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Pentagon Insider has dire warning - Wake up!

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posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 09:56 PM
Here are comments from Daniel Ellsberg, the former Defense Department analyst who leaked the secret Pentagon Papers history of the Vietnam War. These are his statements about the current situation with this administration and the pending (possible) attack on Iran. He basically states there is a coup that has happened here in the US.Let me know what you guys think about his to if he is correct or just crazy.

posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 08:53 PM
I thought I would add a little info on this guy to show he is not some nut case.
Seems to be quite a bit of info on him out there.


posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 10:59 PM
i recognised the coup,the instigators are known as the "crazies".

colin powell mentioned them once,he seemed afraid of them!.

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posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 11:13 PM
I hate the US Government, all of this pisses me off.

posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 11:14 PM

Originally posted by antmax21
I hate the US Government, all of this pisses me off.

What US government?

posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 11:19 PM
We must use the next election to take back our nation. It is as simple as that. It is in all likleyhood the very last chance we will have without bloodshed. I realize that the election is not even a sure thing in itself, but we must hope that the machinery of democracy cannot be subverted at a pace that will prevent a free election.

It is for this reason that I have sought to see Ron Paul elected. Not as much for his stance, but because through him we have a chance to upset the corrupt system now in place, and actively desired by the "leading" candidates.

Many Americans are starting to feel this way, though they are not articulating it i the same way we are here. It seems to be a surge of unrest within the masses that are becoming aware of the problem on their own.

If we fail, I fear that civil unrest will mount to a point where our streets will take on the air of a Banana Republic. Our nation cannot survive intact another four or eight years of the status quo.

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 02:43 AM

He wants to get rid of the FBI, NSA, other words- get our freedom back from these corrupt politicians that will lead us to destruction by sending us to another ridiculous war.

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 03:09 AM
I always had the thought in my mind to say that if you dont vote then you have no right to talk/bitch about view has changed somewhat over the years.

Even as a young age before I was old enough to vote I noticed that ALMOST EVERY time there was an election, be it in the US, SA, Iraq, Russia...where ever, there has been some scandal regarding votes fudging numbers.

With regards to Ron Paul becoming president? Depends, is he a Mason? lol

EDIT: My point is, I don't really care about voting anymore because "I" feel that its a waste of time because it has already been decided in advance who will be president

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posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 05:16 AM
I have felt the same way for quite some time...I don't really ever feel like voting for a couple of reasons: 1) there is never any 1 of the candidates that is good enough for me to pick...each one of them is lying about something, or had some problem in the past they wish they could cover up... 2)I DO feel like if I didn't vote then I DO have a right to complain...because if I did not help to get the loser into office in the first place, then it is everyones fault who did vote for them. It's not my fault we are going to war...the guy YOU helped get elected did it.

But then that's just me....I also feel, like said before, someone has already been secretly selected to win....a certain prez with GW in his name comes to mind.

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 08:18 AM
I have often wondered how the United States and our relations with the rest of the world, would be different had Al Gore been declared the winner in 2000. He received the most votes! If not for the quirks of the Electoral Collage, he would been our President. And the George Bush / Dick Cheney era would have never been.

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by Zenem

You don't have to vote for a Democrat or a Republican.

Mickey Mouse has gotten more votes for president than any candidate in history. That is why America Jones is running as a write-in for president with the Mickey Maus Party. Think of it as a "no confidence" vote. Register your discontent with the two-party system. Demand to see your vote in print after the elections, and help verify the accuracy of our voting system.

You too can run for president with the Mickey Maus Party. We don't discriminate and we make for good party conversation.

Here's my candidate's stump speech:

greetings, voters, citizens, whoever you are. as we near
our elections here in americana, i would like to take this
opportunity to remind you to vote for america jones wherever
you vote next.

in this age, when our living environment is over-saturated with media
technologies and powerful messages of conflicting values and
intentions, it is becoming harder than ever to figure out where
major-ticket candidates stand. it would seem the only remedy for
this is a greater simplicity. campaigning as a fascist candidate for
the mickey maus party, america jones has a message scientifically
calculated to appeal to the convenience-oriented sensibilities of consumers:
"vote for me once and you'll never have to vote again."
what could be more conventient than this?

of course, it would be foolish not to acknowledge that, despite the bad
rap fascism has picked up in recent years, voting for a third party candidate
is an important way to register one's discontent with the two-party
rule that seems, of late, to have jammed up our fine democracy
so profoundly by, in effect, functioning as a soviet one-party system.
if a voter should becomes apathetic and simply
choose to give up on voting, that voter's apathy becomes
defeat, and that voter's discontent remains unheard and

at the end of the day, this is the beauty of america jones:
by bringing together the apathetic with the fanatical,
america jones becomes a uniter and not a divider. america jones
represents compassionate fascism at its finest.

so remember that every time you head to the polls
confused or disenfranchised
or with a bone to pick: a vote for a fascist is a vote for

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