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FOIA: Los Alamos Record of 03MAY49 Sighting of Lights

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posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 07:43 AM
Los Alamos 03MAY49 sighting record
Sighting of one white and one red light in the skies above Los Alamos with reports from 3 guard stations incident #365

Document date: 1949-05-03
Department: Unknown
Author: Unknown
Document type: record
pages: 13


Archivist's Notes: Very poor quality file, it is difficult to extract the information, the lights were described as being like landing lights of an aircraft. Assuming three reports of same sightings as record shows #365, #365A, #365B, record also refers to incident #358, report names Inspectors Wilson, Olbert, Cooney? or Gooney? as observers.

posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 10:58 AM
While no real information can be gotten from the documents in this condition, one can gather that a very fast moving object was seen, and then the same or another object, which hovered.

Speeds of 1000mph are mentioned, along with the hovering. In 1949 such things would have been unlikely, as no aircraft were attaining those speeds then, and the only thing that could hover was a balloon, which does not seem to be the object described.

posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 02:52 AM
page 1 illegible

page 2 is the questionnaire form but very illegible. appears to have been something sighted in the east for 10 seconds, 10 or 15 degrees above the horizon on the 3rd of some date. it moved very fast for around 15 miles.

page 3 is illegible

page 4 appears to be from another witness who saw the object for 3 - 7 seconds

page 5 illegible

page 6 shows the observation was made on the 3rd of may between 21.26 and 21-something. mentions the object looked white. likened the speed to the same as an aircraft landing

page 7 illegible

page 8 shows the year was 1949, time between 21.26 - 22.05 at los alamos, new mexico. mostly the same info as above but it also notes the object was spotted twice and that the second time seen, it appeared to hover stationary for 3 seconds

page 9 names a security inspector john c goonoy

page 10 is another questionnaire. said the object was about the size of a baseball and had diamond lights. they were white and red.

page 11 names another security inspector william d wilson

page 12 is another questionnaire

page 13 names sgt elwood e obert

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