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Are you prepared to answer the call of duty? Or will you promote war?

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posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 09:08 PM
Now like everyone else i've been watching the news about increased US aggression against Russia. China an Iran for some time. I have also been reading alot of theories on what will happen should the US fall into recession. It seems a war of some sort is becoming more and more inevitable every day. This has got me a little curious though. Considering a lot more people are getting fed up with pointless wars, would the US citizens approve of more war? Or would they protest it. My question to you all is what do you think? Even if you are not from the US. Most of us have family and friends worldwide. Could you go to war against a country that your friends or family could be fighting for? For a cause that is not your own and that you do not believe in? Would you join in protest and organize rallies?
I just wanted to hear some thoughts on this. Personally if global war was approaching i would move my family away from danger and avoid it completely as i have no quarrel with any nation or its people and would not want my family to become a casualty in something they have nothing to do with. What would you do

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 07:15 PM
There is a strong possibility that the U.S. will take military action against Iran. Russia and China seem much less liikely.

In the event of another war, you always have the option of protesting, organizing and/or refusing military service. Thousands did that against the war in Vietnam and eventually our leaders responded. I would probably protest against an armed conflict with Iran.

A war with Russia and/or China would likely involve nuclear weapons and it would be difficult to find a safe spot on earth to move to. I wouldn't abandon the U.S. unless I deeply believed we were at fault, and probably not even then.

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posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 07:25 PM
Global war is not approaching, solely because a lame duck political philosophy is dieing. Iraq is Vietnam II, like it or not. Bush may go for Iran in the potential recession, but Brown is not as disposed to the nosing as is Blair, and you won't get away with it politically, you'll have next to no support. So that's out.
Russia are getting mighty fiesty themselves, what with all that oil and gas that Bush can't get, China is building industry.
The problem in world politics is countries starting to assert themselves being seen as aggressive, and the aggressive shrouding themselves in the artificial veils of good.

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 08:25 PM
Hi There,

I feel, personally, that the aggressive stance that Putin has placed Russia upon is in direct response to the flagrant global belligerence displayed by the current American government.

Be under no illusion, a war with Russia will bring utter decimation to the American and European continents. I doubt you will find a place safe enough for you or your family. Any military conflict with Russia would entail a nuclear one...guaranteed! On that thought, America and Europe can expect to be saturated with nuclear missiles and bombs of varying yeilds from 1meg to 60megatons. Their weaponry is not as accurate as America's, but with that kind of payload, it don't matter much. In fact, it wouldn't really be a war, certainly not in the old context of its meaning, it would simply be a species committing suicide. Bush messes with Putin at his peril!

My thought and vote always lays in the ideology of equal freedom and liberty for all, everywhere on the planet for each people to their own historical and cultural precedence. For that I will fight: if a country (and I don't care which country) wants to try and take my freedom from me, then by all means, let it try...I am not prepared to give it up...not for any country or any government...especially my own. Just remember one thing, terrorists do not take freedoms, they take lives in making statements...there is no terrorist ideology extant that seeks to take away another country's freedoms. This is why the so-called 'war' on terror is a misnomer.

Of course, you have to stop terrorists from taking lives...that goes without saying, but let such action be placed in its true context, and not as a possible pretext to create and sustain a conflict with an enemy you cannot beat, whilst in the process make huge amounts of money from destroying and killing the wrong targets. The best and only way to overcome terrorism is to change the mindset of the terrorist, and that often means changing one's own mindset. We have to change our own mindset in order to accomodate a understanding of why the 'alleged' terrorist has commited a act of terror upon us, but if one's nefarious government does not want you to understand, it will seek to obsfucate, disinform and deny you any perogative of's own government becomes a informational terrorist against you.

There is no greater or more noble cause to fight than that of one's own freedom and liberty, except the freedom and liberty of your countrymen, women, and children. Freedom and liberty are the establishment of meaning and purpose to our lives, and we must guard them with every breath we take, and act uncompromisingly and unconcernedly for our own safety when they are attacked, for both freedom and liberty are the incubators of our children's future, and thus, we must tender to them a moral and justified obligated duty of acute watchfulness.

We should NEVER give up anything, not for a second, absolutley no part of our freedom or liberty just because a act of 'terror' has been visited upon us, for it invites one's government to take supreme and sublime advantage over us, and from there, the real terror, the most pernicious harm to our freedom and liberty comes not from the outside, but from within.

To answer your question...I would either fight or protest, it all depends upon the threat, and from where it truly comes.

Best wishes


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