human instinct, that also hinder us to understand people around us, people with low level consciousness will find hard to know what people is hinting and often confuse by their own mind, their own thought, because they often contaminated the higher chakra with negative energy due to the distance of kundalini. Because kundalini is given naturally to clean sushumna which lies at lower bottom end of sushumna.

People with higher consciousness is living in peace, harmony, as they are close to others and also natures, they are bound to think positive, to feel positive, self loving and so they can care for others. Before the dimension shift, we need to ascend our consciousness level to maintain our consciousness to that we can survive during the process, that is what I believe.

posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 01:10 PM
could you post an image that has all the things you say? as in the placement of the chakra and the other things.

this seems to be a thread based off religion but i find this very interesting and would like to know more.

posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 10:13 PM
What teachings are you bringing fourth? From which source?

posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 01:02 PM
Alot of different and odd names were given that I would definitely need some sources or proof from...I only believe partially what your saying but I get the point your trying to get across.

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