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Helium 3

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posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 05:51 PM
I have heard some take about Helium 3 and it interested me so this day I decided to look it up.

I checked:

typed in helium 3

The part I thought interesting was down pretty far under the heading of, "Extraterrestrial supplies."

It says, Cosmochemist and Geochemist Quyang Ziyuan from the Chinese Academy of Science who "is now" in charge of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program has stated on many occassions that the main goals of the program would be the mining of Helium 3. He says, each year three space shuttle missions could bring enough fuel for all humans across the world.

I thought this was interesting.

Wonder what them rascals are doing or are planning on doing up there. Our rascals, not the Grey's. Have the Grey's or better yet will the Grey's allowthis? Lot's of thought, hmmmm.

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