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'Official' New World Order Propaganda Films

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posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 10:26 PM
Hey all, I saw this user on YouTube posting four of these videos. The reason I mentioned "official" in the thread title is that there's references to 'we' in the text. Thought it's relevant, plus, there's an official air(e) to the whole presentation of the videos, I don't know, they look like something suspicious.
Here's the title and link to each:

1. "The New World Order (Opinion change & recruitment)" (5:40)

(this one deals w/ chipping being 'a useful tool' and mentions the Freemason website/commercials for the practice.)

2. "The History and True Origin of Mankind - The New World Order" (2:20)

(mentions the Annunaki and the usual references associated w/ them.)

3. "Disclosure of the New World Order Flag" (1:36)

(speaks about a 'rogue planet' and breaks down the flag.)

4. "The New World Order - The Next Step of Evolution for Mankind" (2:10)

(talks about 2012, "the new utopia" and the approach of planet X.)

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posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 04:20 PM
I watched those videos, and wanted to check them out again, but noticed they were gone.

Also, the entire account was terminated.

posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by deezee

...just checked that out, hmm, wonder why the 'hit and run'? Plus, I found them within the YouTube search feature and it mentioned they were up for only two weeks. Conspiratorial?

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 02:05 PM
I was talking to that guy for like a week, "brother" to brother (after doing the secret handshakes and stuff), and he told me some freaky stuff after he started trusting me.

Towards the end, i may have said something, to make him realise, i'm not really a brother, and the next day the videos were removed and the account terminated.

Now it could have been the other way around, and he was really the one trying to gather information from me, but it does not make much sense.

He also said he was preparing the next video (and described it's contents) so i was even more surprised, to see it all disappear.

I must admit, the entire experience was quite scary and i'm still failing to make sense of it all, even after reading everything over a couple of times.

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posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 02:24 PM
DeeZee can you remember anything that was said in the conversations between you and he? I am very intrigued!!! I hope you can recall something!

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 02:28 PM
Hmmm....I wish there were some way to recover those vids.This is pretty interesting considering the account was just wiped out and all vids deleted.

I'll search around and see if he may have posted them anywhere else.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 02:56 PM

Originally posted by parry noid
DeeZee can you remember anything that was said in the conversations between you and he? I am very intrigued!!! I hope you can recall something!

I saved the entire conversation...

But, if he was the real deal, should i even dare post about it? I mean, i even had doubts about telling what i did it in the first place.

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posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by deezee

...maybe post some of it, paraphrasing what's questionable... as the OP, I've seen these videos, find it strange he dropped them in about a week and never to be heard from again... the contents don't vary much from what I posted as a description of each...

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 04:38 PM

Originally posted by anhinga
as the OP, I've seen these videos, find it strange he dropped them in about a week and never to be heard from again...

That's the weird part. Especially, since he said, he was doing this cos he was told to do it and that he was preparing a fourth video, even told me what would be in it, only to disapear completely a few days later.

I just looked into the file again.. It's a 13 page Word document i made by pasting the conversations from YouTube mail.

I copied it all after he disapeared, fearing the mails could also misteriously vanish... Some weird things were going on at that time, so i was kinda spooked.

The doc is almost 18000 characters, so it would take a lot of posts to cover it all, and the longer ones are more interesting..

I also thought of deleting all of my mails to him, to make it shorter, but then some / most of his answers would probably make no sense.

Of course, (almost) everything i wrote there is made up. As for him.. I don't know...

Is there a way, to attach files here? It would be easier then pasting and editing everything to make it fit.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by deezee

...the only way to 'attach' is to put it on a webspace.... why don't you u2u me, I'd love to see the exchange... also, there are four videos, maybe you meant a fifth....

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posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by deezee

Doesn't ATS have a document archive. Get hold of someone running ATS. I'd like to read your stuff. I wish the vids were still there!!!

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 04:59 PM
I don't have enough posts yet, to do the U2U. The only way to get there quickly would be to actually start pasting the conversations i had with that alleged freemason.

So here goes:

Conversations with an alleged Freemason working for the NWO..

By: DeeZee

I was watching your videos, and i'm wondering..

What is your position on this subject?

Are you a freemason, or are you planning on becoming one?

I am very interested in this subject, could you please share more information with me?



By: 2012TNWO

I am seaking answers like everyone else.

I could be a Freemason, but talking about if I am or if I am not isn't correct for me to do so unless you are a brother.


By: DeeZee
Well, i can hardly shake your hand now, can i.

But i can begin, halve it and say "J", "A".

What is missing?

By: 2012TNWO

By: DeeZee
That's not the name of the hand shake.

Did you just google it, to pretend to be a brother?

You were supposed to complete the name of the handshake.

By: 2012TNWO
In that case you mean the Jachin Handshake, I am not a Master Mason, sorry... That for me would not be a greating I would Par-take.

Jahbulon - Was the name given to the circle of Brothers I was a Kin too in my early years, Our Hand shake of that of the Jah-Bul-On is known more commonly as the MA-HA-BONE, also known as the Lions Paw.

I am far from being within the Freemason circle of simple charity doing and fund raising.

I am held in accordance with the Knight of the Sun the 28th Degree of the ladder, I am trusted with the developement of technology within the Order of The New World Order.

Before we speak further what degree are you Brother ?

To cast no shadow of doubt here is my orders passage:-


At one glance He sees the Past, the Present, and the Future; and the procession of the builders of the Pyramids, with us and our remotest Descendants, is now passing before Him. He reads our thoughts before they are known to ourselves. He rules the movements of the Universe, and all events and revolutions are the creatures of His will. For He is the Infinite Mind and Supreme Intelligence.


Thus from the above you can see Our Video's the Past, the present and the Future on Our YouTube Channel.

Depending on your degree brother, will depend on your knowledge of the above, should you not be entitled to the above I ask you speak nothing of it.

I have been told to all brothersd to be open on the aim of the video's but not to be careless, I know what I need to know, and have been told you know what you would need to know.

Your intial question was, what do I make of all of this ?

The rise of a One World government, I like the idea.

The idea of Nibiru, I have no reason to understand different to what I have been told, but until I see the planet in 2009 I wont get myself concern with what's to come.

And you ?

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 05:06 PM
duuuude POST IT!!!

New World Order must be exposed, my good friends!

Most people think N.W.O. is a rap group from Compton.

I amaze myself with my retarded wit.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 05:06 PM

By: DeeZee
Right brother. I greet you.

You understand why i needed to check who you are.

But i think i see some tests in what you wrote as well..

I am from the old continent, as you may have noticed, and english is not my first language, but i'm pretty good at it, so i hope, nothing gets lost in the translation.

The phrasing is often different in our passages for that reason.

Or maybe i'm just imagining it, and it because of the language barrier..

Anyway, i understand the importance of checking who you're really talking to.

We all know what we need to know. And i never speak about any of it to the uninitiated or even the ones who don't need to know.

I thought you were of a lower degree than that.

I am the 30th degree of AASR, or Grand Inspector. Or as i believe you would call it, Knight Kadosh.

Were you ordered to put out those videos? Or was it your own decision? I've seen many people being doubtfull of who you really are, some even calling you names, as if that makes them less ignorant.

I am sometimes observing the "resistance" to our movement, and it makes me laugh, how passive and ignorant most of those who call themselves enlightened, really are.

Still, someone is giving out informations that shouldn't get out yet in my country. We are currently working hard to find out who that is.

You said you develope technology? Which area, if i may ask?

About Nibiru.. Don't worry, you'll see it soon enough. I can tell you that much. You don't believe yet? It is important only that we prepare everything for when the time comes.

I'm sorry i wasn't able to respond sooner, i was very busy. Talk to you soon. It's good to hear from fellow brothers from the other side of the planet.


By: 2012TNWO
I have added you as Family and I will add all other Brothers as such.

By: DeeZee
I should have warned you before, but i did not expect to be added..

This could make some of my work go down the drain...

Good thing you notified me in time. I will create another identity for some of the work i have to do here, and keep this one for conversations with you and other brothers..

I should have told you i'm under cover here. But that was before i knew who you really are, so even that would be too much information..

From now on, ASK our brothers, if they can be added FIRST, before adding them. You could compromise someone, without realising it.

Be more carefull...


By: 2012TNWO
I am based behin a Proxy Server, I have many a different allias.

But yes I should be more mindful, you I think are the first Mason I have found on here.

There are many I find to be hoaxsters.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 05:06 PM
good good.

You must have posted right as I was typing.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 05:09 PM

By: 2012TNWO

I have been placed in a position of Media control (along with others). I never grew through the normal channels of the Freemasons I never had the initial induction, and know very little of the lower structure. I got to be in the position I am through who I am, but I doubt I will grow past Knight of the Sun degree, for that's my best suited role. I help structure films and media to help turn the public eye and cast fiction over fact and visa versa, mixing half truths with facts, much like the YouTube Videos I have been working on now. We have tackled the youth giving them Harry potter and other films to show magic and so fourth as a tangible working feat, much like the release of Star Wars helped people loose focus of the Moon Landing, it showed Mankind was able to do MUCH more than a simple Moon landing. I am working on many projects, one recent one was Beowulf the Animated version, showing the first creations of the Anunnaki as Demon/Dragon morphic creatures, again masking fiction and fact. The latest title "The Golden Compass" A film based very loosely on the History of the Freemasons to help the children of today see the Secret society's as a thing of wonder and excitement.

You will notice on the WEB site it shows the land masses of Inner Earth (Agharta).

I have been placed in the world of Media, helping by commissioning films that will help change the public's view slowly, opening them to a world beyond what they see, to help them understand change is happening.

Painting the North Pole as the entrance to a new world helps mask the fact that it is.

That was my main task.

As for other Technology I have been asked to run closely with PIPS and other market leaders in Facial Recognition Camera's and Green laser Holographic technology.

You may have watched some of the Video's I have marked as Favorite, those I have found and soon will make video's to mask a response to. Same with the Founders of The New World Order people like the Rockefeller's I may make a video showing them as normal, but eccentric people, but I have to work out the best approach.

There are many other theories I have to try and mask.

So far the playing down and the brightening up of the New World Orders real agenda is working well, the video's I have made seem to be getting no response. I think people are in two minds about the work I have done, it's blurring their vision, answering their questions with more questions.

Just as I was instructed to do.

Even though I have been pushed away from my circle to do this and kept out of the workings to help me get lost in this world of limbo I have pushed my self in, it's nice to have a Brother I can talk to.

I hope more will follow.

I have not heard much on the theory of the return of Nibiru, I have been in contact with the South Polar team, but they didn't share information with me, they will only share with my Circle leader, and that's no real use as I have swore to break contact until contact is made from their end.

What news have you that you can share...?

I may be able to use it in my next video (or the one after).

Right now I am working on the Video The New World Orders Defense against Nibiru should the people of Nibiru turn hostile, showing our latest in Technology in the way of Defense and offensive strikes.

You may call me Vedas.
(Not my real name, that given by my Circle).

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 05:11 PM

By: DeeZee
About the hoaxers..

Well, no smart brother would give out information to them, which they are not priviliged to anyway.

BTW: I work on three different computers at the same time, each over a different proxy and even connection types, just in case.

Just now i'm chatting with someone, who knows a little too much. I don't think it's him yet, but i'm getting there.

I hope we can plug this hole up soon. I hate traitors, that's why i made it a personal matter in the first place.

Good luck on your projects!

By: 2012TNWO

The Freemason Asended Masters are trying to open the doors to the public at entry level.

Any so called Brother you may be going after may be a simple new comer, a third degree Mason at best.

This traitor you speak of, what have they done ?

I have been watching many people claiming to be Freemasons or the alike, some true and some not, coming fourth and telling stories.

All you needs do is look at the comments, nobody is taking this seriously, and those that do I have slowly found they are the type that are hocked to the NET 24 hours 7 days a week, that wont do nothing about it any way. And should they speak out they become silenced by the police or get branded as Nut cases by there own so called people in the know.

The media has people pinned, have faith in the work of The Kights of the Sun, our order has been working for many years to combat such traiters, he wont get far.


By: DeeZee
Are you talking about the Beowulf that came out just now?

How were you involved with the production? The script, or the animation?

I will check out the other movie you mentioned? So you're working on that one directly as well? Do i understand this correctly?

I am impressed.

Which weapons will you be mentioning in the next YT video? Will you present them as they really are, or are you going to mask them just a little, to achieve your goal?

You should be honored, to have been able to skip some degrees, to get where you are now.. This puts you in league with some very special people, who were given the same oportunity for their special abilities or positions.

I admire the one with abilities over the ones with just position. Altho it is sometimes combined, sometimes we get #, if you know what i mean.

What are the specific questions you would like answers to?
Tell me, and if i'm allowed, i will share the answers with you.

You can call me DAMON, brother.


posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 05:14 PM

By: 2012TNWO

The films I worked on, I worked on the feel and how they flow in a way that will help numb the thinking process.

In other words I along with several others helped make the films watch able to the point they are not questioned, and made it so all that watch it in the intended audience feel it could be real.

Much like The Film rendition of the Matrix.

A film I wished I could have been part of was Dragon BallZ, but I am now out of the Circle. To try an combat these stupid concoctions of truth by combating them with similar agreements but from a flip side.

I have been trusted alone on this, I think as a test by my own Brothers right now I feel like an outsider. Almost part of normality, I now hold a day job, I hate it.

And these video's take me a very long time to make, trying to plaster over things and plug holes as you put it, is no fun what so ever.

The questions I have are all based on Nibiru and the people from there. In my Circle is spoken about as if it was myth, just a notion like a nod in the dark.

I know not if it still exists even though I have been given photo's, yet to me they look like lens flares, and I am sure they are, just to slow the public and make the question the legitimacy of my Video's.

Can you confirm or share with me info on the planet, the changes that will come to pass (if any) ?

And have you any idea of the intentions of the people from Nibiru, that is if they still live, as the way I understand things the Anunnaki had been a race on the brink of existence ?

All the best Brother


By: DeeZee
He is posting certain things on local forums.

Our people are tracking him already, but he is good at hiding.

I have reason to believe he is using what he learned in the craft, to hide better, but this knowledge itself will expose him in the end.

I'm also trying my best to gain his trust in personal conversations. Trying to arrange a meeting.

He is very carefull, but i used to do this stuff professionally myself.

Anyway, good luck with your projects!


By: 2012TNWO

I hope you are not of the order of hunters.

The Craft protectors I hear of...

I am not sure I could do that, even if I was ordered.
(I am creative rather than destructive, I am not what you would call a pure blood, due to my passing into the order mainly by heritage and grooming).

What is your role within the order ?


By: DeeZee
Not a hunter.. I was a "tamer". I don't know how to translate it better.

Also, that's what my name means... "To tame".

I was chosen for the job because of my ability to "simulate" other people's minds in my mind, in order to understand them.

You could call it empathy. Some would even say telepathy. But i don't think it's really that.

This helped me understand, how people would react to certain things when it was needed. It also helps learn what people really think.

Imagine it like always knowing, what other people feel, even if you just glance at them for a second.

Certain things in my past caused me to have, or rather learn this to survive..

Oh, and about Nibiru.. Think of it as a name of a project, rather than just a planet. I think you're on the right track. And if not, you will be told by your circle soon enough.

I have to sleep now, lot of things to do tomorrow.

Be well, brother. Trust in the light.


posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 05:18 PM

By: 2012TNWO

I understand your skill, we have one brother in our circle with similar standing.

No wonder I was so open with you.

You asked about the weapons, I will cover Unmanned Air, Ground and sea vehicles, Robotic Suites of the future. Along with Magnetic field generators and wave dispursment weapons.

Only the weapons in the public domain should they search for them.

I will not mention nothing of the high pressure water cutter bombs we have for cutting through solid matter like tank armour and solid stone, or the laser tech we have for sink holes.

By: 2012TNWO

It seems the idea of slowly showing the younger audience God May not exsist and those in religous standing may not be the best people to trust has been rumbled:-

But at the same time the film remains, and the idea in the younger minds of today will be altered.

Again a sucess, for The Knights of The Sun.

You see an evenly balanced argueement apearing for those backing religion and those not.

Christianity and other Bible based religions will fall, but that of the Muslim faith are much stonger.

And they tend to feed off of the fact people are dropping that of the Bible.

I hear there are plans in motion to pull apart the Muslim world, do know of them ?


By: DeeZee
Greetings Vedas!

Again, sorry for the late answer, but i am very busy.

> I hear there are plans in motion to pull apart the Muslim
> world, do know of them ?

It's happening as we speak. 911 was very sucesfull in putting military in some muslim countries and it's expanding.

Take a look at what the military is really doing there. People are already speaking about it on YT.

The plans are progressing, and nobody seems to care.

No wonder i hear many refer to them as cattle or sheep.

BTW: About Nibiru and other questions you had. When i said you can ask me specific questions, there was a reason behind that.

Anyone can ask "What do you thing about this in general?"

But only someone who already knows something, can ask specific questions.

Do you understand where i'm going with this?

An uninitiated one could ask a "general" question, and the only way for me to answer it, would be to write about it in great length and/or detail, possibly exposing something i shouldn't.

While only a brother would be able to ask specific questions.

I must be carefull, no matter who it is i'm talking to, and so should you. This is the reason i was so vague in my previous answer.

So again, you can ask me questions, if you want, but they need to be specific.

And while we're at it, i wanted to ask you a question. It's about the new movie Beowulf. I haven't seen it yet, but if i should do so, i would like to know what i should look for, how to understand it from your perspective..

You also mentioned DragonBallZ. While i know what that is, i've never watched it, but what was the reason you wanted to work on it, or rather, what would you have changed.

Be well brother, and talk to you soon.


P.S. Do you know what your name stands for? It's an old and very interesting name, and in my language it actually has it's original meaning.

P.P.S. While answering, you should quote the parts of my original post you are reffering to. It's easyer to understand, and to follow the conversation. It's also more efficient.


All videos removed by user.
2012TNWO Account terminated.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 05:20 PM
That was it.

After my last mail to him, on the next day, his account was terminated.

I now see i could have done better, but even this was enough, to scare me a bit..

Well, it's out now. Better to do it before they assasinate me, then afterwards..

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