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Noscitare's Introduction

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posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 11:25 AM
How I found myself on ATS

Greetings to all. I've been a registered user for about a week, getting a feel for the place. In the past I would (from time to time) read Usenet but when I recently subscribed to some newsgroups they pretty much seemed to be having a near-death-experience. So I decided to start looking at some web forums, getting used to RSS feeds, etc.

I've been a longtime fan of Robert Anton Wilson and the paranormal, ufo's, and the possibility of conspiracies, while not being an obsession, have always intrigued me. So about a month ago I was entertaining myself with a little web surfing, looking for some interesting sites when I happened upon a video of Michael Tsarion giving a presentation at something called the Granada Conference. I watched the entire presentation and at the end I found myself thinking, "Holy Crap!" While I had heard of much of what Mr. Tsarion had spoken about I'd never before actually seen anyone speaking about it. Thus began my search to find out what parts of Mr. Tsarion's ideas might be valid and what parts might be considered to be in the realm of "kook-hood".

Eventually I came across the film "Zeitgeist". Ever since 9/11/01 I've felt that something just wasn't quite right with the events of that day: How, in the United States of America, do four airliners get hijacked at the same time and three of them make it to their targets? And the Pentagon? I would've thought that the airspace around that building was so restricted that nothing short of a ballistic missle could've gotten through to it. But rather than attempting to look into those events at that time I just accepted the "conventional wisdom". It was the easy thing to do.

But then "Zeitgeist" got me thinking about it all over again and I began looking for information that would help me to determine what parts of that film were true (or at least potentially true) and which were just too outlandish to warrant consideration. That search is what has brought me to ATS. And to be perfectly honest I'm now more confused than ever. Holograms? "Butter planes"? No airplane debris at either the Pentagon or Shanksville sites?

And in addition to the 9/11 stuff we've got reptilians, Lemurians, Tiamet, and the ever-present Illuminati. I think that I'll be sifting through this stuff for quite some time.

I consider myself to be a skeptic, but not dogmatically so. I try to keep an open mind and determine the merit of everything that comes my way based on logic and evidence. In addition I hope to become involved in some of the research projects here on ATS and become a "scholar".

Thank you and I hope to be talking to some of you in the future.

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 11:31 AM
Welcome to the wonderful world of ATS. In an effort to deny ignorance we discuss almost everything, at some point, and we're always glad to have new minds on these subjects.

Judging by your posting style, you'll do nicely here. We have a full array from sure fire weird to factual science and breaking news. Level heads welcome in each and all. (I too am a middle of the road type.)

Glad you found us, and looking forward to your input.

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