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you dream of someones demise - do you tell them?

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posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 07:06 PM
Hi all - first off I'm not particularly spiritual, I don't attend church although I was raised as a catholic, I'm fairly skeptical of spiritualists etc who claim after the fact that they 'knew' such and such a person would be found dead/alive etc.. I dislike religious hypocrite types and I consider myself to be a pretty decent, honest person.

Now - here is the quandry, I occasionally have quite intense dreams but they are usually related to my busy day, too much online gaming, late night movie watching etc..pretty much like most (male) folk if they thought about it..

But very recently I had an incredibly realistic dream - detailed smells, sounds and physical sensations depicting the death of a person whom I don't know personally, he is in the media pretty often, but not so much that he is the kind of person that you would think of on a normal day, especially dream of..

The thing that has haunted me somewhat is that the dream felt so specific - do I turn into Mister Weirdo and contact them somehow to warn them that they may (or not) be in peril or do I do nothing and hope it was just dreamy bollux?

What if this individual did die in the manner that I dreamt about, would I be somehow complicit by doing nothing?

I have never written to anyone in the public eye ever and don't particularly like fan clubs or the type of extreme people that these clubs can attract and feel uncomfortable at the thought of writing a "Hello Mr X - I dreamt that you are going to die in this way..etc.." letter, not mention the fact that I could be implicated in some way if the terrible thing did happen and there was my letter in his house..?

I haven't posted here very often but felt that it was worth putting this up here for your thoughts, I have mentioned my dream to one of my mates who just thought it was an interesting dream but no more than's just that it felt so real!

I really would feel sick if this dream came true..

I have deliberately avoided going into details so as to not colour any ones opinions and also because I am genuinely anxious about making a prediction that I wouldn't like to come true..

I would be very interested to hear what your views are on this moral dilema and if anyone has been in a similar situation

Kindest regards


posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 03:54 PM
I would say no, you wouldn't be held accountable in any way. Dreams are weird-- I had nightmares all of last summer that got so bad in gore and horrible deaths that I started being afraid to sleep, involving the death of myself and many of my friends and family-- but they are just that. They're just strange sequences that your brain makes up with images from your day, past experiences, feelings, movies and other things. Maybe this dream was just an expression of your feelings about what this person represents to you, or it was just a random compiliation of scense from what you've seen or done recently. While it may be a horrible coinsidence, if you had nothing to go on other than the death of this person in your dream, you are in no way responsible. If this person does die in the way your dream showed, go ahead and be weirded out as ****, but don't let yourself be dragged down by guilt over a random coincidence.

The only situation I've had similiar to this were the deaths of people in my nightmares, which were often strange and disturbing. However, if any of the people who died in my dreams were in some sort of freak situation where their death occured like I saw it in my dream, I would get really, really upset, but not blame myself for not warning them. I guess the bottom line is, how are you supposed to know that something from the depths of your mind would turn out to be true?

posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 04:01 PM
I have died myself many time's in my sleep very real very accurate.

However the odd thing i have noticed is the one who killed me or in some case's disturbed by life in some way while dreaming.

Are actully the one's who have since passed away this included a close childhood friend.

How odd and sometime's unreal this is at time's.

But it's just something i picked up on.


posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 04:14 PM
I guess it would depend on who I was dreaming about.

No seroiusly, I hope I don't have a dream like that, but if I did I would try my best to warn him or her without giving up that I had this dream. I would also try to change it in the process and make it go another direction. And it all depends on if the dream starts coming true or deja vu is taking over that day.

posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 04:21 PM
I would feel compelled to tell them. However, I'd also expect a knock on the door askin' some questions. I'll never forget the Art Bell thing they did on that guy who precongitively dreamt of the plane crash in 77?. FBI had quite the field day with chap. He also claimed a huge black object would purge itself from Antartica and was kicked off show by George for lack of info, I'm sorry, just too tired to do the homework, but many of you know exactly what I am speaking of.

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