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Too many idiots flood the world.

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posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 01:57 PM
They believe in false ideals such as the media, the public's image, their own self image, that if they treat other people that other people will treat them the same way back, and that everything is handed to them on a silver platter. People believe that everything in life will be given for them in an early age and that they don't need to do anything for anything so they don't learn. People that are homeless make themselves believe that they can't do a job or that they just have to beg for money with the hope that it'll change something. Homeless people of the world shouldn't exist and they should have homes. They should be able to have the chance to not be homeless earlier in life and they should capatilize on it.

That, and people are starting to rely only on myspace and facebook as methods of communication and when something goes on in a wall they don't like they are disappointed about it. They think they make friends over myspace and facebook, but, those people just, like don't know how to communicate using other forms of communication, so they'd rather do it over myspace or facebook. I'm saying there are some people like that, not everyone though.

People support bad people in the world. They think they have good intentions and that they are right. They don't stand against them because they are strong. o_o.

McDonals is making more people fat. People are getting too many hamburgers. Globalization is destroying other nations culture and it's making other nations unstable for the benefit of global competition. Corporations are forcing other nations with the consent of the United States government under competitive purposes to flood other nations with products they think will benefit them. They think it will benefit them but in reality they're just being pulled under strings by the same people in the government that control the world.

A lot of the United States (besides me) thinks that after Bush is out of power that things will change. This is so predictable. The faces in the government that are running for office look like they were just mere puppets to run for office to get everyone's hopes up. They think they can correct the wrongs. So, and, then, in reality, they won't correct things. The media will be met with more lies and they will broadcast them to the public.

The Bush administration has been a complete success. It has shown that one person can run an entire campaign to get the public to think that everything out in the rest of the world is evil and they have to fear something. Bush uses the fear control system to get people to believe in his cause even though he has a low approval rating. Chaney is worse. He just has too much power over things. It's not like that would stop Bush from doing whatever he's doing.

World hunger can be solved but governments think that it's a waste of time. They get thousands of letters telling them to solve world hunger and they know schools are talking about it so they do nothing about it. The government makes these people sound loony so they can form their own political agenda.

Social order has always been about discrimination. Social order has to do with the people that have power and the people that don't. The people that have power have friends and the people that don't have power don't have friends. People that don't have power have nothing. People that have power are the only ones that will be in control. Rebels will be left out of things. The rebels in the world will be cautiously avoided by the people in power and the people that don't have power will look up to them.

Will life be a constant struggle between good and evil? Why does the concept of good and evil exist? Whoever made the concept of good and evil obviously wanted to conquer the world and has done a very good job at it. That person probably had a lot of power and was probably evil as well. o_o. People can talk about these things all they want but they aren't doing anything!

What's wrong with people? Are people that greedy? Power breeds corruption, sure, but aren't there other good people in the world that would not let power make the rise of their own downfall? The definition of power should be a struggle for control. Civilizations battle for power. IT doesn't get them anywhere. IT just means that on the world center stage that they'll all be fighting. They're just idiots...

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 01:01 AM

People need to wake up and see the truth

Amen, but they never will. IMHO it will be an endless cycle of idiots running everything. I'm so sick of people not steping up to the plate when they screw themselfs up. People are addicted to the blamegame, its sad. Well thats my lack of two cents. Peace

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posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 01:26 AM
I'd love to write a long and interesting and theological answer to your rant,


I have to check my messages on facebook and then MySpace and then I'm going to be hungry so I'll just pop out and grab a cheeseburger.

ummmmm C-H-E-E-S-E-B-U-R-G-U-R *dribble dribble dribble*

All the best and you have a happy happy joy joy day now.




posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 04:29 AM

Originally posted by Maverickhunter
Homeless people of the world shouldn't exist and they should have homes.

So what is it?

We should expunge the homeless population or we should get them homes?

Does providing them a home actually change anything? No. A portion of these people are legitimately homeless and would do anything for a place to call their own. If provided with a home, they would rejoice and possibly turn their life around with this new found fortune. Others though are actually on the street by choice. I strongly believe that these people are in the minority of homeless individuals, but they do exist. They don't want a home, they are content where they are. So does that give us the right to ask for the genocide of any homeless individual?

What makes our life any more or less valid than theirs?

Mav, do you have a Facebook account? Do you have a MySpace page? Do you currently live with your parents who are the main providers of the house? I suspect you are and you do, but as opposed to assuming anything.. I choose to ask you.

I suspect you do, and if so, don't you think it's hypocritical? ...Even just a little?

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 02:27 PM
reply to post by chissler

Does it actually change anything? I'm not saying that we should expunge them from the population or anything but I'm saying that due to the fact that America is the land of "unlimited possibilities" they shouldn't exist in the first place. Rather than being homeless those people should have had well paying jobs before they became homeless.

We can do something with our life. My rant is addressed to the people that can actually do something with their own life. We have a choice. There are a lot of people in the real world that don't act on their own. Those kinds of people that don't act on their own don't get that far without a lot of assistance.

Yes, I have a facebook and myspace. I actually stopped using my facebook and myspace. I was only forced to use my myspace a few months ago when some person at my school kept on bugging me to go on myspace so that he could message me on it. As for my facebook account, I deactivated it once, and then I reactivated it. I deactivated it to get this one girl that was constantly bugging me on IM to stop bugging me about her facebook worries. If people can't handle peer pressure they shouldn't be on facebook or myspace. I haven't used facebook or myspace since I deactivated my facebook account the first time. In the meantime, I am going to deactivate both accounts shortly when I get around to doing so next month.

My parents are the providers of my house but that doesn't mean anything about who the providers of my house will be in the future. I am only 18. However, due to the fact that I am still in high-school I am legally forced to by law to live with my parents. By the end of the year I will have paid employment. I already have a volunteer job where I am getting my community service learning hours. I'm well on my way to having a successful future. Yes, while it may be hypocritical that I say these things about those other people, wouldn't I be correct in saying that those other people should have taken advantage of their opportunity while they were around my age? I am 18 and I have not faltered on one decision since I turned this age a few months ago back in June of last year. What about those other 18 year olds that do nothing to try to make them move further in their lives?

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 02:34 PM
What about them?

What about those that don't have the strong social networking that you do? Are you faulting kids for not making of themselves, when they had nothing to come from? Given what you've said here, I suspect you come from a nice family and parents who are there for you. I too was fortunate in these regards. It made me into the person I am today. Do you believe that your parents have played a contributing role in you becoming the person you are?

Now what about those that come from parents with substance abuse. Those that are addicted to crack, heroin, etc., and never really had a fighting chance. As a young child, they didn't have supper on the table so they only had to worry about their homework. While some kids biggest problems are what's for homework, others are too busy taking care of their brothers, sisters, mommies and daddies. Are we really prepared to fault them for the behaviours of their parents?

This card can only be played for so long, but certainly you can acknowledge that all 18 year olds are not offered the same luxuries you have.

I'm not saying that your life is easy, because it was only a handful of years ago that I was in high school. No matter what your economic or social status, high school is tough. But having these extra hurdles only adds to the insurmountable adversity.

Rather than being a critic, let's be an arm to help. Rather than saying what they should do, let's say what we can do to help.

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 04:20 PM
reply to post by chissler

I see what you're saying. The luxuries in my life haven't always been like this though. I had to work too hard to learn what I needed to know about the real world and what I still need to know and that there is never a point where I can rightfully stop learning. For a time I had problems making friends at my old school because I did not know who I could get along with and my schedule constantly switched me around people that I didn't know. I am in a new school now and while the transition was tough eventually I managed to get myself settled. I wasn't that fortunate either for a while, and I didn't always have a social networking this good before. My problems ranged from my poor academic success and how I had extremely low expectations on life. These low expectations in my life caused me to say stupid things and get laughed at and my academic success wasn't helping me out much either. I had to pull myself around.

Their parents aren't making them do poorly. I had to turn myself around without much of anyone's help. Parents play a big role in how children think but the children are not exact copies of half of their parents. The children of those parents shouldn't be expected to be able to raise a child. I'm not saying that we should have groups in society that would control how a parent raises a child. However, parents should at least be offered outside assistance from an organization of people that have the same problem. They should not declare a set rule for how people should raise their child but at least they could with that organization be able to site common reasons what they are doing that is causing their child not to succeed as well as they want them to. So, then, they could act on it.

My economic status as for the income I make per week isn't that great. I only make $5 a week from my Mom and my Dad. Please don't make fun of my economic status. I only earn volunteer hours without a paycheck

posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 06:35 AM
Usually the first step of helping someone is to listen to what they have to say. But if they don't communicate their problems, it's not easy. I've listened to soooo many people, and their problems. If I can't help them with their problems directly, usually words had somewhat of an effect.

I'm 19 years old now, and I didn't have the luxuries that most teenagers have while in highschool. I struggled, but I made it through the best I could. I can't really say I took advantage of all the opportunities, but i'm chipping away at ny desires in life.

By the way, noone put a gun to your head to reactivate your account on My space/Facebook. Why would you cave so easily if you have such strong beliefs against using such a tool? I for one, have a my space, but seldomly log on. I find it to be rather useless in my case. I see what you mean though. 10 years ago, people actually went out to socialize and meet one another; sadly, the majority of the population doesn't do that anymore.

With the whole homeless issues. I've personally met a "hobo", for lack of better words. And he chose to be homeless, he's much happier that way, or so he says. Are you a Darwinist? Just wondering!

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