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Using the power of dreams Fact or Fiction

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posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 04:21 PM
Gonna share a personal testing experience with regards to Lucid dreaming.
One day I go to my parent’s house, my dad wants to show me a book, we go to were he keeps the books in a big sliding door wardrobe. He slides the door back and starts searching for the book. I see some strange contraption on a shelf it is like the blindfolds they give you on long flights, on the inside of the blindfold is an electronic contraption and bright blue LED lights.

Anyway the book is about using Lucid dreaming, and the 'goggles' are an aid
to using it, i agree to test it out after gaping and laughing at the ludicrous price tag for a book and blindfold. The book suggests that you can train yourself to spot when you are dreaming and this allows you to start using your dream time to do more constructive things, it promises complicated equations are instant and correct while lucid dreaming and problem solving skills are increased greatly.

Now we have all had dreams and their is a moment when you realize you are dreaming but this is usually followed by quickly waking up, sometimes i realize i am dreaming and do things like fly but these never last long as your mind suddenly realizes that what you are doing shouldn't be possible.

So I follow the books instructions, mental exercises 3 times a day for a month. Now the idea here is to train your mind to associate dreaming with an item/object and every time you see this object this tells your mind that you are dreaming, the goggles claim to flash a fancy pattern of lights when they detect you going into REM sleep this apparently facilitates Lucid Dreaming, the goggles also had a button on the front of them (outside), this is the emergency escape button if something is wrong hit the button and they flash a series of lights guaranteed to wake you up.

For some odd reason I choose a giant double pepperoni pizza as my symbol and as the book’s ‘training regime’ states do a month’s worth of 3 times a day mental exercises, imagining a massive pizza and saying the words ‘I am dreaming, I am dreaming’

So on the first night I go to sleep wearing the goggles, I am having a normal random dream when suddenly I am transported to a cliff top overlooking the sea its night , dark, and raining. I start to see flashes of lightning over the sea then a huge double pepperoni pizza just appears in mid air over the sea I start to think I am dreaming, I am dreaming. Instantly I become aware of much more control than usual and time seems to be passing in a much more real way than normal dream state.

I levitate myself ..up then down then think right a calculation 74 multiplied by 58 ----4292 (correct) then for some strange reason I start to panic I don’t know why but the weirdness of what was happening really started making me feel un easy this gets worse and worse and the pizza just appears on my face , I start clawing at it to remove the pizza from my face and am instantly awakened by a set of really bright flashes into my eyes. I had hit the escape button.

So for me at least it worked if not briefly, the calculation still freaks me out today when I think about it, in fact it unnerved me that much I never wanted it attempt it again…and never did.

I would love to hear any Lucid dreaming stories you have with personal experiences good or bad…or is Lucid dreaming all hog wash? Personally I think it works in principal but am unconvinced of the sustainability claimed in the book of all knowing all seeing control.

ATS is a great wealth of varied knowledge and opinions I love it… so you tell me ATS’ers Lucid Dreaming Fact or Fiction? And if the rabbit hole exists how far down does it go?

Ty all for your time. ....QS

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posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 07:03 PM
i guess unless i am predicting a new age or some alien invasion this topic is not worth a reply .. this is a real topic with a real investigation and it gets zero responses .. how shamefull

posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 06:33 PM
It all sounds very interesting, but to be honest I don't know much about this topic. Although I must admit I'm really interested.

Since when you are dreaming, to a certain extend, you aren't processing external input such as vision, hearing, etc, maybe your brain can work faster on some other things. I think that makes sense.

I'll definitely look more into this.

What was the name of the book you were using? Do you know where I can get the full kit?

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posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 11:44 PM
I have not tried the blind fold with lights, but I have seen several videos on them (so im very experienced, not!
) but they look very interesting and from what I've seen they are supposed to work exactly the way you've stated in your post.

Red blinking lights in the blindfolds your eyes and brain put those into the dream and in your dream you will see the red lights, so you will better remember your dreams, pretty amazing stuff I hope to try it sometime......

Sorry for my lack of insight or knowledge, but I'm just so fascinated with how our brains can pull this kinda stuff off!

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