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Need help. Witness protection?

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posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 08:43 AM
Ok I really would be grateful for any infomation anybody can give. Heres how it goes.
Last night me and my partner witnessed A robbery. 4 men were braking in to model shop opposite our home. Being good citizens we called the police.
After a short time the police turned up and caught the robbers red handed. 1 of the thieves run and the police officer persued on foot after him, The police officer caught the suspect. The other thieves made of in a car after ramming the police car out of the way.
Whilst this is happening we are still on the phone to the police and tell them in what direction the car took off in.
The car made off anyway, And other police cars that were on there way went to intercept it. The car then turned onto a main road with its headlights turned off and hit another car head on nearly killing the driver. The police pounced on the car and arrested another 2 suspects. Which means one got away.

Anyway the police have just been around for a statement which we have declined to give, On this basis, We have lived in this area all our lives and know alot of people and vice a versa. We do not want any trouble.
But this is the crunch, If we give a witness statement our names will be there for the defendants to see but we cannot even find out there names. So who is protected here? a good citizen who does right and is the only people to actually call the police about this and get the thieves caught or are the thieves more protected than us?

We are now feeling we should not of called the police at all. What is going on in this world?

What would you do?

posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 09:05 AM
Unfortunate isent it? I really hate how the offender has more rights then the victim and the witness.

The best thing I can say is if you are worried try and sign up for some self defense classes or if you have a firearm then make sure you know how to use it.

posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 09:23 AM
reply to post by ChrisF231

To do that which is right in the sight of your heart is never assured of being risk free. But if one must go into danger, then doing it for the good of life is the best of reasons.

And if you had not called in on these robbers, they might have been the very ones that decided to mug and then kill you some night in the not too distant future.

It seems to me that each person obeys their nature, the evil man to do harm, and the good man to do justice. Our lives are shaped through our nature, not the other way around.


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