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Al Sharpton sells out to the repugnants!

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posted on Feb, 3 2004 @ 04:34 PM
A Bush Covert Operative Takes Over Al Sharpton's Campaign

Sleeping With the GOP

Roger Stone, the longtime Republican dirty-tricks operative who led the mob that shut down the Miami-Dade County recount and helped make George W. Bush president in 2000, is financing, staffing, and orchestrating the presidential campaign of Reverend Al Sharpton.

Though Stone and Sharpton have tried to reduce their alliance to a curiosity, suggesting that all they do is talk occasionally, a Voice investigation has documented an extraordinary array of connections. Stone played a pivotal role in putting together Sharpton's pending application for federal matching funds, getting dollars in critical states from family members and political allies at odds with everything Sharpton represents. He's also helped stack the campaign with a half-dozen incongruous top aides who've worked for him in prior campaigns. He's even boasted about engineering six-figure loans to Sharpton's National Action Network (NAN) and allowing Sharpton to use his credit card to cover thousands in NAN costs—neither of which he could legally do for the campaign. In a wide-ranging Voice interview Sunday, Stone confirmed his matching-fund and staffing roles, but refused to comment on the NAN subsidies.

I can't beleive this! Everyone is selling out to that bastard repugnant party! What's happening to the world? Are there no heroes left???? I knoew Sharpton's running was too good to be true. He sold out just like everyone else has...but for the Colonel. I resisted the seduction of the repugnant back in 2000.

[Edited on 3-2-2004 by Colonel]

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